The Green Mile Angel temporarily left

The first time I watched the film, I was wary of Coffey throughout the process, although he miraculously saved Paul and Melinda from being tortured by illness, and even brought back Mr. Jingles from death, but after all, the dead tree trunk by the river was awakened by the sudden bright red blood on his white shirt, and the two bloodstained girls lying beside him made me fear that he was really like the dog of Mr. Hammersmith’s family who suddenly went berserk. I was afraid that he was not really like the dog of Mr. Hammersmith’s house that suddenly went into a bestial rage. However, when I saw the scenes when he walked into the cell again, I wanted to cry: the eyes downcast because of the interruption, not daring to look at the strange police officer, anxiously asking whether the light was still on after bedtime, naturally and slightly blushing in the expression of others suspected of mishearing, explaining his fear of the dark, touching the bright corridor with an inquiring eye. Although he said like a child that he was afraid of the dark because he was unfamiliar with the place, I still like to think that it is because I have seen too much darkness, it is because I have been displaced in the dark for too long, so I long to reach out and touch the light.

Whenever I want to believe in love believe that life is always flourishing like a sunny flower,. Bright and beautiful. When I saw Del rejoicing over his Mr. Jingles and crying for his Mr. Jingles, his whole life suddenly brightened up and his dirty and ugly past fell away, and I thought, maybe he had never loved someone so much, and this little animal made his life pure, and his love made his life pure. He repented sincerely, he said to Paul, if only he had met somewhere else. He lay on his shoulders, he lay on his belly, he played catch with him, he went to the show with him with joy. He spent all the last moments of his life watching and loving him, until he left, with all his love and attention on him, and he said, “Goodbye, I love you. Good-bye. I love you.

“We found each other in the darkness”, in the face of the loss of voice and deafness can still see the great hollow and pain inside each other. I saw such hope and gratitude in Melinda’s beautiful face when she said, “I dreamt that you were wandering in the dark, and so was I. We found each other. The sadness she showed when she lowered her head to pick the necklace spilled over her pursed lips into her pale wrinkles, flowing out like water along with her illness, her sad expression imprinted in Coffey’s teary eyes. She embraced him. He was not the child I saw, nor the big black man, but all the comfort and hope that Melinda embraced. Just like the warmth of loneliness, pain, and wandering in the darkness, I hope to reach out and touch.

The parents of the dead girl also loved them so much, their curses their complaints, Coffey silently accepted them, because their pain he felt, holding the corpse at the river screaming in pain, in Del shaking in pain when tortured, in the rescue of the suffering patients and exhausted, he is love the world, right, if not love, then how can tolerate the lonely geese in the rain like If not love, then how can tolerate the loneliness like a goose in the rain; if not love, how can tolerate the sadness of not having a friend around; if not love, how can tolerate the confusion of not knowing where to go? But he was finally tired, his love was hurt by the ugly human nature, so so tired and sleepy, all the isolation floated up, filled his heart. He wanted to go back, to God, to ask himself where he should go.

Coffey’s inner despair. Coffey endured all the sorrow and pain of the world in those days of silence and loneliness, and everywhere he went there was silence, and waves of despair swept over him. However, he is also lucky, he carries the primitive simplicity, a handful of soil a starry sky is enough to make him feel happy. I saw his pure face against the screen, like he was fed, his eyes shining like a simple little animal, he said, they’re angles. The projector behind him emits a soft white light, lining the back of his head like an angel’s halo, and he says with such sincerity and reverence that others are angels, while he does not know that he himself is an angel. He was always like a little child in the wilderness, smiling or sobbing so touching. I also understand that after decades of seeing this film and weeping Paul, then Coffey is not already back in heaven, perhaps he is the nine angels in the show the miracle of the power of the angel Virtues. A long time ago, I watched the film and wrote the words. The heart is still moved.

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