Night at the Museum If you have not lost your childlike spirit

And the previous paragraph to see the “Arthur and his mini-mo kingdom”, this film is very light-hearted, young and old. Reminds me of the previous “The Chronicles of Narnia”, although the theme is simple, but it is interesting. The picture effect is very good, the content is also very new. This natural history museum has everything inside, especially the part that involves history and humanities, which is exactly what I am interested in. The theme is actually obvious: 1. people and nature must live in harmony. 2. humans live in the present, but also must understand that the past and present and even the future are closely linked together, there is nothing new under the sun. 3. communication barriers between people are far less difficult to overcome than we think, sometimes you just need a little courage, and a little wisdom. It feels like answering a reading question in a language, but of course there’s a lot more to it than that. Respect and recognition of different cultures, the American West pioneers, soldiers of the Roman Empire, and primitive people, although the image is too typical, but used to reason with children is insightful and interesting, adults seem to be, at least the childish adults seem to be unable to help but laugh.

Ben Stiller has always been funny as a poor “unlucky guy”, “Meet the Fathers”, “I’m Mad About Mary”, “Double Decker” are all like this, frankly, I didn’t like him too much before, always felt like a clown. In fact, he looks very circumspect, not tall, but his eyes are charming, especially when serious and focused, as the role of the father, he shows very gentle and affectionate, and plays a very harmonious rivalry with the young boy who plays his son inside.

Who else, dear Uncle Robin Williams, this time the warm and fuzzy Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, said to be one of the most popular presidents in the history of the United States, served two terms, although the history books in the past is very harshly pointed out that he is the “big stick policy” advocates, but his reputation seems to be good, knowledgeable and well versed in history. Although, this Theodore Roosevelt in the film is very witty claim that he is only a wax figure, and not the real president, but his positive guidance and motivation to the male protagonist museum security is remarkable. This old gentleman also can not help but love a, hero to save the beauty, like his many roles before, very tasteful, with the spirit of sacrifice in exchange for the heart of the female lead, sweet as can not be.

The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of the movie. Western cowboy villain is also very familiar, and Jackie Chan co-starred in a play, full of cute. It is worth mentioning that the museum curator, very fussy and sissy of a British nerd, is actually the BBC series “Office Storm” inside the pig-headed manager, is really, classic characters ah. All in all, these big and small cards to hold up the scene, indeed creating a rich content of the New Year’s Eve film, should really watch early ah.

Other characters, are also very classic and comical, full of mouth do not know what the Huns, naughty and cute monkeys, like to play with dinosaur skeletons, Roman generals, all stirred up some of my childhood plot, really an imaginative stirring. Of course, such a plot routine is not new, but I still love to see it, more than a few times also no problem.

The film’s special effects, although not particularly technically advanced, but still very much in place, but also called wonderful. The film is highly recommended to those who have not lost their children’s hearts.

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