Perfetti sconosciuti Truth or Dare?

When you get together with your friends to play truth or dare, what are you most afraid of?Personally, I’ve always found nothing difficult about Dare, whether it’s twirling in public or asking a stranger at the next table for his phone, it’s just embarrassing and shy, and it’s no big deal to be thick-skinned. I prefer to play truthfulness because I can peek into more secrets of my friends based on my existing knowledge of them here. Of course, the scale of each circle is different, some people can talk to the 3P group P such topics, some will ask the first kiss first night, sometimes encounter less familiar with the people not good to start, will only ask a few objects only.

However, if you are playing this game with a young couple, once you start asking “When was the last time you and your ex contacted?” or “Did your male best friend have a boyfriend? Or “Did your male best friend send you home at night?” This kind of problem, that many people have to start making up nonsense, the atmosphere at the moment, that is very awkward.

Involved in the moral scale of the secret, once told, let people very embarrassed.

The good thing is that Chinese people often know how to give others face, the overall situation, point to the end, see the good, and adhering to the “rather tear down ten temples not a marriage” concept, so will not think of destroying the happy life of the young couple, but more willing to coax the two in public, and then applauded.

However, seven Italians sitting around, playing a more ruthless game: all cell phones on the table, no matter who receives a message to read out, any call to open the hands-free answer. Except for the man Pep, who recently had a new relationship, who came alone, the other three couples, all seemingly in love, one pair busy at home preparing to entertain guests, one pair with a baked cake, and one pair with wine for the party, drinking and talking and watching the lunar eclipse. But underneath their seemingly harmonious surface, there are all the touchy problems. There are a pair of married for many years, have a 17-year-old daughter, is in the rebellious period of youth, the two education style is different; there is a pair of marriage is getting boring, the two no longer have sex, on the mother-in-law to serve, under a pair of children to deal with; there is a pair of newlyweds, the man’s job is not stable, the woman is not sure whether to have children.

If it is only a matter of child education, whether to live with the mother-in-law, it should be made a domestic TV series, to talk about early love and mother-in-law battle. This film, about the relationship between people. Between husband and wife, between father and daughter, between mother and daughter, between friends, and even with a friend’s wife.

After the first false alarm joke call, every new message or a new call is a reveal.

(Split line) – Start the drama

Ava, who is cheating on her husband with his friend, is the initiator of the game, and she would say that we are all gentlemen and there is nothing to play for.

Her husband is supposed to be the most honest person in the room. The only thing that pissed her off was that she herself was a psychiatrist and her husband went to another doctor for counseling. Fair enough, her husband is a surgical specialist, yet she likewise contacts other doctors for breast augmentation surgery. Of course, maybe it’s just that the husband’s secrets didn’t come out at this party (for example, he said Pep’s ex-wife’s voice turned him on sexually), and the real story is not known. But he is still a very likeable character, because his behavior, in dealing with his daughter’s early love and first night, is exemplary.

Cosimo, who is stealing clear with Ava, is very angry to see that his wife is still in contact with her ex-boyfriend, but he is not only cheating on her with Ava, but also with another lover who calls to say she is pregnant. Cosimo’s wife, Bianca, still acts as a confidant to her ex-boyfriend, who comes to her once he is anxious or frustrated in a relationship. But this is really no big deal compared to the others.

Tell us about the daring pair of Laila and Carlotta. Lailer has a lover and doesn’t want everyone to know, so he switches phones with Pep, who is alone at the dinner, and makes him the scapegoat. Pep speaks righteously to help him take the blame, only to have his own secret exposed, but it’s Lailer’s turn to explain it away – because Pep’s new date is a man. Carlotta thought her husband was gay and was furious, but as a result, her own secret was exposed before her anger was over. She and a family man daily chat, will play together “no panties” (porn?) games.

The entire film is set in Ava’s home, and as a film that uses words to develop its plot, dialogue is particularly important. The padding is very well done. Take Pep. The first part of his ambiguous about not bringing a new date to the party, the explanation for being fired from the unit, the disapproval of the idea that “having a child brings significant meaning”, and the characterization of his divorce, all suggest that he is gay as a result. Even Cosimo and his “used to jerk off together” joke, all for the later he learned that Pep was gay after the rage laid the groundwork.

How ironic is this game. Everyone is curious about other people’s secrets, once their husbands or wives out what material, immediately fuming, seized not to let go, loud and harsh, in the blink of an eye their own secrets are out, the last second also in the heckling of people immediately righteous. This is every one of us, ah, habitually stand on the moral high ground to judge others, but rarely to the same standard to require themselves. When you have good things happen, if you are said to rely on the relationship, you will immediately think, I have more effort you simply can not see, are jealous of me to follow the wind and talk nonsense. But others, even friends, once you get a little opportunity, we will think, your side of the family has relatives ah, or, you are relying on the face ah by pleasing the leader ah by two sides three ah to get to the top ah.

The lunar eclipse is a metaphor for the light side and the dark side, the part that can be seen and the part that is blocked. It also appears at one node after another, driving the plot, and thought-provoking. One of the scenes, Carlotta rage, out of the smoke, across the balcony of a loving old couple snuggled up to the moon that scene, will let her touch it. But together for life, to survive the storms, betrayal, concealment, separation between them, who knows it. The people, together with the establishment of intimate relations, whether they are lovers or friends, are inevitably tormented by each other, right, and finally old, tossed, think about sitting next to this person, obviously did so many things wrong with me, I also did so many things wrong with him, but still did not separate. This is probably love.

How do feelings have to be maintained, is it through guilt, like Lael and Carlotta? Or do you cheat and betray while hiding and cheating? When you have cheated psychologically or physically, do you separate or merge? What a dilemma of the century. And this matter of feelings, but really “heard a lot of good sense”, but still can not handle it.

Truth or dare, step by step is a reversal, so this game, is life ah.

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