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¬†After watching “Rain Man”, I was surprised to find that the charm of family love is so delicate and shocking. When the film came to the end, in the face of the upcoming parting, the brother confessed his heart’s reluctance, the silly Rain Man actually took the initiative to let the two foreheads pressed together. That shot slowly continued for nearly a minute, the communication between the two hearts burst out in a moment. Although the film did not carry out flashbacks, but before the two get together a little bit but a scene flashed from the audience. The brother’s twinkling eyes reveal too many feelings, yet ultimately silence. Even now, when I think back, the silent resonance of the two men at that time still does not feel moving.

Dear Rain Man, what are you thinking?

He was an unfortunate child whose congenital mental handicap did not allow him to receive more care. After his brother was born, his parents feared that he would harm the newborn who had made up for the family’s shortcomings, so they sent him to a care home, where he has been isolated from the world ever since.

However, when God closes a door, he often opens another window for you – Rain Man’s extraordinary math and memory skills are well reflected in the film. Whenever that time, the audience is often a laugh – and Rain Man’s wooden expressions do not fit.

Dear Rain Man, what are you thinking?

During the short journey, the younger brother complained countless times about his brother’s inability to communicate with him. Time and again, he brushed off and fussed, his inner grumpiness and restlessness venting out. Yet, if he could only ask and listen patiently, he could always learn touching secrets from Rain’s mouth.

The hindrance of communication is not due to intellectual problems, because everyone needs to be cared for, everyone needs love, only the endless phone calls, endless affairs and unsolvable problems make the brother neglect listening. On the contrary, this colorful society, why not get our eyes blurred?

One of the reasons why Rain Man is so cute is because it seems like we can see eternity in him. When he awkwardly sang the song he sang to his brother as a child; when he saw the hot water and screamed hysterically, we realized how deep his feelings for his brother were. 30 years did not erase the affection in his heart, even if he was separated from his family, he still had the memories of those years with his family in his heart: his “first base, second base His “first base, second base” comedy dialogues, his yellowing photos. So big, he still calls out “Dad” when referring to his father. Those memories have been engraved in the safest place in his heart, and once touched, he fights with the fiercest behavior, doggedly defending the baby in his heart.

Dear Rain Man, what are you thinking?

300 million dollars, linking the two brothers together; the silly brother eventually persuaded his brother’s utilitarian heart, and the relationship between money and affection has come to such a delicate point. Some people say that affection is a barbaric relationship because you can’t choose and it lasts a lifetime. However, money is a more arrogant way to intervene between people, so you can’t stop it.

In the film, the younger brother uses his brother’s special talent to make a fortune in Las Vegas, and the singer’s excited shout in the background is a reflection of the younger brother’s heart. Rain Man’s expression is mute, he knows nothing and listens wholeheartedly. The more excited the brother is, the more this contrast zings. What is a relative? What is a tool? What is affection? What is exploitation? The simplicity of Rain Man is like an honest mirror reflecting the impatience of people’s eagerness to get what they want. This is a movie from 1988, and it still makes us yearn for it today.

Dear Rain Man, what are you thinking?

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