The Mask The green-faced uncle of my childhood (a little nagging)

For this movie, I appreciate it with nostalgic feelings. Perhaps the word “appreciate” is really too hard, after all, it is only a commercial comedy film.

However, this film has accompanied me through every Tuesday evening in my elementary school days.When I was in elementary school, there was no digital TV, and not many channels were available. Also, every Tuesday afternoon, the TV station was closed, so there was only on-demand TV. (Usually some cartoons or songs! ~You must have felt it too! Cat and mouse brainwashing, birthday song cycle ……)

At that time, the most impressive is this green-faced uncle.

When looking at this green-faced uncle was able to do those exaggerated expressions on the cartoon, could not help but clap their hands and shout: wowza, so powerful ah! At that time, I did not recognize a lot of words …… yet, still able to make me laugh. This is his charm.

Kim Carey — expression emperor. (Now when watching this film, look at his face expression, I will have a touch of heartache, face muscles will be very sore, right?)

Today, turn this movie, because yesterday a station put this, let me almost tears.

I can’t help but catch my feet every scene is so classic.

I have to say, who else’s expression can be so cow? Oh ~ really only he ~ ~ ~ ~

Classic scenes

1 Tie the balloon. (Feel the old magic, in my elementary school, I have never seen a balloon that can be tied!)

2 dance. (Especially when he saw Cameron, that heart fluttering! ~ And heart-shaped smoke ring = V =, too cool! ~)

3 with the police group dance. (I have to say this group dance, how cool! ~)

The grassroots in the United States, there are always such masses, need to rely on childish cartoons to de-stress. Exaggerated expressions to pick up girls, without fear of smashing things, while playing handsome while robbing banks? More or less, to those who have a bad attitude to their own hard to repair some. The typical American hero complex, I should not have been ordinary, I should have been a hero. But this is so unrealistic in the real world, because we small grassroots need to peacefully survive in this cruel society.

But the movie, but made …… those things we want to do but only within the brain, so that our adrenaline and joy factor through the exaggerated acting techniques of King Carey together with the surge.

One of the inversions that has to be said. A big beautiful woman working for the villain finally became her own home, while the plain and warm-looking reporter was reduced to a betrayer. In fact, in elementary school, just remembered the weird scenes (do not know many words = = +) but completely forgot that there is love this thing.

Perhaps, each grassroots, there will be their own beautiful flowers, handsome horse ~ not to fight, how to know?

Suddenly thought of a scene, then standing in front of the beautiful girl to talk to the gold Carey are afraid to admit that the broken car is their own drive. People, it is so, always think that the beauty only look on the car. But who knows, is that a kiss, let the beauty love that broken car driver. =ↀωↀ=, write here but like writing a love story.

Well, the final summary.

If, like the main character, you are a good old grassroots guy, but have some funny thinking, such as bubble beauty, rob a bank, and then drive a stretch Lincoln and then spread money around the world?

Then come and see this film ~ haha ~ right, it belongs to our own inner little happy, we recklessly crazy, because it only belongs to you.

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