Psycho The real master Hitchcock, the significance is not only in the same kind of opening mountains

It is a pity that I have always tasted Hitchcock’s works, probably because I can’t stand the slow pace and black and white tones of the films of that era. Until today to revisit the classics, after watching more than an hour or a long time can not calm the whole film brought by the shock.Indeed, nowadays, after watching many similar movies, suspenseful crime or schizophrenic, I thought I could already see through the director’s scriptwriter’s tricks in such films, and I couldn’t help but sigh during the process of watching “Psycho”, I’m afraid Hitchcock is indeed the originator of such films, which is called awesome! However, its plot arrangement today is too simple and straightforward. After all, no matter how the performance is not as hot as “Boxing Club” in general, the split personality is not as complex as “Fatal ID” in general, it seems that the test of brain power is also less than 40 or 50 years of evolutionary development. Due to the limitations of technical means and other issues, although the pace of the film and the suspense set people cold sweat, but in the eyes of the present still does not seem to be chagrin, after all, after many similar films, watching this film has already guessed the end of the split personality, the final explanation of the psychiatrist just should be correct and correct their own guesses.

But!!! But I have reviewed various reviews from friends, such as “the psychiatrist’s explanation at the end”, “the overlapping headshots at the end once again”, etc. I can only regret to say that I am afraid you did not really understand this film.

The following are the key parts of this review, starting with a few statements:

1, I personally think I have seen many schizophrenic films, but this film brought me a shock is not “deadly ID” “Fight Club” can be compared to;

2, Hitchcock is a master! Do you think the master will himself at the end of the film the truth through the mouth of a psychiatrist to tell the whole truth? This is not the way of the master;

3, the film wrapped in a blanket at the end of the self-description is the finishing touch, but if you do not have the whole film 8 points, after the self-description should play 16 points of emotion, I’m sorry, you’re afraid you really did not look carefully.

The sell-off ends here, before explaining in detail, I first posted on the psychiatrist and Norman wrapped in a blanket self-report.

The psychiatrist said, “He stole her body and even treated it like a living person. So he started thinking and talking for her, giving her half of her life so she could talk. Sometimes he could play both in a conversation, other times the mother took the whole role. He was never a complete Norman, but he was often a complete mother.”

Norman’s inner monologue “It’s sad that a mother has to tell the whole world that her son is a murderer, but I can’t let them think I’m a murderer. They won’t pursue it – just like they did years ago. He’s been bad, and to this day he says I killed that girl, and that man. It’s like I can do anything other than I’m sitting here with those taxidermy birds, too, and they know I can’t even lift a finger. I won’t move either, I just have to sit here and keep quiet so they don’t really suspect me. They’re probably watching me.”

Note the contradiction between the psychiatrist’s conclusion here and the final monologue in the old woman’s accented mind.

First, the psychiatrist’s talk results in Norman’s mother’s personality admitting to killing the man, but the old man’s psychological self-report is that he did not kill the man;

The second point, the psychiatrist believes that Norman easy to pretend and the old mother out of emotional anger knife murder, but the old man self-reported himself like a taxidermy bird can not move, and can not speak to argue, which is actually a weak personality, weak to incomplete, can not speak can not move, do not dare to self-complaint, absolutely not psychologists said strong personality, strong enough to annex Norman’s own personality.

We must identify the fact that the so-called suspension of disbelief is absolutely not made up, the fundamental difference is that suspension of disbelief must be strictly in line with the logic of the self. Obviously the above literal analysis of the contradiction is illogical, which means that there is actually a set of Hitchcock’s self-imposed logic system hidden behind.

In view of the fact that I have twice reread the two paragraphs at the end of the self-reference to sort out the logic here, please forgive my stupidity can not reproduce every train of thought, but the final conclusion may be put here for discussion.

That is, Norman’s personality has indeed split into two parts, one part is his own personality, the other is his mother’s personality. But the murder was not committed by Norman under the control of his mother’s personality, but by Norman in his own personality, assuming the likeness of his mother. Therefore, Norman’s killing in disguise is not an act under the control of his mother’s personality, but an act under the control of Norman’s own personality that can be disguised as his mother’s. That is to say, the killing is not an unconscious act of Norman in a split personality state, but a conscious act of Norman that can be disguised as his mother’s personality for the purpose of self-protection.

Norman himself is a real personality, and the last maternal personality that does not speak or move is also a naturally split personality. The maternal “pseudo-personality”.

The last question that remains is, since Norman was pretending to be his mother, what was his motive for the murder? My understanding is that Norman’s mother’s strict image made him think that she would ask him to kill, and for reasons such as fear of his mother Norman had to do it, and in order to protect himself, he directed himself to play the scene of cross-dressing.

As the saying goes, “psychopaths have a wide range of ideas, and retarded children are happy”, Norman’s self-directed drama is indeed enough to fake the real thing, so real that it fooled all the real-life people and psychologists, only according to the logic of the plot setter to judge the last paragraph of Norman’s unknown confessions, to reveal this layer of The most startling part of the film is the sudden realization.

In fact, it is difficult to say more than its meaning, you see if the film analysis of many doubts or difficult to understand its meaning, you may wish to go back and watch it again, may wish to replay a few times the two statements at the end, drop a ground goose bumps, this is the right solution!

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