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“This movie really made me wonder, because after watching it, laughing, and turning around, I completely forgot.”. Watching a movie is experiential consumption. As the movie ends, all emotions and even memories return to the state they were before watching. Leaving the seat with a stretch without taking away a cloud seems to make this experience more pure. The words I used to describe the new version of “Ninja Turtle” a while ago can also be applied to the beginning of this movie: “Watching it is the same as not watching it, because watching it again will still make you burst into laughter, and you still can’t remember what was said.”.

“There are four equally skilled animal protagonists, all of whom have appeared in animation dramas, and the film follows a relaxed, lively, mindless action comedy route. The treatment of” Ninja Turtle “is very different from that of this film.”. Although the turtles have not earned less at the box office, reading reviews online can vaguely sense the expression of disgust on the publisher’s face when typing these words in front of the computer, and can’t help but feel heartbroken for the turtles. The reason is also very simple, just one word, ugly. “I personally don’t have that strong feeling, but it’s undeniable that the four turtles who are always treated as monsters by people will feel ashamed of themselves if they see these fat birds in this film who can accumulate super popularity by standing and doing nothing. If they don’t do well, they will become as black as the octopus doctor in this film.”. Speaking of the villain Debbie the Octopus (not Debbie, but Dave), the Medusa serum used to disfigure penguins also looks very similar to the color of the Ninja Turtle, which makes me wonder about the source of this serum

In the previous three “Madagascar” movies, although penguins were in the limelight, I couldn’t really tell them apart. Regarding the animation series of penguins, I only occasionally glanced at them on the CCAV Children’s Channel, and I didn’t feel particularly interested in watching them. So this film is my first in-depth understanding of these four guys, and the director helped me overcome the impact of my face blindness on watching this film to the maximum extent, successfully distinguishing the four protagonists in the shortest possible time. The rookie, who has been entrusted with the important task of “being a beautiful man quietly” due to his cute image, Rigo, who has a different dimensional bag in his stomach, the boss, who is very loser, very promiscuous, and the only one of the four protagonists who is slightly more rational, is the only one. The four penguins with similar shapes but different personalities are all impressive, and the distribution of their roles is relatively balanced. In addition to the eye-catching performance of the boss and rookie, Rigo and Kowersky were not given a cold shoulder, and each contributed an indispensable part to the final effect of the film. In this regard, the Ninja Turtle should learn more from this film.

In order to increase the selling point, this film has specially invited a star dubbing lineup led by John Malkovic. John Malkovic’s voice voiced by the octopus, Dolby (… not Dolby, it’s Dave), is the most interesting character in the film. Looking at his vivid demeanor on the screen, I can imagine what the old man’s voice was like. This film does not use facial expression capture, but it does not rule out the possibility that Paul the octopus (… not Paul, it’s Dave)’s facial expression is drawn from the voice actor. In addition to the villain himself, his subordinates are also bright spots, their behavior is somewhat similar to that of the Little Yellow Man in “The Secret Stealer”, and the naming method is specifically designed to take care of an elderly audience like me with a smile point. What I can remember now are Nicholas Cage, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman (aside, Wolf Uncle voiced penguins in the Australian animation “Happy Feet”), and other welcome additions.

Generally, I don’t comment on the music of movies because I don’t have much say in this area. However, the soundtrack of this film did attract my attention. What I want to say is that the piece of music that accompanied the Beifeng Secret Service’s debut (or her own appearance) was very hot and exciting. Does anyone feel like there’s a heavy agricultural wind like me? “I’m not blackmailing it, because I think the director may have intentionally added such a piece of music that is out of tune with the movie style, cool and dynamic, and exaggerated to increase the comedy effect.”. The song where the other three penguins performed in the bow of the boat to attract the enemy’s attention was really brainwashing, and sounded a bit like Happy Tree Friends.

Although the music on the stage is so melodramatic that it looks a bit like a middle two, the Beifeng Secret Service in this film is still very tall and tall on the whole. While enjoying delicious wine and food while drifting on the sea, combined with the British accent of the team leader, it should be easy to associate with 007 The blasting expert from the Beifeng Secret Service, Little Seal, has a cute shape and is not losing out to a few penguins, but I’m still worried if he will suddenly turn black. The main reason is that the news “Seal [Beep] [Beep] Penguin” I watched the other day has left me with too serious a psychological shadow. Moreover, the seal in this film is accompanied by Zheng Ken’s neurotic voice, which makes people worry about whether his cute appearance may hide a abnormal heart.

I’m actually a bit confused about the species of the leader of the North Wind Bureau. At first, I thought it was a wolf, but later I saw that his men were all polar creatures such as polar bears and seals, so I wondered if he could be an Alaskan sled dog. Especially when chasing the penguins out of Shanghai, he still had a frisbee in his mouth. I don’t know if wolves also have this habit. If it’s really an Alaskan sled dog, imagine that an important stage in this film is Shanghai. I can’t help but doubt the identity of this agent. A few months ago, a young director from Shanghai made a movie in which one of the main characters was an Alaskan dog. “This one in this film has not revealed its name from beginning to end (it’s just that the penguin boss wishfully believes that his name is” confidential “). I dare speculate that his real name should be called” Madagascar “!”! So the title of this film has another meaning: Penguins kept by Madagascar, the hegemonic director of the Northern Wind Bureau!

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