The Father Uncountable days

In memory of the first movie I saw in New York. Doing a small token of hope that the cinema will last. Looking forward to the New York Film Festival.I left the cinema wrapped in fear after watching the movie. I don’t know how much homework Anthony has done, but his performance dragged me back to a time I don’t really want to remember. My first job was in a place called institution, home, nursing home, whatever you want to call it.

The movie kept switching between time, and although there was some confusion at first, I figured out after a short while that he no longer lived in his own home or in his daughter’s home. His stubbornness, his self-esteem, his eyes switching between confusion and fear. Emotional shifts are so well pinpointed, like those old people who one moment are immersed in happiness, and the next moment are suddenly enemies of everything around them. Some forgetfulness is clearly blessed, but there are still traces that are not completely forgotten. In search of those slowly lost memories wonder if it’s like being trapped in a kaleidoscope.

The place where I used to work, let me use the opportunity of this film to record how they used to be. The memories are so fragile. Although it was only ten months, it was enough for me to hate and pity that place. Although it is in Sydney’s most beautiful seaside, a house deposit in 2015 to be a million dollars, but I still hope I can have a chance to end myself.

I don’t remember the name of the grandfather, but the grandmother is Marcie, and both of them have good legs. I don’t remember the name, but the grandmother is Marcie. Then Marcie took a fall and, as is the most common story, was taken to the hospital with a broken femur and thrown back in the hospital the first day after surgery. We had no choice and tried to recover, but after all, there was limited manpower, and then the wound became inflamed, sent back to the hospital, and was sent back a few hours later. After a few days the person was gone. Then old Grandpa was transferred from the double room to the single room across the street. Every time I passed him he was dumbfounded. He stopped telling me stories, as if half his life had been taken away.

Patricia, I think that’s the name. I don’t know how many stages of Parkinson’s, walking has always been limited, what bothers her the most is trying to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, because freezing is always difficult to sit up from bed. I spent a lot of time on her every day, practicing with her how to get up and how to stand up without falling down. The day I left my job she took my hand and said that I had given her a lot of freedom and a lot of dignity. At that time I didn’t resist pooping a photo of the two of us together on ins. Surprisingly, it became the only photo left in that job.

Mary, probably the most similar to Anthony in the movie. There is an area on the ground floor of the nursing home where you need to swipe your card and press a code to get in and out. All of the patients inside are aggressive, with cranky type of dementia, with schizophrenia. The nurses are all big and strong. Every Friday, two people come to sing and dance with them, hoping that the music will calm their inner turmoil. There is a very skinny old lady named Mary, who is the kind of grandmother who smiles sweetly but needs several people to stop her when she gets cranky. Once she got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and broke her femur, she was sent to the hospital to have an operation and returned without recovering. At that time, people’s hearts were really vicious. Because she couldn’t walk because of the fracture, Mary had a lot of peace and quiet, but one of the nurses, because it was easier to take care of her, kept hindering me from rehabilitating her, and every time I took her to practice how to stand up, she was sneering at me.

There was also an old grandfather who loved Mononoke, who was a pilot in World War II and later became a mechanical engineer for cars. Because of his wife’s death, he was so sad that he was admitted to a nursing home. At that time, I just learned to drive, told me a lot of maintenance car things. The cutest thing was that at that time Monron was having an event and some ice cream sticks would have a free one logo on them. He saved it all up and gave it to me. He told me that he couldn’t get out anyway, so he let me take it and exchange it for my own food. For my weight did a lot of contribution. Later his daughter picked him up, I really feel so relieved.

Alyssa, probably a ray of light in dark times. Alyssa’s contract with the hospital had just expired, so she had no choice but to come to my side. She helped me prepare for the interview and told me every day not to spend my will to stay here, which gave me a lot of confidence and courage. I heard that she went to study medicine, and I never saw her again. I wish her all the best. I hope she and her girlfriend have their own children.

There is also a conspiracy theory thief old lady, later found when moving there is a book of hers I did not return to her. A rich boy who grew up in a wealthy family with a particularly beautiful wife, and often visited him, watching him turn into someone he didn’t know day by day, can’t imagine her heartache. There is also an old lady named Yvonne, blind but particularly fond of cute things. There is also an old grandfather who sleeps until after ten o’clock every day, so envious. There is also a 100-year-old couple who are confined to wheelchairs every day, I wonder what they are thinking. They were very happy the day they received their centennial certificate. After thinking for a long time, the last couple I could remember couldn’t remember their names. The two of them met in a nursing home, and they were also twilight lovers.

In addition to a few is a couple where one lives in a nursing home, the other often come to visit, if widowed or two people together in a nursing home, rarely see a child to. I don’t know why, but I remember it well.

All these people. she was someone’s special one, he lived a life worth celebrating, they had their stories, but no one really knows what it is anymore. no one is there All the story is gone. we’re here and then we’re gone.

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