The Mummy”: O’Connell and Eve’s love – you follow your dreams, I guard you

The Mummy” is based on a 1932 film of the same name, written and directed by Stephen Sommers, released in the United States on May 7, 1999, although it is a remake, but in the old film based on the bold innovation and adaptation, after the release of critical acclaim, soon swept the world, and saved the then endangered Universal Pictures.The film also received many awards, not only nominated for the Academy Awards, but also received the Academy Award for Best Audio and Video, and was a big hit at the Saturn Awards that year.The movie is witty, humorous, and relaxed, and is still an irreplaceable classic in the hearts of fans. The film carries out the usual Hollywood hero movie style: rescue the beauty, defeat the monster, save the world. The plot is still fascinating, especially the love between the hero and heroine, which satisfies all people’s fantasies of perfect love.

-You chase your dreams, I’ll protect you.

(I) Eve’s dreamEve is a librarian at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Her biggest dream is to become an archaeologist like her parents. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the film, she pushes down a bookshelf because of her reckless behavior, thus triggering a domino effect – the entire library shelves all fall down.After being scolded by the librarian, Eve followed the commotion to the back of the storage room, resulting in her brother Jonathan, who was responsible for laughing throughout, sat up from the coffin and handed her a peculiar locket.Eve opened the locket with excitement, there was a map inside, pointing to the very place of the city of the undead – Hamunaptra.Here is a very heartwarming scene:Here we can see that:

1. Eve and Jonathan’s brother and sister feelings very good.

2. brother and sister are very simple people, the idea is not mature and stable.

3. Eve is eager to carry out a real archaeological journey.

4. both siblings are very optimistic.

Unfortunately, their map was burned off a piece of the curator, the location of the destination is not available, there is no choice, Jonathan had to take Eve to find the owner of the box – O’Connell.(II) O’Connell the GuardianJonathan took Eve to find O’Connell, who was imprisoned in the prison. Eve wisely negotiated with the warden, and eventually saved O’Connell on the gallows. O’Connor finally lying in the ground that the incredulous expression and Eve’s smugness contrasted with:1. O’Connor did not have much hope for Eve at first.In a few words, he lured Eve closer to him and succeeded in forcibly kissing her, as well as tantalizing her teenage heart.”Save me if you want to go to Hamunaptra.”How much confidence can he have in Eve? It’s better to say he was testing Eve’s resolve.His comrades at the time were almost all buried in the ruins of Hamunaptra, and he was more interested in trying to see if this little girl was a greedy treasure hunter or just a passing game on a whim.

2. O’Connell is in a desperate attempt.

He alone can come back from the vast desert, the desire to live is very strong, absolutely not willing to just die in prison for no reason. He must seize this opportunity, even if the possibility is zero.

3. O’Connor after Benny’s betrayal, choose teammates more carefully.

At the beginning of the film, O’Connor, who was still a soldier at the time, and his comrades together in the ruins of Hamunaptra to draw the enemy, the gunshots have not yet sounded, O’Connor’s superiors are on the verge of escape, O’Connor asked Benny beside him: “You will not run, right?”

“No.” With these words Benny dropped his gun and fled behind him in a panic.

The enemy is raging, O’Connell can not defeat can only run away, in a hurry, but also forgot to remind the front of Benny to hide in the tomb, the result of Benny selfishly closed the door, he had to face the enemy’s gun alone.

We do not know how he came over these three years, but the betrayal of friends must have made O’Connell disheartened, until Eve appeared to save him.

Originally he thought he was dead, did not expect this lovely little woman actually saved him, for Eve’s saving grace, he made up his mind to guard her, not only to take her to where she wants to go, but also to bring her back safely, this is his responsibility and mission.

Love, at this time has quietly planted the seeds in his heart.

(C) Love is budding

In the evening, the two talked on the boat, Eve excitedly told him why she yearned for Hamunaptra, and then she asked O’Connell a question very shyly: “Why did you kiss me at that time? ”

O’Connell, who was fiddling with his weapon, replied carelessly: “I was dying at that time anyway, so I was looking for something to do. ”

Eve left in anger, leaving a stunned O’Connell: “Did I say something wrong? ”

The alert O’Connell spotted his former comrade Benny, who asked him, “You never believed in Hamunaptra, why did you go back? ”

“See that lady? She saved me. “Looking at Eve in front of the stable, O’Connell’s eyes also a moment of tenderness, that seed of love has quietly sprouted new shoots in his heart, even though he can have 10,000 reasons not to go to Hamunaptra, but he will also look for a reason to stay for Eve.

Eve is certainly beautiful, when she appeared in Egyptian attire, veiled, eyes with water, smiling, O’Connell’s heart instantly fell, beauty can certainly attract the attention of men, but can make men stay or the essence of the woman, Eve’s essence is simple and kind, which is the most impressed him.

In the night of Hamunaptra, Eve’s drunken expression of naive, every detail touched O’Connor’s heart, this lovely little woman, like an angel, a fountain slowly into his heart, even if he has traveled a thousand mountains and rivers, seen a million styles, but also than see her a glimpse of the heart.

The end is a happy ending for all.The love between Imhotep and Ansuna that ended in vain is certainly a sigh of relief, but the love between O’Connell and Eve is the most in line with expectations and fantasies. We have been pursuing the best look of love, is not this the best look? There is a person who loves you, understands you and loves you, who gives everything for you silently behind the scenes, so that you can chase your dreams with impunity.Of course, Eve is not all arbitrary, she also love O’Connell, trust him, willing to give him, this mutual trust and mutual reliance on the feelings of every couple are aspiring to.At the same time, O’Connell and Eve have similarities: they are very kind, brave, strong, both love adventure. Because of these common points is to strengthen their connection with each other. They are complementary: Eve’s naivety fills O’Connell’s heart and makes him believe that there is really beauty in the world; O’Connell’s reasoning allows Eve to make fewer risky mistakes.So here’s the message for every couple, including couples:Why are you together?How far do you want to go together?How much are you willing to give to each other?The maintenance and development of the relationship is never one-sided, not to mention binding and forbearance, what is needed is tolerance and mutual improvement, common progress, together with the development of common hobbies, for each other to make up for the queue leak.Every pair of lovers together is to love as a premise, but finally go further and further away, because we forget that love is actually an eternal book, we see the beginning, we do not have the patience to carefully guess the details in the middle of it, some people even just browse a few fragments, and so produced a different ending.In reality, getting married and having children means for many people losing the right to choose their future again, which is actually not the case for every couple. A happy marriage can never be separated from the support of the other half, and after marriage and again climbed to a new peak in their careers abound, simply because they all know a truth: love, is to guard and support.Don’t be afraid to pay, and don’t go afraid you pay after she will leave you, as long as you sincerely think about each other, will get eternal beautiful ending.

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