Orphan It’s not art, it’s reality.

I usually just love reading reviews, and this is my first time posting a movie review on Douban, so if there is anything lacking, please enlighten me.First of all, I love watching horror movies, especially the kind about ghosts and monsters, and although this movie is not about any ghosts and monsters, but a thriller, I still think it stimulates my brain center.This film is mainly about a psychologically deformed heroine to do all sorts of unexpected perverted things, and finally deserve the story of the crime. The film’s portrayal of the orphan Esther’s distinctive approach is quite on point, the quiet appearance of the hidden is a sinister and poisonous trick, and you want to get mad when you can not find any fault, like stealing a fish cat also seems to have nothing to do with the same, a strong to please you, look straight let people gnash their teeth. Stupid husband? A helpless wife? Or a timid, limited ability child? Of course the last Esther attempted to seduce her adoptive father, and her secret exposed that paragraph, the thick disguise off, black eye shadow flowing all over the cheeks, that straight to the heart of the horror of fluorescent painting, as if the director wanted to express a kind of resentment generated by grief and anger to slightly for Esther to find a justifiable reason. Of course, the poor must have a hateful place, and the broken mirror mapped out in her is the real her. And when Esther is searching around with a gun, I can no longer associate her with the original image. But Esther also has her suffering, let people horror while, more or less let people sympathize 。。。。。。。

Speaking of which, I have to admire the director of the film, because the director used a very artistic way to depict a thriller that can stimulate the brain activity, to the back or is an emotional story, but this is only the surface feeling, and I think the film, in fact, is a political satire, or rather a satire of political films.

At about a quarter of the way through, seeing Esther’s maturity of mind, I had guessed that she was actually an adult with the face of a child, because the village where my rental house is located has such a person who looks like a child, but is actually an adult. And what is the significance of this? This will be explained later.

The story goes something like this: the couple adopts an orphan, then the more they feel the orphan is different, then the family is turned upside down by the orphan, and finally out of the clutches. From beginning to end, the family is led by Esther, almost everything is not out of Esther’s calculations, so Esther actually symbolizes the ruling class, the corresponding, the confused father is the ordinary people who never know what it is. Of course, after all, there are always sober people, that is, the mother, the two children, and the black nun, and these sober people are different: the black nun knows the most, but also the most dangerous, this kind of person is called “threat”, must be “Yin” as soon as possible; the boy is The boy is the “implementer” who sees the truth and wants to change it by action, this kind of person is not less dangerous, but after all, he is foolish and has the possibility to be used, but if he cannot be intimidated successfully, he has to be done away with; the mother is a hard bone, “hard” is “hard” in her courage to resist, but do anything always on the “stage”, there are “people” to see, so to her under the “Yin “It’s difficult to lay a hand on her; there is also the daughter who is not deaf but mute. Yes, silence! So, this little daughter is a symbol of those who can see the truth, but are unable to resist the “Mingzhe”, and these “Mingzhe” is actually walking on thin ice, they are not bad in nature, but are unable to turn the tide, can only expect others to come forward, and then in the back of the complementary A force. However, in the process of expectation, they still have to be ready to bear the unpredictable danger. These are my views on the definition of the characters involved, and then, let’s analyze the core characters – the mother and Esther.

The mother always has a dead end in her psyche because of her previous miscarriage. Seeing Esther’s knowledge and understanding, the mother loves this mature child more than anyone else and finds comfort in her heart. Later, when the conflict became irreconcilable, a battle for the “father” began. By this time, the sober ones are getting more and more sober, the confused ones are still confused, the wavering ones continue to watch the show, and the battle between the two is going on in such a subtle way. The mother is obviously not as sophisticated as Esther, but because the mother and “father” closer, Esther want to quickly do her is not realistic, so Esther must take it slow. And want to be effective, but will not lead to fire how to do? There is only one way – to transfer the conflict to the two of them, so that their relationship first collapsed, so there is that their own “broken bones” scene, and afterwards want and do things also have to, want to replace it can also be. The mother is to set up this role characteristics and appear, she is always playing a bad luck sufferer, the biggest action is her, but is a real object of the trick, and also quite a criticism. And that said, the “mother” represents the reality of the image you must already have a concept. When you look at the mother after watching the film, it is interesting to see that the mother and Esther’s first meeting does not feel like “fondness”, but a little bit by its “intimidation” taste. Esther is the epitome of a ruler, first of all, her mind feels different, and she is much more generous and mature than the other orphans in the orphanage. For the treatment of an innocent pigeon dying due to the brother’s naughtiness, compared to her brother’s a SORRY but helpless seem crisp and clear, honestly, she did that right, but that calmness and reason let you feel from the bottom of your heart – cold. Then, let people puzzled and unexpected things more and more, in order to get rid of their knowledge of the black nuns, not hesitate to use their “beloved” little sister’s life risk. And for the brother who saw the truth of everything, she chose to shut him up forever. The little sister saw her hope, but was half a beat too slow, and could only continue to wait for the next spring in the endless winter. The “pioneer” has fallen, and the “mother” and the “little daughter” have finally reached a consensus and decided to find a way out together. At the same time, the confused father was also shocked, but the ultimate goal of the ruler is to exchange the trust of the “father” by any means, and in fact, the value of the “father” is relatively reflected here, when When the “father” can not reflect this value, then there is only one consequence 。。。。。。

From the beginning to the end, Esther is like a wrist old ruler (look at the poster is not this feeling?) The gorgeous and elegant clothes, firm beliefs, that childish, cute appearance makes it difficult for you and a deep-hearted, sophisticated means, crazy behavior of the soul, ambiguous diplomatic thinking makes people only depressed, and her broken bones incident is the reality of our contact at times but have been used to. Who would turn to her as a suspect in many cases (even if it is obvious)? But if you want to think, if you dare to think, nothing is impossible. Hitler also has pictures of him laughing with children and feeding small animals, but what does that mean?

And besides, where did this Esther come from?

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