Edge of Tomorrow:Not imagine that the game of fiction is not a good movie

1. Plot Briefly combed, “Groundhog Day” version of the Starship Troopers: alien creatures invade, exist in anthropomorphic form and occupy the entire Europe. Cage, a mascot, is asked by the commander of the United Defense Forces (UDF) to go to the front line, and after refusing, is thrown into Heathrow as a deserter and joins the battle as an ordinary GI.When landing in a bitter battle, Cage killed a special form of anthropomorphism (Alpha), because the Alpha’s blood was incorporated, rebooting back to the previous day’s Heathrow. Then try to remind the next person unsuccessfully, each time after dying on the battlefield reboot back to the previous day. This is phase 1.Phase 2, he found the battlefield to meet the combat hero Rita, who happens to have the same experience, but unfortunately was wounded in Verdun, the blood transfusion after the ability to disappear. Rita said she would slowly have a vision and could feel where Omega was.


Cage is getting stronger and stronger, and Rita is getting more and more attached. Then once felt Omega in a dam in Germany. So with Rita countless times to read the file to rush landing this level (Bug1), finally get it done. But Rita in the farmhouse here how will die, so the next time to read the file when Cage went alone, successfully reached the dam, found a trap: Omega felt his presence, trying to get his blood away. At the last moment Cage succeeded in killing himself.

Phase 3, Cage learned that a pager exists and can feel Omega’s call, but the device is in the hands of the UDF commander. So with Rita brush UDF headquarters this level, finally succeeded, learned that the real location of Omega in the Louvre. Unfortunately, there was a car accident, fainted and was transfused and incapacitated. (Bug2)Cage found Rita and played the song “love me again” and ended the game. Cage found Rita, playing the song “love me again”, the end.I think the two bugs, first, since you can later get a plane directly to Paris, why not go directly to the German dam at the beginning, must brush landing this difficult level? In order to brush experience upgrade?Second, since death is not a problem, you can re-read the file, the biggest risk is to be transfused and lose the ability. So there should be a mechanism that can die at any time to be able to ensure death before passing out. As a veteran player, has not been prepared for this problem, the infinite read file stream played into only one life, a bit out of standard.A brief look at the plot of the original novel, in fact, whether it is the way aliens invade the earth in anthropomorphic form, or the concept of mecha, are quite Japanese. And the reasons and mechanisms of the reboot in the novel are much more complicated than the movie. So the film adaptation did a good job of making the original complex concept simple and unimportant lump sums. The plot is clear to most viewers.As a science fiction commercial film, a seemingly profound, but clearly understood science fiction concept is the most important, and the execution has to hold up to the concept, otherwise it becomes an empty compulsion like “Source Code”. Edge of Tomorrow” although in the plot logic can not be said to be flawless, but no major mistakes, there is a sense of the first time to see the “Starship Troopers” bull, and the use of science fiction elements basically can not be fault, it is rare.2. PaceThe plot is a clear and understandable line in the ponderous concept, which is easy for the audience to understand the advantages, but also to some extent the loss of the so-called philosophical depth. But as an entertainment film, it is rare to be able to tell a simple story to the heart, and this is precisely the advantage of the director who has directed the “Spy” series.The biggest feeling after watching the movie is the smoothness and sharpness. The process of constantly restarting and reading the file, each time the editing point is very well grasped, not to make people confused, but also not too verbose. In a day’s time, repeated scenes may make the audience bored, but on the one hand, there is the “wipe, dying again” type of comedy sense to catch people, on the other hand, the director in a rather sophisticated little release and solve the suspense.For example, at the beginning of several reboots, we do not know what is going on, naturally in the rhythm of relaxation of the brain will not stop, do all kinds of guesswork. The film does not rush to tell us the answer, but only after finding Rita to explain clearly.After that, whether it is the farmhouse reading file point, or the two traps are found, will let the audience have the feeling of dawn, and not at all effort.In fact, we all understand that this is a process of constantly reading the gears to punch the level. Only read the file point is only one, if it is a game, such a long gap in reading the file will be in the repetition of the player bored. But the creator only extracted the essence of each read file, and turn to a different story line of the turning point, in the sharp rhythm, the audience has a fresh feeling at all times.

3. EmotionThe most tender section of the film is in that farmhouse, Cage blocked Rita to take the key to move on, but wanted to drink coffee, rest and spend some time with her. Because he knew that once the helicopter was launched, Rita would die. The relationship they had built up would be wiped out.This is the most meaningful part of the whole relationship line. When the memories in a relationship are not shared and cherished, does the relationship still have meaning? This is the most meaningful part of the whole relationship.But in this film, which has a long history of sharpness, these lines of affection are just snowy and fleeting.

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