The Skeleton Key Many pavements before the end of the master key

Just finished reading, and then read it again, this time to see before a lot of padding!

1, Caroline first to the old house when applying for a job, first met the lawyer, the lawyer fell to the ground, Caroline to help him, the two also joked, the old lady turned around and saw. Later, the lawyer introduced the old lady, the old lady looked at the lawyer did not say a word, turned around and left. Is angry, the lawyer immediately pulled the old lady’s arm with a hand, but also a very intimate feeling.

2, the lawyer said the old lady concept is very traditional, yes, 90 years ago, the people ah, then the concept of more traditional.

3, the old lady is not very satisfied, said the card is not a local accent are not right, this is the lawyer is very close and natural hand on the old lady’s shoulder, turn around and walk together. Lawyers have too much physical contact with the old lady, are very natural.

4, the old lady concerned about Caroline’s body, asked her if she had tattoos, said that nowadays young people like to use needles and ink to draw on the body. Apparently the old woman is the ancient high people, conservative ideas, do not want to convert their bodies have tattoos. In addition, she did not know the word tattoo tattoo, only that the marks mark made with ink. She is not the people of this era oh.

5, the old woman is concerned about the situation of Caroline’s parents, as it relates to the situation after she switched to the card. And Card’s parents have passed away, apparently it would be too convenient to say to the old woman.

6, the old woman took the initiative to give her the master key, and deliberately let the card to the attic to get something, taking the opportunity to shake the small door out of the strange sound, to attract the card to go over a look, so that step by step into the bureau they set up. The hut was full of witchcraft stuff, exposing the card to witchcraft and slowly having a psychological effect on her. I believe that the small door suddenly slammed, like someone inside to ask for help must be the lawyer inside to make.

7, the card let the lawyer to her room, trying to show him the distress sheet, the lawyer said when he entered the room, “You know what my mother said, a girl invites you into her room, she must not be a good girl.” Oh, because the lawyer is also the ancient people ah, the concept of so conservative.

And so, later the old lady came to see the lawyer in the room of the card, not happy, said the two of you to cultivate feelings it. The lawyer immediately came over and said, you are the only woman I have, and put his hand on her shoulder again, the old lady said to take the dirty hands away. Now look at the scene was really a typical jealous wife oh.

8, before the old lady came, or in the room, the lawyer said a sentence, I envy your job can take care of people, I even take care of their parents have difficulties. Yes, after the conversion of black people to children body, how to go back to see their black parents, and how to do their filial duty. They can only see each other can not recognize each other, no wonder the lawyer said this when the eyes melancholy as if thinking it!

9, brick powder is actually useless to them, but the old lady is very cooperative card, deliberately let her mistaken that the old lady dare not come over, which makes her believe more brick powder witchcraft role, that is, believe in witchcraft.

10, the card in the lawyer’s desk to see the introductory law books, feel strange, already a lawyer how but read the entry-level books?

11, the last night, the process of catching the card, the old lady fell down the stairs, fell to the ground and did not move, the lawyer saw the release of wailing, grief. Originally thought he wanted to learn witchcraft with the old lady, now know that he was heartbroken wife ah, wife child witchcraft has not yet been implemented, how can fall dead it.

12, the old woman is not the little girl back then, they converted once more after that. Because after the old lady successfully occupied Caroline body, lawyer husband hugged her and said, you are now more beautiful than Violet and GRACE are. (GRACE was introduced earlier as the name of the little girl, Violet is the name of the person they converted after the little girl, which is now the name of the original body of the old woman, they use the body of the person, of course, must also continue to use people’s names.) So see, they have changed twice before, Caroline is the third body to be used.

Temporarily write this, in fact, said, the film has been paved with a lot of 。。。。

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