Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Who let can support Dumbledore, only Grindelwald

The current hit “Where are the Fantastic Beasts 2″ has left a large group of viewers confused. In addition to the intricacies of the story background, the emotional line of character motivation is also difficult to understand – for example, why Dumbledore fell in love with Grindelwald? What makes the beautiful girl Queenie fall in love with the fat baker at first sight? Newt, Rita, Tina and Newt’s brother simply did not unfold the four-horse relationship in the plot of what is the meaning?I think these questions can be answered from a line. Fantastic Beasts” in the first film, when Queenie inadvertently “read” Newt’s heart, found him and Rita Lestrange between the end of the relationship, she concluded: “You need a Giver (giver), and she is a Taker (taker). ”

The Taker, who always tries to take more from others, and the Giver, who always tries to help others, are two very common and easy types of behavior in intimate relationships that can easily lead to sparks and tragedy. Unlike the main line of HP, which is about teenage love, “giving” and “taking” are mature worldviews that can only be understood after a certain amount of life experience; the emotional lines in the two “Fantastic Beasts” are about Taker Taker and Giver love each other.

Taker: Penny, Voldemort and the Ministry of Magic officials

Takers have a variety of objects to claim. They always have an insecure inner world, which may be due to the lack of parental care in childhood, may be to make up for the bad birth, or over-inflated ambition and too flat reality between the serious gap, in short, always in a state of constant demand, anxiety about losing, too fragile soul to carry too heavy self, and even more and more hope through fame and fortune to Confirm their own existence – of course, there are some Taker, such as Rita Lestrange, just purely in the claim of feelings.

Thus, the mediocre Ministry of Magic officials continue to exploit their dissidents; Penny Desiree, and Mary Lou, who forced out Clydesdens’ silent qualities, subconsciously want to maintain the child’s personality disorder as a means of imposing compulsory care and experiencing the thrill of “maternal supremacy”. After spending too much time with Taker, it is easy to feel that you are not good enough, “giving everything to each other”, “as if you are hollowed out”.

With the unveiling of Clydens’ fate in “Where the Fantastic Beasts Are”, we see the unbearably sad and unresolved life journey of such children: lack of emotional ties with their parents, unable to get a little relief from the fundamental problem of “who I am”, so on the way to find spiritual dependence, little Crouch threw himself into Voldemort’s So on the way to find spiritual dependence, little Crouch fell into Voldemort’s arms and Clydesdales against Grindelwald’s chest.

Unfortunately, Voldemort and Grindelwald are also Taker, they can not give this kind of children real emotional dependence, when they drained the use value of the followers, they will be the followers kicked away, claiming that the followers are worthless, unimportant – everything, and reproduce the cold childhood in those grim homes, became One tragic cycle after another: the lack of love for children to find Dark Lords, ushered in a greater disillusionment – even Voldemort himself can not take care of themselves.

Voldemort wants wealth, fame, power, after almost everything in the world can get, he still lacks, so he wants to live forever; because he is always worried about losing everything that he has worked so hard for, he has a great uneasiness about his fate, always at all costs also want to know the contents of the prophecy, which led to a series of wisdom out of the operation – -Visible in his bones the pursuit of very small citizens, if born in China, is a will spend more than a million to buy hairy crabs to the West Lake to release the earth wealth.

Dumbledore’s exclusive Giver: Grindelwald

Grindelwald is a different kind of Taker. he sees death as nothing, does not care what security or worldly pleasures, full of only his political philosophy, “this law is to protect us, or, they?” This also makes him crazy to grab the energy of his followers at the same time, actually amazingly become a Giver, and only to Dumbledore a person open interface.

Super Giver Dumbledore, since childhood has carried the expectations of all. “Let’s go find Dumbledore.” “My grandmother said she never believed in the newspaper those nonsense, Dumbledore how to say, she will do.” “Fudge sends hundreds of owls to Dumbledore every day to find out how to solve the problem.” At the same time, he was a very disciplined and good student, taking all sorts of melodramatic awards and even shining in the suspected wizarding community’s student Model United Nations event.

The young Dumbledore could not yet truly understand that the noble character and sincere feelings of ordinary people were the things he deserved to protect; he was only vaguely tired of giving his energy, love and time, but not getting the same in return that he needed – when he was thinking about the magical world While he was thinking about the cutting edge of the magical world and the future of the wizard community, the people around him were at best absorbed in the world of food and sex – but his nature, his education and his political philosophy demanded that he be a “good man”, even if he was willing to find the good in different people, to explore their potential and to practice his political philosophy. Even though he was willing to discover the merits of different people, explore their potential and practice his political philosophy to make the world a better place, it was difficult for him not to be enveloped in loneliness when he spent a long time in a world with people who were not equal to his intelligence and style.

In this way, the only one who can really enter Dumbledore’s world is Grindelwald. Only Grindelwald can talk to him about the twelve uses of the Deathly Hallows and Dragon’s Blood; only Grindelwald can be a “worthy polemicist” when talking about For Greater Good – the only thing anyone else can give Dumbledore is distant “Only Grindelwald can give him “understanding”, and “understanding” is the only basis for true love: no one can see what I see except you.

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