L’amant:Love until the day you can no longer love

The shot keeps coming to mind, the young girl standing on the ship from Saigon to France, wearing a felt hat worn only by Vietnamese men, leaning on the railing, with tears in her eyes, looking at the black caravan on the shore, with the man she loved the most in her life in the caravan, they could never see each other again, she sobbed silently, her desperate look made me feel very heartbroken.

The desperate love between the young Duras and the handsome and weak Chinese rich boy, two people who shouldn’t love each other, meet by chance, fall in love logically, and then, as can be expected, have to separate. The first can guess the ending, but is reluctant to stop, until the day love can no longer love, such a lingering and unforgettable, and such a doomed vicissitudes, as if concentrated in the world all want to love can not love the desolation.A decade ago, Leung Ka Fai is weak, gentle tone, lost light shiny hair, two eyes with a long time of sex and the resulting godless, the whole person powerless and depressed, but he is handsome, he is dependent on his father, no work, sullen life, he can not dominate their own destiny, looks like a lover in addition to the love of the field outside the playboy, but he is cautious, do things circumspectly He has an inexplicable attraction to the offspring of a wealthy family that inherited the shrewdness of Chinese businessmen. Such a Chinese man was firmly planted in the heart of young Duras.A slightly neurotic and eccentric mother who teaches mathematics to support the family, a brother who is addicted to drugs and behaves selfishly without being a brother, a weak, defenseless, crying brother who needs protection, this is all Dulas has. The family has no money and she is lucky enough to go to a parochial school in Saigon. It was on the way back to Saigon from home, she stood on the boat, leaning on the railing, attracted Leung Ka Fai, so a stunning love in the name of plundering the name of the curtain opened.Black caravan, two people sitting together in the back row, confined slightly restless beautiful young girl, a heartbeat accelerated, for the girl’s appearance by the thirty-two-year-old Chinese man, it can be seen, Liang has been restrained their emotions, starting from polite greetings, rambling chat, and very interesting shots appeared. Close-up of two people’s hands, Liang slightly trembling, wanting to get closer but giving up, fingers stretching and flexing visible his internal struggle, while the young girl is expectant and restless, apprehensive and heartfelt, finally two people’s hands folded together, after the ten fingers clasped. Silence of the caravan a moment of spring charming, I really like this scene. It can be said that the two fell in love at first sight, but then the emotions exploded. Although at the time neither felt they would fall in love with the other. A rich Chinese man and a poor Western girl from a poor family, in Vietnam at the time, added up to three impossible words. The movie takes the confessions of the elderly Duras as a clue, and then compares the underdeveloped but particularly provocative posture of the young girl, which really makes people feel depressed and dull, but with a different kind of warmth, imagine not every old lady will have the opportunity to have a love that will be engraved in their bones and unforgettable, right? But the lover that Duras met when she was a teenager lived in her heart for the rest of her life. Of course, her figure also lived in the heart of that Chinese man for the rest of her life. The combination of such strong feelings and such cruel reality may be an indication that everything is predestined. Two people are destined to meet, but have to be separated, meeting is fate, separation is also fate, in short, everything can not escape the fate.

The film is rated R, the scale of openness should not be under the Ragnarok, compared to the heavy political implications of the Ragnarok, the lover in each of the exposed shots is to meet the development of the plot, control the behavior of the two, in addition to feelings, or feelings. I prefer the purity of this, perhaps there is nothing in the world is pure. Oh. Liang old-fashioned flashy mansion, outside the house of a hustle and bustle, dim light, like Liang’s life can not support themselves, still young but already have the breath of decay, while the girl is flawlessly beautiful, with unlimited vitality, thin body and unlimited strength, which also makes that shot not to obscene, but has a lot of beauty. I think people who have seen this film must be reminded of the famous saying of Eileen Chang, the ancient and modern, put in the four seas and the right, whether it is a woman or a girl, the attitude towards feelings, always so sensual and vulnerable.Liang invited the young girl’s family to dinner, the family is wolfing down the food, and Liang became a laughing stock. After the misunderstanding, the girl and her brother in the dance floor spinning and dancing, the girl’s entire body is attached to her brother, as if her brother is her lover, there is a close-up shot of Liang’s facial expressions, ah, love, sometimes really complicated. Afterwards, Liang roughly treated the girl, the beautiful girl but asked how much she was worth, Liang viciously flung the money onto the bed. Maybe he just hates the girl for treating herself as a prostitute, he hates the girl for not loving him, he hates himself for falling in love with this girl. The tangle is infinite and saddening.The young girl always thought she didn’t love this Chinese man’s, maybe she just didn’t want to face it. She has to go back to France, and Liang must marry the Chinese woman whose family has arranged for the right family, he must become someone else’s husband, he can’t control his own destiny, so the two talk about a doomed separation. The thin girl shrinks her shoulders in the wind, Liang takes off his suit and drapes it over her shoulders, and the two of them look at the vast farmland together, the silence between the two of them is so terrible that they must both be tumbling with despair in their hearts, right? I especially like such long shots, which always make people think nonsense.It’s all about separation after all, and all you can do is continue to love each other until the day you can’t love anymore.The wedding of Liang, dressed in black, Dulles mixed in the center of all the people watching, her face expressionless, you can not see her inner panic. The two eyes are incomparably fond of searching for Liang’s figure, while supporting the bride covered with a head cover, Liang is also distracted, two people finally eyes meet, a time, two eyes on each other has been better than a thousand words, those who can not let go of the past, always become the past, so that people dwell on love, always to give up, so seemingly indifferent but very warm words of love, is ultimately lost in the wind. There is always a kind of love in the world that is called despair. And this kind of love, because each other can not be together for a long time, but can not forget each other, and seem more long and deep, will be deeply entangled with each other.If it is you, are you willing to experience a desperate love like this?The day of parting finally arrived, the girl and the first time we met like, leaning on the railing, looking at the embankment. There was her most loved one, her most desperate attachment, her most fervent miss, and she finally realized that she loved that Chinese man deeply. The black caravan was like a silent symbol about love, but engraved in her heart, she just stared at the caravan until she could no longer see, she was still looking at the direction of the caravan. The love of two people, here should be to the climax, right?The story that follows is self-explanatory. Duras got married, had children and got divorced and single. Liang became someone else’s husband, someone else’s father, and grew old in mediocrity. Two aging people still love each other, such a tough love is enough to constitute a reason to make all other things dull. This is why I believe that love is always there.And there will always be brave and long-suffering people who are not good at letting go of themselves and will love until the day they can no longer love. Only death will completely cut off the thought of each other. Perhaps it is death that cannot separate each other.If you love, please love deeply, love until the day you can no longer love.


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