Mulan:After watching Mulan feel that this time Disney owes me a movie ticket

I’ve been looking forward to this movie for a long time, and because I was looking forward to it, I really had mixed feelings when I saw it. For the record, I watched the movie with great tolerance because I know that foreign directors rarely have success in making movies with a Chinese background, let alone this kind of subject matter with national emotions, so I was mentally prepared for this before watching: as long as Disney is sincere and well shot, some small bugs I can overlook. I didn’t expect, but still disgusted by the playwright’s inattentiveness.First of all, the overall feeling, the overall feeling is very flat. I don’t know what the director is rushing, the film as a whole no emotional ups and downs: see several points feel that the director is not to incite, the result is that the emotions of the moving place simply do not go; a certain point feel that the director to humor here, however, and laugh not up. Because the story of Hua Mulan is familiar to everyone, so this film gives up the story of the beginning and end, two hours are full of deep emotion to tell the touching story of Hua Mulan’s life. At the beginning, she was not easy, her family was not treated well as a child, and she suffered a lot of discrimination and suppression because of her female identity.

In fact, the beginning of the film until Mulan into the military camp is not bad, wooden beauty Liu Yifei in small details also rare expression rich up. I did not expect that after 30 minutes the film began to gradually give up telling the story, the back has been in the lyricism, huge slow-motion, Mulan charge to a slow-motion, Mulan immediately show off a slow-motion, Mulan wrestling to a slow-motion, Mulan shooting arrows to a slow-motion, Mulan disarmed to ten slow-motion …… and then the grand narrative Plus the magnificent background sound, always let people jump the scene feel the next second will start to open recognition conference, to Comrade Mulan awarded women medals and selected her as the annual three eight red flag hand. As a general audience, I just feel wow so powerful and strong, but the heart is not impressed.This Mulan is very strong, but it is strange that she does not have the kind of infectious energy in her body, there is no way to make people empathize.I thought about the reason why, compared to the original animation, the live-action movie became so hollow and lost human flavor or in the design of the character Mulan. You feel that the movie Mulan is very hard, very struggling, very strong, from the beginning is a martial arts master, just into the military camp is the strongest soldier, no shortcomings, even if there is a little shortcomings can immediately overcome. Simply, what is this, writing about people or making gods? It feels like ordinary people can only look at Mulan from afar, not up close, up close is blasphemy, this character in the movie lost the kind of animation is both a cute little girl is also a powerful heroine character complexity, there is no gradual growth process, feel Mulan should be just born with eight abs it.Ordinary Westerners have not seen much Chinese kung fu, we grew up watching not much? Flying walls, beautiful martial arts posture in the eyes of the Chinese people are used to see, Mulan movie shot in these actions is really very mediocre, any third-grade martial arts film reserves see Mulan in the action shots can not raise interest. In addition to these flower frame outside of the human touch is really lacking, people can not help but question: although the emotions of the East is very introverted and subtle, but also not to the extent that the feelings are not exposed, right, Mulan sister in her home after the success of the meeting when the energy of 30 seconds are more than Mulan the whole scene in the emotional input.

Other aspects of the role of Gong Li are most wanted. It is very awkward. At the beginning of the show, I thought she was a big boss when she was introduced to a bunch of military emergencies and spent a lot of time showing how powerful her magic was. And it makes people want to spit: if you help the Zoran people because you are not respected as a woman, but to the Zoran camp is not disrespected, can not see that people are just using you? And then the transformation is also very sudden, so sudden that I put myself into Mulan’s position to accept the transformation of this role are awkward I am full of black lines, as if the stepmother who abused you for many years after you came home with a hundred percent in the exam suddenly began to offer you dumplings to eat, a little confused, feel baffled, and even feel that there is no need.Then, why can Jet Li’s eyes so wooden? If he did not speak I thought the crew took the look of Jet Li to tie a scarecrow placed there for rehearsal, the results of the shooting time forgot to change back to the real person.Good brothers Hong Hui …… I really have been to the end of the movie to find out that this is a line of affection …… not only let people look up to the sky long sigh this line of affection is also too subtle, the original charge before they both that “brother take care! “General look at each other is in the eyebrows to spread love ah. It is said that the movie originally had a beautiful kissing scene was removed by the Chinese request, I also scolded the conservative to come, now it seems to be really wrong to blame people. These two people have no love for each other to shoot what kissing scene, drink and worship is almost!

There is a character role with the animation of a very eye-catching small role in the same name, when I heard I was looking forward to it, I thought it was a burden, full of expectation that this character will bring a little comedy laughs to the dull film. The result! Just a very flat character. The actual reason why you have to give expectations, what is the meaning of giving expectations and not shaping up?The other actors, giving the impression that they may be Asian in the eyes of Westerners, but in fact, broken down, there are Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Mongolian, some Chinese speak Cantonese, some speak Mandarin, some may not know Chinese at all. Outside of acting, we do not communicate with each other because of the huge cultural differences and language barriers, so the movie is also all the characters are there to play their own role, there is no such magnetic collision between the characters. Not only do we not feel the brotherhood of life and death when we usually get along in the barracks, but even in the end everyone calmly accepted …… calmly …… accepted when they found out Mulan was a girl appearing in front of them… …It’s almost like being forced to punch in at work and go back to their respective homes without bothering each other after the show.I always think that a good movie will be liked by viewers of all ages, the original animation is so, as a child I had a lot of fun watching, grow up after revisiting also feel very warm. However, there are many hard feelings in the film to a not enough to spit, many other douban bloggers have written a lot, do not want to say, feel insulted by the intelligence.


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