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Her” is a very unusual romance.It’s not just that it chooses a bizarre angle like “geeks fall in love with computer operating systems”, but at least Spike Jonze’s director explores “everything about love” in a refreshingly small and “slimy” way, very “out of his depth”. “The “all about love” is explored.Most classic romance films, personally, I thought it was actually handled like a war film. The main characters how to love each other is not the point: a chance encounter will be expected to last forever, a look will be agreed until death, most of the efforts to describe the process of overcoming obstacles: “Romeo and Juliet” against family feud, “Roman Holiday” has a class gap, “Brokeback Mountain” is the gender barriers. To put it bluntly, after the sexual impulse is the starting point, the next is the battle “to be together” – the audience is happy to accept the “love at first sight” setting, and then gripped by the heart to see the main characters The audience is happy to accept the “love at first sight” setting, and then gripped by the heart to see the main characters fight their way through.

This kind of romance film hypnotizes the audience with the weapon, is the main character the whole process of determination “no matter what, I want us to be together”, what is the end? The heartfelt romance film, ending in our heroic, lovers finally married; tear-jerking romance film, ending in the enemy is strong, our one dead and one wounded (there are also both killed in action), although defeat is still glory. This is not a war movie, what is it?That’s what I liked about Her, and what I found refreshing about it. The dialogue in the script is so interesting: although the film is about “human-machine aberration”, Spike cleverly uses the “future world” setting to defuse the public’s acceptance of this aberration. He only uses this particular angle to study the causes of pheromone fermentation after physical attraction, and to explore the law of love’s demise outside of external resistance – the observation is more extreme and pure when the party in love is set up as a computer operating system without flesh.Perhaps in Spike’s view, sexual attraction is insurmountable, yet frustrating. Whether it’s the protagonist’s peeking at pornography on the subway in the opening scene, or the extremely stupid and ridiculous “Cyber-Sex”, or the system OS’s later attempts to rent a body, the director is stating one thing: sex is the most primitive and important part of human relationships, but also less important, it is the human interaction system can not be removed It is the appendix that cannot be removed from the human interaction system, and it is also the blindfold that hinders our self-knowledge.The essential obstacle to human interaction, after being freed from the shackles of the body, is to cross the chasm of self-awareness.Building a solid relationship with others depends on communication and compromise, neither of which is easy.Communication is the most urgent and difficult thing for human beings. In addition to survival, people rely on communication to solve all spiritual problems such as loneliness and fear. When I was young, I cried when I was hungry, I shouted when I was afraid, and during adolescence, when my hormones were high, I was eager to confess my “love”, all of which were direct enough, but lacked skill. People think that as they grow older, the more skillful they are, the more communication problems will be solved. But on the contrary, the more the accuracy of the expression is corrected, the more it deviates from the purpose of expression; the more one is familiar with the proportion of expression, the more one doubts the sincerity of one’s own expression, and of course, one doubts the other’s as well.In the film “Her”, as an e-mail agent writer, Theodore, played by Jaquan Phoenix, is adept at “conveying” emotions, but thus falls into a greater expression of the barrier. Since he is better than others at creating fake lyricism, in the real world, the more lack of windows to express true emotions. This is why Theodore can successfully flirt with the girl at the dinner table, that is the skill, but because of the other side of a sincere question and the panic that is the substance – good adults to tell lies easily, to tell the truth is difficult, to tell the heart is even more difficult.The cost of adult communication is great, and sometimes it has nothing to do with courage and sincerity, but because everyone lives in their own world. I like the part in the movie where Amy Adams as Amy gets up the courage to show her husband and Theodore the documentary she made, she is full of expectation but makes them wonder. The awkwardness of “you think you know me, but you don’t” really makes any of Theodore’s reassurance and Amy’s husband’s advice seem silly and redundant.If you doubt this conclusion, think about it the other way around: how often do we talk to others in a perfunctory manner, pretending that we care, even with exaggerated expressions, giving sincere advice, but in fact, not at all to the heart. The indifferent interruption after the lyric is the normal inner drama of human interaction.Since the most perfect intimacy is the product of masturbation, it is not surprising that Theodore would like OS, the world suddenly has such a “it” that is exclusive, private and loyal, at least at first. You can put down your guard and reveal your vulnerability, loneliness and uncertainty without any burden, and this “it” understands your happiness and sorrow so intelligently, comforting you, encouraging you and satisfying you in the right way, there is more than “it” to let you release your desire to talk and feel safe and warm. The “soul mate”?Communication brings a sense of security, pleasure and being needed, which is the starting point of all good emotions.Unfortunately, the demise of intimacy is much easier than the establishment.Because the more you want to communicate, the more ditching, life can only send a compromise out of the field.It takes a lot of effort to build trust in communication, but it will disintegrate in an instant with the problems that arise at any time in communication. Because in essence, the more you communicate, the more differences you will find. Between two equal individuals, to maintain a long and stable relationship, like the bite of a gear, the tighter the bite, means more compromise, where the bottom line of this sacrifice, all depends on the mood of each of the two. For people who care too much about their independent personalities, love can only be a carefully consecrated Buddhist shrine.

Both Amy and Theodore, their roles in the film’s failed marriages, are proof of this, starting at the same pace and ending up with nothing to say, two people and their partners in the marriage relationship, what they have learned, where they are going, are not equal. Ironically, the OS operating system, on which Theodore has placed so much hope, learns faster and discards faster. With more than 2,000 relationships and 600 intimate lovers, mastering relationships is a nakedly unequal mind game.OS is really an innocent big BITCH. her only strength is the honesty of her communication, the honesty that made Theodore feel at ease at first, but the cruelty that he couldn’t see straight in the end. Isn’t that what you want the truth to be? When the computer has the independent personality of a human being, with its learning ability, it should be obvious to dump the human being, right?

With the theme of human-computer romance, “Her” is easily reminiscent of the story in “Black Mirror”, but both distinctly reflect the gap between television and film, both in terms of drama and presentation.Black Mirror” designs a sophisticated story, eager to convey the screenwriter’s intentions, and the emergence of virtual functions on the Internet accelerates and intensifies the human rejection of communication, and the fear of loneliness. But the point is that human loneliness itself, not brought about by the Internet or any new technology, has never gone away and cannot be cured. Her” doesn’t try to be alarmist, but spends a lot of energy to create an atmosphere and convey emotions. The film’s visual style reflects the drabness with colorfulness and the coldness with livelyness!Her” does not deliberately investigate the causes of the problem, nor does it propose solutions to the problem, but it is much deeper and more profound than “Black Mirror”. Black Mirror” relies on reason to analyze society, while “Her” relies on emotion to dig itself. Some may say that the film is too personal and lacks restraint, but if you don’t do it yourself, who will help you pretend?

If you are not subtle enough, you can not touch this kind of subject matter, “small fresh” is nothing, the question is whether you do “small fresh” to the extreme, Spike Jonze is considered to block the way for many people, can be the whole fresh Uncle Jekyll Phoenix, others Or serious and profoundly absurd to find another way.For “Her”, I am just not satisfied with its ending, the director seems to have spread a huge net, but I do not know where to close. There are many propositions, each of which branches out on its own: the relationship between the mind and the body. The relationship between the human self and society? The sense of belonging to the world of human emotions? But there is nothing to blame, here so much drooling, it is not clear how to end: “human emotions” so grand, can show the problem vividly is good, give the answer, purely extravagant hope. The only way to create a little warmth, like the end of the movie, to relieve a little sadness.This feeling is very much like having an unusually frank conversation with someone, but do not know how to end.Finally, I had to say: you see the day is cold, let’s go back to bed.

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