Encanto The political metaphor under the cloak of magic

The magic of the house itself is an interpolation, and the origin of the story is a Hispanic couple, in order to escape from the colonists, want to escape the paradise.The gorgeous butterflies and magical gifts are nothing more than a gorgeous coat of color for the political struggle.Her three children later became gifted people, and her husband Pedro, the heroine’s grandfather, sacrificed himself to distract his pursuers.In fact, can this be seen as the husband’s sacrifice for the wife abuela in the political leadership, she also successfully led the exiles to establish the village encanto, and become the village’s opinion leader.

The candle blooming light, blocking the pursuers and raising the mountains, is actually an expression of intent. For if it were a true miracle, grandfather would not have died.

In the play, the villagers can be seen repeatedly gathered in the casita magic house, the main content of which is to watch the rituals of the descendants of the madrigals family to obtain new gifts – it is like a party held by high society and introduce the descendants into the world of politics – -Indeed, once all the madrigals have opened their gifts, they have to start serving the town and become part of the civil servants community service staff.

At the very beginning of the movie, the children ask Mirabelle about her gift, and the song shows that the madrigals are the equivalent of a star family in town. The movie is even more naked about “the town is quite dependent on relie on our magic”, it can be seen that the madrigals family in the town status is definitely not low. When the magic house casita was shaken, the town also sent someone to ask about the reliability of the magic.

The main girl Mirabelle because no open talent (not engaged in related to the town’s business), the family is much cold, in the group photo also did not have her figure, grandma abuela on her attitude is particularly poor, think she is the family drag.

(There is a son or daughter in the political family who is not good and does not help the family image, people tend to conference about this person, and this person has a lower status in the family)

The eldest son of the Samsung family, Lee Jae-yong, is not good and not good at management, and is considered a “family waste”.

I had a strong sense of immediacy when I watched it, the image of grandma abuela is very much like the image of some political leaders in foreign elections ten years ago: perfect, can not make mistakes, family success.

But modern people do not eat this, such as Obama, he is happy to show his wife and his harmony in front of the screen, but the American people love to mock him in private impatience with his wife.

And many Southeast Asian countries have this tendency until now, leaders have always been perfect in front of the public, will not make mistakes and happy families. In fact, we all know how messy the Thai royal family is, many political families are calm on the surface and a mess on the inside.

The differences between the three children of grandma abuela are even more obvious.

Pepa, the eldest daughter, can control the weather and help with agricultural production (in reality she studied agricultural management and is responsible for the town’s agricultural work, corresponding to the agricultural-based economic structure of Latin American society);

the second daughter, Julieta, is gifted in healing the sick with food (she studied medicine and her colleagues manage food manufacturing on the side);

Excellent talent (education) ➕ good personal image, typical of a political family. Even their husbands (the heroine’s father) complained that he looked too “not good” among too many good people. It is clear that the two daughters have a very good image.

And the “deviant” son, the heroine’s uncle Bruno, is not allowed to be discussed, and even the family expelled him. This is not because he did bad things, but because his ability – prophecy – can not bring benefits to the family.

This is also typical of the politician’s thinking: cold, mean, and exclusion of those who can not bring benefits.

It’s a clear benefit orientation to distinguish between good and bad talent gifts. The movie repeatedly emphasizes that one member’s gift is “useful” and the other is “useless”.

Personally, I am more inclined to the uncle’s study may be history, or political science. He predicted early on that the madrigals would fall apart under the patriarchal system, and also predicted that the heroine (a new generation of politicians) would lead the family down a different path. The flawless leader persona of the past is no longer popular, and people in today’s society prefer to see a multi-inclusive leader of the town.

But this prophet was resisted by the conservative faction led by grandma abuela, so when Mirabelle was very young (not powerful), uncle Bruno “disappeared” from the public eye, in fact, he has been hiding in the house, repairing the broken house. (He has been wiping the ass for grandma abuela, doing auxiliary work, but is not recognized)

This kind of perfect pressure passed to the third generation is more obvious, uncle bruno has been out, the heroine’s sister – Ms. Hercules lisa feel great pressure, she is very afraid of losing their huge power, but also very hard to provide unpaid help to the people of the town (toil and labor as a civil servant, provide all kinds of beyond their ability) (she was afraid of losing people’s support).

Much of Luisa’s work – changing the river, helping to repair houses, finding lost donkeys – exceeds the limits of a community worker who “serves others. On the one hand, her unlimited permissiveness creates laziness among the villagers. On the other hand, the villagers are so dependent on this violent organ that she can become a means of profit for the family. And the villagers take this attitude for granted, which means that Luisa’s work is actually a “thankless job”. No one would like this kind of work if they were in this kind of environment for a long time.

She was also the first to be broken by mental stress, unable to move the piano at the proposal dinner, the house collapsed behind her, she lost the power to move things, she was also trying her best. (She is unable to continue to participate in political activities because of the mental stress, but she is still passionate about political activities )

Isabel, the perfect sister, is the second most burdensome person. She can promote the growth of plants (another very useful talent), so she has always shown herself as the perfect image, and her abilities are used in the early stages of blooming flowers, and later her abilities are enhanced, so she is thought to be the pillar of the next generation of the family. (She is likely to be an expert in agriculture, and therefore very important to the family) Grandmother is also very interested in Isabel’s marriage with the local power, and in the movie it is clearly mentioned that “it will bring glory to both families”, and the Guzmans, the family of the marriage partner, also has a certain status, from Grandmother personally invited people to the door, the family hosted a banquet, and the banquet was a great success. The Guzmans also have a certain status, from the grandmother personally invited to the door, the family hosted a banquet, the banquet embarrassed the man refused to join the marriage, can be seen that the man’s family power is not ordinary. The brother who has the ability to transform, and smooth sister dolores, because the talent is not so “useful”, although they are involved in the work, but also in a certain degree of marginalization.

There is also a guess, dolores hearing talent is too sensitive, she can hear many family secrets, so although important but can not be shown in front of people (can not bring honor in the open, but also can not give other outsiders to provide the gift of help, only to help the family), the film is not too in-depth discussion of this topic. But from the heroine asked dolores about her uncle’s secret, and her grandmother asked dolores about the other family’s attitude toward the marriage, it seems that dolores does have an “agent” identity. Therefore, dolores is not suitable for marriage.

Isabel, on the other hand, is the only one who receives a positive evaluation in her uncle’s prophecy (the prophecy dolores receive is that “the loved one will be engaged to another”). The uncle said that Isa’s power would increase and she would have the life she wanted. It is also possible that the grandmother heard the prophecy and was ready to focus on Isa.

So even though the smooth-tongued sister dolores was interested in her sister isabel’s fiancé, the fiancé Guzman stared at dolores as soon as he appeared, when everyone else was looking at the more beautiful isabel, the maternal grandmother still valued Isabel’s marriage.

So I see the whole political family reincarnation, from the old generation to the new generation of evolution.

Uncle bruno is also very interesting, from the wall behind him full of patches can be seen, casita whether like the employees or businesses that serve the family, they have served the family for many years, but have not been treated well.

For example, at the beginning of the film, casita provides various living services for the madrigals family, such as helping Mirabelle put on shoes (maid), helping the family pour coffee (cook), and setting the table for breakfast (maid).

It is worth noting that the breakfast or casito initiative to set the table, there is a paragraph here to change the stool episode is very exciting

It is implied that the underlings are also oppressed by the high pressure environment, as an employee of the political family, and are not allowed to make mistakes, they can only get comfort and salvation in the uncle.

casita has seen too much darkness and distortion under the perfect persona, and eventually can not stand this contradiction, and gradually towards collapse. (The staff can not stand the high pressure perfect environment, collective strike)

While the female lead Mirabelle is more inclusive, she better understand the flaws and talents of each person, so in the late stage to become the new family leader and political head, but also symbolizes the transition of the family business from the grand patriarchal system to a more inclusive period.

The next is pure speculation, the movie name encanto is actually the name of the town “land of miracles”, while the Chinese translation of the name “magic full house” corresponds to casita, then why Disney to encanto to name, but not casita it?

Because the main line of the story is a family around the town of encanto open, including the bright line – the family’s spiritual pressure, the dark line – the town’s power change.

casita is more like one of many characters, it has humanity, has secrets, will provide help, will also break down, more like one of the family members, as I said earlier, in fact casita is more like a variety of servants combined.

In the end I still want to say that the purpose of the movie is not to export politics, it just happens that the basita is playing with power that way.

But no matter what the purpose is, forcing one’s family and offspring into a boat is against nature. I think many young people, including myself, both Chinese and Latin American, have been brainwashed by the sense of “devotion to the family above all else”. I wish all the people can do what they want to do.

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