Pearl However, more viewers could not see that she had borderline personality dissociative symptoms

She had severe dissociative symptoms, which were severe before she went crazy. No one around her noticed it because more patients with these types of symptoms dissociate privately. People with high frequency dissociative symptoms are bound to have a neurotic intermediate psychotic disorder. People with chronic self-dissociation symptoms are bound to lose control once they are broken. It has nothing to do with what class of family environment she is in, as long as people of all classes live a life of “butterflies in cages, canaries and beasts in traps”. Even the rich and powerful people will gradually dissociation symptoms, long-term dissociation, thinking patterns will be out of the self to see things, there will be personality defects and personality disorders such as mental illness.

There are many dissociative symptoms and high frequency mood swings in the movie, such as losing control after dancing with a scarecrow in the rice field, dissociating alone in the room, longing and fantasizing about leaving the farm, communicating with her father who is paralyzed and cannot speak, she also dissociates from “her father’s thoughts” and replies to herself, her behavior and communication with the animals and eggs in the farm, and her interaction with the crocodile by the river. The interaction with the crocodile at the river. The dance audition, the dissociation from the scene, and even more frighteningly, her best friend actually asked her to dissociate herself, so that she could treat her best friend as her husband who went to war.

The only person she can get in touch with the most, and can speak to communicate well is her mother, but it is clear in the movie that there is not much mutual understanding between mother and daughter, and mutual communication, which is the reason for her high frequency dissociation. Many of the female protagonist’s thoughts because of her family of origin, there is no way to pour out to the outside, and over time there is a self-thought pattern internalized and self-idealization, for her individual is a kind of external understanding and confide in, and the development of self-communication mode of thinking.

This psychological condition did not come after she went to the town or after her mother had a fight with her, it has been a problem since the beginning of the movie.

She is also not an antisocial personality, not as long as the murder is illegal is an antisocial personality, the biggest difference in judging different personality disorders is the starting point of personal thoughts, not through the apparent behavior and emotions that determine, there are too many mental illnesses have the same manifestation of the disease.

Her emotional outbursts and dissociative symptoms have a clear cause and point of origin, all because of a long-standing idealization of leaving the farm, when reality is never what you want it to be. “Can’t leave the farm” = “Can’t accept brokenness” = “Can’t accept separation” = “Can’t accept gray ” = “Black or white”.

Her black-or-white thinking pattern, high frequency dissociative symptoms, roller coaster mood swings, loss of control, and extreme behavior after an outburst, are not something that a sociopath would have, because although borderline personality disorder is extreme after losing control, they are still plagued by “idealization and emotions”, whereas sociopaths are not plagued by these.

I am a bpd sufferer with dissociative symptoms, so I can understand her madness and loss of control.

One of the benefits of horror movies is that not only can all kinds of characters become protagonists and key players in the horror movie worldview, but that in itself is an equalizer.

What’s even better is that when you see these kinds of characters in a horror movie and remember your bad past, your bad past, it’s a kind of restoration in itself, and horror movies heal wounds.

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