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I remember watching this film when I was still in junior high school, when I liked this film, over the years to see hundreds of Hollywood movies, the only one that I watched over and over again more than fifty times, even the lines are memorized  These years also continue to incite family and friends to see this film, in order to share with everyone a true classic (although this film also has bugs) many people and I moved together N time ……

Now I have this film VCD, DVD (D5, D9 are available), the original soundtrack CD, printed poster clothes, the original computer games, large posters, want to off books and other related products saved a lot, but also to fulfill a wish -“Welcome to my group – (film information exchange) to discuss the film”

Here it is.

The History Behind the Movies – Braveheart”FREEDOM! The cry of William Wallace before his execution has shaken the hearts of many viewers since the film was released in 1995, so let’s compare the battle for Scottish independence in the film and in history.Historical background

Here is a historical fact that is not mentioned in the movie. As early as during the reign of Edward I’s father, Henry III, England and Scotland had a close relationship due to the marriage between the royal family, and during this period, England and Scotland basically got along well. It was not until the accidental death of King Alexander III of Scotland in 1286 that the Scots discovered that the only legitimate heir to the throne was a six-year-old girl of Norwegian descent – Princess Margaret’s mother was the daughter of Alexander III and her father was King Erik II of Norway. But in 1290, Princess Margaret, the only heir to the throne, also died of illness, so the Scottish throne was lost, and the various Scottish lords and nobles immediately began to compete with each other for the throne. Bishop William Frasier, an influential bishop in Scotland, remembered that he had been involved with the Scottish royal family. Frasier remembered the King of England, who was related to the Scottish royal family by marriage, and sent a letter to the then King Edward I requesting to rule on behalf of the new heir to the throne, so the ambitious King Edward I interfered in the internal affairs of Scotland will have a justifiable reason. This Edward I, is the film’s sinister and cunning villain “Edward Long Legs”.

At that time, Scotland’s domestic gangs, the most competitive candidate for the new king is of course Robert. Bruce, the old Scottish hereditary nobility is the most powerful, and had been designated by the former King of Scotland Alexander II has the right to the throne. Long Legs obviously will not let such a rightful candidate to sit on the throne, so the choice is far less powerful than Robert. Bruce, John. Barriol as king. Think about it, the original little hope of the throne of Barriol was put on the throne, should not be grateful to the long legs, bowed to it? But this calculation is completely wrong: soon after the new king took office, Long Legs and France at war, but the new Scottish king for Long Legs asked for troops to reinforce the “order” but very disdain, but instead signed a peace treaty with the French king! At the end of March 1296, Edward I led his troops to capture Berwick, a major commercial town in Scotland. de. The English army led by John de Volernay completely destroyed Barriol’s 40,000-strong army at Dunbar, and Barriol surrendered. He and more than 2,000 Scottish dignitaries were imprisoned. Longshanks then claimed to be the ruler of Scotland and made John de Volernet the ruler of Scotland. De. At the same time, a large number of English nobles were sent to Scotland to serve as local officials, and Scotland was tantamount to an extinct country. The Scots who could not stand it rose up against the Scottish people, so there is the story in the movie.

Legend has it that William Wallace was 2 meters tall. Wallace was 2 meters tall, weighing nearly 300 pounds, in the battlefield a sword swing away, no one fell on their backs! It is thought that at that time, the general malnutrition of the Scots, William Wallace’s physique should be. Wallace’s physique should be no different from the gods of heaven. It is also said that Wallace’s hair is long and white, a large thick beard …… how with the film Mel. Gibson’s costume is very different, but with his side there when the playmate is closer? William’s sword is the only relic after his death, is still enshrined in the Sterling Memorial Museum for people to see, this sword more than 1.5 meters long, weighing nearly 40 pounds, not the average person can make, but also from the side to confirm the above legend may not be false. William. Wallace’s childhood growth experience is not available, even the time of birth is not known, only from the name of his ancestors may be from the Welsh immigrants, because Wallace (Wallace) and Walensis (Welsh-speaking people) the same word. According to legend, Wallace’s father and brother both died at the hands of the English knight Finnick for resisting British rule, and later this gentleman was ambushed and killed by Wallace and his companions at Roden Hill Bend. Wallace after revenge and uncle, uncle, cousins and other clansmen, as well as some wanderers and mountain bandits who came to join the group, it became the original formation of the “rebel army”, the size of only within a hundred people. Wallace became the head of the small group of guerrillas, the reason, perhaps, is not unrelated to his amazing body. The long-legged appointed Sheriff of Lanark, Hoslig, who was in charge of fighting the bandits, kidnapped Wallace’s fiancée and brutally murdered her and publicly desecrated her corpse in order to lure Wallace to show up, which was extremely violent. Wallace led a night attack on Lanark, killing more than 200 British troops and taking the head of the Sheriff himself as a tribute to his girlfriend’s memory. The battle of Lanark made Wallace’s reputation and the rebellion expanded rapidly to over 3,000 men.

Edward III: The son of Princess Isabella of France, there is no way to know if he was the son of Edward II, so “Edward III” was only his title when he ascended to the throne, some people who study history think that he could not be the son of Edward II, so they regard Edward II as the last monarch of the “Goldfinch Dynasty”. Some historical researchers believe that he could not have been Edward II’s son, so they treat Edward II as the last monarch of the “Goldfinch Dynasty. Is “Edward III” considered a descendant of the “Goldfinch Dynasty” or not? Even if not, as long as the “French wolf girl” said he was, no one dared to say the word “no” at that time! After Edward II was killed, the young Edward was put on the throne by his mother, and the actual power was in her hands for nearly a decade afterwards. Until Edward Jr. grew up, one day finally wanted to pass the addiction of pro-government, so launched a soft forced Palace …… but with the history of those bloody power struggle different, Edward III will force his mother down the political arena after still very concerned about his mother, in addition to not allowing her to participate in political affairs is not too excessive action. Later, when the King of France died, Edward III “suddenly remembered” that his mother was a French princess, so he “theoretically” also had the right to inherit the French throne, and gave up his “due rights “is very inexcusable, so he “rightfully” put forward his idea, so …… so he became the “Anglo-French Hundred Years War The “British-French Hundred Years War” was started by

Robert. Bruce: Whether in the Battle of Stirling or later the Battle of Falkirk are no trace, Long Legs several expeditions to Scotland he also did not make much noise, but also signed with the British N many agreements, the whole a “honest and obedient people” …… but wait Long Legs closed both eyes, Robert. Bruce then the hands of the pile of “agreement” a tear in half, raise the flag to send troops, and in Bannockburn a successful battle. Compared with William Wallace Robert the Bruce, than William Wallace the kind of hard and unyielding behavior of people (of course, most people admire such a character, including me), Robert the Bruce can not be said to be more long-term. Bruce can not help but say more long-term strategic vision and more practical political acumen (the Scottish version of lying in wait).

About the title: Legend has it that Robert Bruce died and one of his friends died. After Bruce’s death, one of his followers encapsulated his heart in a tin can and wanted to take it to the holy land of Jerusalem for burial. Passing through Spain just when the Muslim army invaded, they joined the war of resistance, and finally fell on the battlefield just when they were about to win, and died with Robert Bruce’s heart still in their arms. He died with Robert Bruce’s heart in his arms. Later poets have recited this passage and called Robert Bruce’s heart a brave heart. Bruce’s heart is called brave heart, meaning that as long as people carry a brave heart (spirit, faith), will also let people become warriors. So …… movie title “Brave Heart” actually comes from this allusion, “Brave Heart” refers to Robert Bruce’s heart, not William Bruce’s heart. Bruce’s heart, not William Wallace’s. Wallace ……

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