World War Z:Zombie World War Survival Tips

This film zombie introduced:Infected by unknown virus, 10 seconds to see the effect.No pain, no consciousness, hearing and smell abnormally developed.Physiological function is unknown, can continue to operate until the body decay left skeleton to stop.The human has crazy aggressiveness, hitting the body parts can only make it move slowly, head shot can make it fall to the ground temporarily incapacitated, incineration is the best way to eliminate.According to personal observation, they like group activities, lose all human feelings, intelligence only maintains a simple aggressive behavior.Survival equipment: water, compressed food, medicine, flashlight, compass, radio, binoculars, maps, etc. (End of the world survival equipment can be purchased online)Remember to streamline their luggage, clean water is the most necessary source of life, followed by food, chicken fried steak fries these do not bring, bring to maintain the strength and nutrition of the food can be. Medical equipment is the best, to improve the chances of survival greater.

Survival considerations:Quiet, keep absolutely quiet. According to personal experience, zombies have a high degree of hearing of any sound, some scientists have proved that the hearing sensitivity of zombies is no less than that of wolf dogs. If you usually at home are unable to avoid the pet dog “listening”, then do not challenge the zombie.Calm, may be in an extremely bad situation, your companions have all died, your water and food is also exhausted, even you do not even have a stick, but still remain calm analysis and judgment of the current situation.Good observation of the terrain, this is very necessary, many movies prove that escapees are often self-destructive. In the case of a zombie chase, do not run to the dead end and high buildings, panic and hunger are not calm performance.Try to avoid companionship with strangers, many movies prove that human escapees have a far greater chance of dying in the hands of their own kind than in the hands of zombies. Because after the beginning of the apocalypse, human survival supplies will be quite scarce, the weak are the only rule, you just met a “stranger”, may grab a sip of water and a cookie, and do not hesitate to kill you.Prepare your good weapons, modern weapons such as robbery in the absence of ammunition to provide the situation, is not as good as a watermelon knife. So go for a run every day to exercise and help improve your survival rate.One, urban escapeOnce the zombie outbreak in the city, such as the big city in this film, you can quickly flee to the basement or a high building, remember to block the doors and windows, do not let the zombies come in to put you in a pot. According to various death examples, in the absence of long-term aircraft rescue, in the case of food and water enough to support, the basement will have better stealth than the high building.

Hiding in high buildings there are many hidden dangers, the first is the problem of lighting at night, after the entire city was fallen, the darkness of the building forest on you a window with light, which is simply the same as the sign of the barbecue restaurant, attracting zombies to come to eat the night, but also may attract other with hostile human compatriots, in the case of food shortage, humans are likely to kill each other or eat each other. So if you are hiding in a tall building, please try to keep the curtains drawn and don’t have any light appear.

There are movies that prove that hiding in large shopping malls is also a good choice, but have to make sure that the access to these public places is tightly blocked first. If a zombie is unfortunate enough to enter your fortress from an underground garage or ventilation duct, then please quickly abandon the place, so hide in large shopping malls or warehouses, it is important to have a good plan to escape. Because hiding places are too big a target, they will also attract other fellow humans to come, and there have been many movies that show that after a zombie outbreak, more escapees die at the hands of their fellow humans.

Many movies prove that hiding in the city is one of the worst options.Second, the mountain guerrillaCompared to being in the city, the remote countryside and mountains are definitely better hiding places. The population size determines the zombie conversion rate is relatively low, while in the wide open countryside, it is easier to escape. There are no tall buildings and too many buildings in the way, you can look into the distance and see objects that look like “people” moving strangely, and the soft ground is better for digging traps. Maybe in a good natural environment, there will be fruits and rabbits and other food. If it’s a big deal, bring some seeds with you and be prepared to be a farmer for many years.After the zombie outbreak, hiding in the deep mountains is one of my more preferred options.

Three, water raftingIn the case of conditions, you can be the same as the teenage school, choose a suitable residence of the boat, drifting in the river and lake sea. Feel free to bring a good fishing tools, because in a long time, the fishing techniques determine your daily stomach fullness. If you are at sea, fresh water purification is also very important work. Compared to the harsh climate of the sea, in the lake is relatively safe.

There is no proof that zombies can swim, so the lake you choose better than 3 meters deep. Do not go too close to the shore, because the zombie found you, will be recklessly pounced on, there has been proof that they are good at “stacked” form to reach all heights. If you find that the zombies have been stacked in the water under the tall tower of corpses, then quickly escape. This is something you don’t have to worry too much about in the ocean. The best boat to choose is one that can be paddled by human power, because the sound of the motor will attract zombies.Like the teenage school drifting is also one of my choices, provided that there is no tiger in.Four, military defense

In the movie, the city of Jerusalem, as against the giant, built its high wall defense zombies, but unfortunately, zombies can not stand the “Israeli voice”, through the way of stacked into the high wall, the city of Jerusalem suddenly turned into a human fondue. In the novel, the city of Jerusalem wall defense but played a very good role.So, if when the city’s high wall defense after successfully blocking the first wave of the zombie wave, the ruler of the city should order the closure of all the city’s land passages. Prevent any virus carriers from entering the city to avoid infection. There are also from the city resources, too much population will only make the city fortress quickly collapse.There must also be a militarized management of all humans in the city and all resource allocation system. Doctors and police are the most needed personnel to stabilize the city security, all obey the organization, do not have nothing to sing, everyone keep quiet. Maintain good human order in the city, in order to fight a long war with the zombies.The chaotic management method in the movie is also one of the important reasons for the zombies to break the city.In short, the zombie war is a tragic reality that humans are bound to face, so it is also very important to be fully prepared to reduce losses and do a good job in the aftermath of the human revival after the zombie war.The zombie war will destroy the current human world, but it will also create a new world.

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