Suzhou River:Love in the Suzhou River

I have always believed that Zhou Xun has not bad acting skills. Although not very fond of her, but because of the peony and Mei Mei, these two very different women and moved.Those are two regal flowers, one budding and bright, clear and pure, and one enchanting and blooming, charming and indulgent.Peony’s two braids, clear, big eyes, petite body inside, hiding the hot, hot love. The active and somewhat naughty girl, pouting and naive, her love, hot and sincere, so you can not bear to blame her childlike capriciousness.She went to the motor in the rainy weather, wet face with tears, she said you are like me, the aggrieved accent called the heartache. When she learned that the motor kidnapped himself for 450,000, the lost expression, the heartache of the expression, Xiao Zhou acted really well. A wild ride, I’m so cheap, shouted into the ears, tearing the heart. Red sweatshirt, sneakers, long braids, condensed into a clear back. Motor chased to the Suzhou River, she said, I will become a mermaid to find you, then actually tilted the body down. From then on, I don’t know where to go.

Night Shanghai, night Shanghai, you are a city that never sleeps. Mei Mei is under the camera, beautiful and free. Scattered eyes, stunning blonde hair, shimmering eye shadow. Maybe she’s complicated, maybe she’s pure. Green halter dress, red long-sleeved jacket, actually so gorgeous. No makeup face in the night, there is the temperament of a young girl, but lonely and not gentle, hair covering the cheeks, vaguely a kind of fallen beauty.The motor came to her and told her the story of the peony, and she, who was exactly like the peony. Who believes such a clichéd story, let alone her. It was just a misunderstanding out of the corner of her eye, and she still fell in unknowingly. Like a spell of temptation. One day, the motor said, peony embroidered peony flowers on the body, you have. Xiaozhou smiled and said, “How can I have, I am not a peony. But immediately, Zhou said in a low voice, I also have, you believe it. The camera switched, Zhou gently asked the motor lying next to him, I am the peony you are looking for.But not the same as we thought, Mei Mei is not a peony, the motor still went to find the real peony. And, he found it.Motor and Peony died at the Suzhou River. Mei Mei rushed out of the boat, a very hasty turn. The expression on Zhou’s face, so incredible. Hair was wet, cheeks with tears, murmuring, until yesterday thought he was lying to me ……Always thought there was no such thing as a peony. Always thought ……Always thought there was no such thing as love?Suzhou River, he said, that is a very dirty river. But you will see a lot of things from it.There is love born, there is betrayal that comes. Some people die unexpectedly. But, after seeing more, the sound of brokenness stops just a little. Not to scratch any marks on the heart. Because the people on the shore are in such a hurry, are running for a living, all must be in the real world, live like a person.He is a freelance photographer, as long as there is money to earn, nothing not to shoot. The so-called art and pursuit, but only in the dirt below the long-shedding flowers. Even if he has the eye to find beauty, there is no longer too much similar mood.However, he can still record some fragments of the story, he said, you see, but do not believe. But he has also said, my camera, do not lie.This is a love story, starting with his narration, although he is not the main character of the story.You can see two kinds of love. One is a fairy tale and the other is the truth.Peony’s courage in pursuing love, determination, preferring to be righteous. Turbo’s redemption of feelings, waiting, infatuation, until death do us part. This, perhaps, is a fairy tale.On the other hand, Mei Mei moved on. When he proposed to break up his frivolous outbursts, Mei Mei’s angry expression. And the beauty over and over again asked, if one day I disappeared, you will motor that to find me? His answer, will definitely. And when Mei-mei did leave, he did not take any action. He said, instead of aimlessly looking around, why not meet the next time, a new love. This, probably, is the truth.As Annie said, who would spend ten years waiting for someone who is far away, and who would still want to turn around and find that person after ten years of being far away.Do you believe in fairy tales? In the idol drama “The Prince Becomes a Frog”, Jon said, I believe because I will be happier if I believe. In the end, she got happiness.But I don’t believe it because if I don’t believe it, I will have less expectations, and if I don’t expect it, I won’t be too disappointed.

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