Who Am I Kein System ist sicher Did you really see the truth? Triple reversal, detailed analysis, let me show you the “other story” hidden by the director

Let’s start with the first place that doesn’t seem to make sense.

The hero Benjamin delivers pizza to a college classroom, and before going in, we see the heroine Mary and her classmates revising for their final exams.

At this point Mary’s classmates ask her, “Why aren’t you studying? Did you steal the answers to the exam?”

Mary replied, “I asked Superman (to steal the answers), but he said he didn’t have time.”

↑Note this sentence

At this time, the main character came into the classroom and gave Mary a pizza.

Mary said something very strange, “Maybe Mr. Anchovy can help us get the school’s exam papers if he takes this hundred dollars?”

The latter sentence is the hero’s recognition of his superhero identity, explaining to himself why he “heard” the heroine’s request – because he is a superhero, often hear the help of others – – the “Superman” request of the heroine. -the heroine requested the “Superman”, in the comics often fly up into the air, with super powers to listen to the voice of people asking for help.

The actual heroine did not request, everything is his own fantasy – who would ask a pizza delivery guy to hack the test questions? And who would know his ability to hack?

This is exactly the main character of the hero, the hero Benjamin who wants to become a superhero

Maybe it’s true that everything starts with the heroine – maybe it’s the stimulation from the heroine that makes the hero schizophrenic

Why do you say so …… because the hero tonight not only hallucinated, but also brainstormed the future and the heroine decades of good life …… This is the first time we witnessed the hero’s abnormal thinking.

MAX is the other side of the male master frame, good at cheating the hearts of extroverted personality, he took the master frame, with the trash pickup time to get the party admission ticket to the party.

The second floor of the party venue, did you feel that the two supporting characters came out extremely abruptly?

If these two people had a plan to wait for MAX here, then what are they waiting for MAX to do here? They actually ran away without doing anything, huh? (This is one of the implausible points mentioned by the male detective)

Because these are his other two personalities, the appearance of personalities apparently do not need to be padded.

Note that all personalities begin to emerge here with the following common characteristics:

1. called to come, when needed instantly appear

2. to leave immediately when not needed

3. Extreme facialization, each personality has its own unique characteristics, without independent background, family, residence, or any other information

4. Interaction uniqueness, any personality and the main character at the same time, only one personality will always interact with others actively, and others will not talk to two personalities at the same time

This is the potential personality law in this film (after all, at the same time only one personality control body, after all, the personality has no other background throughout the whole around the male lead)

In this PARTY, the hero finally showed his power, but the police came, he had to run away in a hurry

The next time the personality appeared was on the subway, when my wife kept asking how they found the hero? Now we have the answer, because they are one ……

Actually you kissed yourself ah!!!

Just change the personality ah!!!

Here is the first clear hint from the director to the audience that Benjamin is MAX

It is also clear that what the audience sees is based on Benjamin’s mind, what Benjamin imagines, what we see is what it is

We see the “past picture”, in fact, all “Benjamin’s mind”, rather than “according to Benjamin’s narrative restoration of the prosecutor’s mind”

This is very important! Remember that! This will be a key argument for inference later on!

Continue ……

However, in the end Benjamin was still jealous, and then badly handed over the confidential content, was played by MRX

Then Benjamin and MAX infighting, MAX beat Benjamin (this is the perception in his head, in fact, he beat himself).

The heroine Mary came at this time

At this time we should realize that if we look at it according to “MAX is a real person”, there are huge contradictions

1. The heroine and Benjamin are not familiar

2. The heroine and MAX kissed

3. The heroine does not know that MAX lives in Benjamin’s place

This has a very contradictory question, why the heroine will come to the male lead? She is not familiar with the male lead, it does not make sense to find the male lead, and she does not know that MAX lives here, there is no reason to come to MAX

So the truth of the matter is, “MAX is the personality of Benjamin”, “the person who kissed the heroine is Benjamin”!

The truth is indeed, the heroine came to the hero, the hero “kissed half ran away”, and the heroine does not know what MAX

This goodbye is goodbye forever ……

The next action, the four personalities in the library to contact MRX, and then the police came to find.

Four people “split up and run”, three run away successfully, only the main man can not run, do not find it strange?

Because there is only one body ah brother!

Three people did not bring masks, directly avoiding the police cordon appeared downstairs! And only Benjamin with a mask ……

Because the director is implying that you are only himself ah! Other personality people are personalities that are volatile!

Come to think of it, after the last PARTY, split up and run, also three personalities instantly disappeared, only the hero and heroine said ah! Every time the same, the three personalities are immediately disappeared!

In fact, this injury …… is not even in the sewer to get ah! Otherwise you tetanus can not run well! (Later I answer in detail the magic of this nail and four candies)

Then a section of the invasion of the Hague headquarters, are the main man a man engaged in, strange not strange this time where the trio? Why not come to find the missing hero?

The answer is, in his head to sleep, so do not find, sleeping well!

This is exactly the character of the personality face, when needed to call, when not needed to wave that away, and there is no burden

Then at 1:17, there was a strange shot, the female lead suddenly appeared, did not feel abrupt and strange?

Originally and the male lead only met four times (PARTY, sports car refused to kiss, disco drug kiss, slamming the door goodbye) the female lead suddenly good initiative?

And where is this?

There is absolutely no back and forth ah!

The answer is very simple ah …… because the male master plan is about to reach, so …… this is his mind, his fifth personality appeared …… the female master frame!

And this place, is the place where the male lead imagined!

Remember what I said in the previous article? The picture we see is the picture in the male lead’s mind imagined, not the prosecutor’s imagination! After all, the story was not even told to the prosecutor!

And the sudden appearance of the heroine is the characteristic expression of the call to action! No need to lay out the text before or after, no need for time and place will suddenly appear!

From this point in time, we will find the anomalies of this Mary – “idealized care and attention to Benjamin, and fiery love”, “like the other three, suddenly appearing when needed, not needed When quickly disappeared”, “in addition to the main man does not interact with others” (in fact, did not appear in front of others)

This means that the Mary that appears now is not real, but the idealized, unavailable, self-made Mary personality in his mind (most likely created when he was beaten outside the bar)

Then the main man’s plan was accomplished, helping the prosecutor take care of friends and MRX

This time the female prosecutor began to improve the entire chain of evidence to verify the confession of the main man

Remember what he said before the prosecutor interrupted him at the beginning of the film?

This evidence is about to enter one by one

First, the prosecutor finds out that grandma’s house didn’t burn down and sees the superhero posters on the wall (and Fight Club posters, actually)

The prosecutor found souvenirs

There is only one truth!!! That is, Benjamin is only one person!

At this point, the female prosecutor won, thinking she had found the truth, as for the other bugs, no longer need to care, after all, this is a story made up by a psychopath, a little hole is normal!

The prosecutress got the result she hoped for.

One, self-identity, as high as she is really more intelligent than the psychotic criminals

The second, social recognition, to solve the multinational case, to capture FRIENDS and MRX, back to the top of the career

However, she did not have children, was said to have no human feelings, promised Benjamin’s witness protection program and to abort, compassion and guilt, decided to help Benjamin modify their own files …… which is in Benjamin’s plan!

He took the opportunity to delete all information about himself, from then on there is no Benjamin in the world!

This is his real plan!

The dust settles ……

When the female prosecutor finally let Benjamin go, she asked him the secret of magic

–I have three of them in my hand!

–and people only see what they want to see!

But …… do you feel that this statement to the female prosecutor risky? Easy for her to see through her plan?

The truth is that he deliberately said it to her, deliberately performed “one hidden three”, so that she can “see” his “plan”, in order to achieve the next level of deception! purpose!

Do you think something is wrong?

In fact, this Mary is the next personality of the hero …… just kissed the hero of the Mary personality is here to help the plan ……

Then the hero gave himself a hole in the hand …… police feel unreasonable “sewer how to make a penetrating injury”, it turns out that he made his own ……

He simply said that max was injured, and then repeatedly show their wounds, it is easy to make the female prosecutor think that max may be his personality, which is also the most direct lure (he repeatedly used the sugar cube trick to lure the prosecutor’s eyes to his wounds)

Later in the footage, the female prosecutor at the press hearing suddenly revealed a bewitching smile, why?

Remember the chronology:

the main man confesses – the prosecutor reveals the main man’s multiple personalities – compassionate let the main man eliminate the file – the car to ask the magic secret to release the main man and feel that something is not right there –smile at the press hearing

What does this mean? It means she figured out what she thought was wrong before! I’ll talk about this place later! If you are in a hurry, go straight to the end!

In other words

1. Benjamin does not have multiple personalities;

2. CLAY does have four people, MAX, Stephen, Paul, real existence, and Benjamin intends to conceal their existence;

3. Benjamin deliberately nailed to the hand to mislead his own reasoning (the perfect answer to the previous “sewer can not produce penetrating injuries” loophole);

At this point in the prosecutor’s logic can not determine the following elements:

1. whether Mary was involved in their plans; (can not be determined, lack of conditions)

2. whether there is a wound on MAX’s hand; (can not be determined, can only judge Benjamin’s wound is deliberately created to mislead)

The conclusion of this reasoning is also flawed:

First, why would Benjamin use four put sugar as a cover, not afraid to find out for themselves?

Second, why Benjamin to use “through the wound” so “hard” approach?

But these two loopholes can barely explain themselves:

First, geniuses have the conceit of being above everyone else, often willing to give tiny hints or revel in their own superiority through unconscious behavior – “Look at me playing with clues in front of you and you can’t catch me”.

Second, the more “ruthless” the approach, the easier it is to convince people that they did not create it on purpose, and the easier it is to gain credibility – this is also the core idea of the bitter meat ploy;

At this point, the prosecutor found no more holes in his own reasoning process!

So, at the press conference, the prosecutor smiled as she figured out the whole picture of the Benjamin Project.

You ask me if I’m right?I told you to be sure not ah, after all, the heroine’s shoulders did not disappear, can not determine whether she is a personality or a real person, just logically, the heroine followed him away from this behavior “too personified”, looks more like a personality.

In fact, this is what the director wants to say

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