Godzilla vs Kong:Deconstructing the three imbalances of monster movies

Godzilla vs. King Kong” the film when faced with the option of winning or losing, the screenwriter really incorporated a variety of previous success stories.The first step, the anti-traditional, not to do a two-way parallel, but a clear division of the main priority. King Kong is the absolute protagonist, the role of the general brother is like what S-H-E sang ten years ago: “Godzilla squinting its eyes, Godzilla tiptoeing its toes, Godzilla guarding its love, a turn of the eye but then invisible!”The second step, taking the traditional route, weakening the strong and strengthening the weak. Godzilla does not have the red lotus form of the second period, while King Kong has a more massive body than the previous work, as well as the battle axe of offense and defense.

The third step, again against tradition. Most of these movies are once set to win or lose, this film but multiple battles, both Godzilla with the advantage of water to defeat the empty-handed King Kong, and let King Kong with the advantage of terrain to take the axe to cut over Godzilla. Achieved multiple angles of victory.The fourth step, return to tradition, team up to fight the boss.From traditional to anti-traditional and then back to traditional, although the film tells the story of the clichéd and clichéd, the audience did not expect the plot to be more exciting, but in the right to pay attention to the play, the screenwriter really pay attention to it, and spent a lot of thought on this. The best way to achieve the contradictory requirements of “both to win and lose, but also to both blow” in this battle.2. how to mix the main dish and side dishes?When I was in elementary school, I did this reading question on a language paper:A small town has tofu as its special snack. A family made traditional tofu with carefully selected ingredients and strict hand control, so their tofu had a good reputation.Later on, another tofu store opened in the town, making fashionable tofu. It is to add jam, sprinkle cookies, cream, raisins and other dessert ingredients to the tofu, making the tofu colorful, good-looking taste and novelty, very popular among young people, business over the traditional tofu store.Later, the town held a food competition and invited senior gourmets to be the judges. The judges tasted the two tofu shops and said: “The fashionable tofu is new on the surface, but one bite is all fruity and does not reflect the value of the tofu; while the traditional tofu is simple and unpretentious, and the craftsmanship is very good, so it is the winner.I can’t remember the original words of this last article, but they said that fancy innovation can only win the momentary trend, while the real traditional craftsmanship can become a classic.When I read this article, my first reaction was to reject fancy and pursue simplicity. Years later, I felt that the author’s point should be to advise students to read more classics instead of fast food culture.Why did I give this example? Because I found that when a movie becomes a series, the creator will inevitably incorporate new elements in the development process.The Fast and the Furious is a prime example. From a small budget film into a standard action film, and then developed into a superhero, so that the audience later into the pit is difficult to imagine the series was just a few punks driving on the road.The legendary monster universe is rather strange, in addition to the 2014 version of “Godzilla”, other than a few are a group of monsters bombarded, the focus is on martial arts drama. From “King Kong” to “Godzilla” in addition to a change of holster for a change of scene overall there is no difference, and the sequel to the previous work is not much related to each other.In the story of traditional tofu and fashionable tofu, although the author is inclined to traditional tofu, but there is no denying that the new elements will make the work more popular among the masses.San Diego Anime Festival, originally just a dating party for comic book fans, became a comprehensive party for movies, TV productions, toys, electronics, entertainment and other industry-related products.The monster universe is able to uphold the principle of entertainment above all else and keep the beast fighting going, which is worthy of recognition. However, in the era of commercial blockbusters are lined up, even big names like Marvel do not forget to do on the basis of popcorn to the integrity of the plot, the variety of types and interaction with each other.In contrast, the monster theme is not as popular as superheroes, and the creation of no new ideas, the work is still fragmented, only with special effects fighting can also harvest a certain market, but in the long run, the future needs a better plot and some can make people recall the “point” to expand audience groups.And no matter what the series has developed into, its core theme can never be abandoned. Like the fashion tofu no matter how innovative will not abandon the tofu, “Fast and Furious” no matter how the development of the car, the monster universe is always the core mother theme of the monsters, the existence of human drama is really a big head, it caused the third chapter of this article.3, how to balance the relationship between the characters?On the issue of human noise, in fact, this is similar to the second point, can be completely subsumed to the previous chapter a lump sum. But because this point is really criticized for too long, I’d better separate it out.If you ask me, it’s “Pokémon” that does a good job of balancing character relationships. Whether its name is “Pokémon” or “Pokemon” or “Pokemon” or “Pokémon”, it is all about the magical animals as the selling point, and each episode will center on the Pokémon, and a happy or sad story will unfold.So the characters are useless in the show? No, quite useful.Trainers and Pokémon are like pooper scoopers and pets, just around the bond between the main pet ah friendship ah conflict ah can write out hundreds of episodes of the story. Of course, you may not be interested in these parents, but will certainly be interested in the following: take, evolution, pick dojo, league tournament, these can be the “Pokémon” in the attention of the main event.

Imagine, if there is no human, then the Pokémon is a group of wild monsters, who to take? If no one is taken in, first of all, the player battles are gone, then the dojo is gone, and finally the league tournament is gone. Then what are we looking at?So the relationship between the trainer and the Pokémon is like the relationship between the chassis and the body. We say a car looks good, praise is the shell, right? Who will lie on the ground and look up and say “your chassis is beautiful”? Pokémon is the shell, it has to be in the most conspicuous position to attract the audience; and humans are the chassis, responsible for erecting the entire story structure. Like what dojo ah alliance tournament ah, these are human social activities, no human presence that there is no stage for Pokémon to play.But to the protagonist is not a human movie, there are often a large number of demons and monsters on the poster, the main film is full of people in the situation of the big dance. A very important reason is that the post is not divided.Like the preceding example of “Pokémon”, the presence of human beings will not cause noise, but to achieve a complementary effect, why? Because humans are the chassis, Pokémon is the body ah. Humans and Pokémon have their own jobs, without interfering with each other. The former is engaged in the work that is essential to the framework of the work but does not have a high sense of presence, while the latter is in a position that does not play that big a role in the framework of the work but has a strong sense of presence with a face that can attract customers. Between them in their respective positions to play their own value at the same time, will not in any way interfere with each other’s value.And the movie will always be people and monsters in the scene. For example, “Transformers”, Transformers can do things people can do, humans can do things Transformers can also do, the similarity is too high leading to unclear division of labor, confusion of positions, so that often appear humans with weapons to charge into battle, Transformers but lying on the ground to play dog cute scene.But monster movies are better, taking advantage of the subject matter. This kind of subject matter is about human beings against monsters, and human beings use monsters to deal with the story of monsters, this and “Transformers” is not much difference. But the difference is that the Transformers have intelligence and social, monsters are limbless and simple-minded, they are less similar to humans, but also more able to produce a sense of disparity, making the role of the post in the script is also different from humans. Their actions are often under the constraints of human action and then make the corresponding behavior.

Monster movies, Peter Jackson’s version of “King Kong” is considered to do a better job in balancing the relationship between the characters. Human behavior and King Kong’s behavior, human emotions and King Kong’s emotions, complement each other, both humans and King Kong become an integral part of the movie. In the monster universe, “Kong: Skull Island” to deal withcharacter relationships can also be okay, while “Godzilla vs. Kong” is basically to save people can save, in addition to the mute girl, no one character has a sense of existence.So, how exactly should monster movies be shot to balance the character relationships? Translated with www.DeepL.com Translator (free version)

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