The Great Wall:After watching “The Great Wall”, I was ten years younger

When Matt Damon came to the foot of the Great Wall, the moment the drums sounded, I was instantly transported back to 2008.The neat and unified movements and melodic and unpredictable drums, hundreds of thousands of people in the formation of the change and shuttle, is not the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games reenactment!But I have a question. Really fight when if you take nunchaku three nunchaku knock so many patterns out to become a command, the soldiers will not be early to get killed?Well do not care about those details. Old Mouzi must be telling the CCTV people, when I so good-looking an opening ceremony let you give live ruined. Today, I want to let you all back in the cinema. So the back of the pot should be the people of CCTV, you out.


To be honest, the opening ceremony in 2008 was still good. I was really young at that time, that year just after the university, I was a small virgin, curious about everything and unknown, that year after the entrance exam I also stole two of my father. Oh sorry for watching the movie when caught up in memories, off topic.

Further down the line, see that colorful flush army. Wow! This is not the colorful version of the “city full of gold”?

This time, Lao Mouzi is telling all the people who said 10 years ago that “the city is full of golden armor” is a bad movie, 10 years ago I only gold and silver have two main colors, you still say it does not look good, 10 years later I want to double back.

But this pot, I also do not carry. Ten years ago I still do not use Douban it, I was not how to go to the cinema, and did not first look at the golden armor and then spit on the Internet. It was really carefree at that time, even the college entrance exams do not have to think, every day on how to skip class to go to the Internet cafe and what novels to read in class.

I’m sorry to fall back into memories.

Ten years have passed, I am not that I, Zhang Yimou is still my grandfather, still skilled in front of the screen to hold a multi-person square dance in the cinema fuck me.

The first is Hong Kong’s Chow Sing Chi, whose scale is smaller, mostly within 20 people dance, the crowd in the film often improvise, most of the dancers are relatively random, part of the action is somewhat similar to today’s small popular awkward dance.

The second is Zhang Yimou. The scale of the group dances that he manages is much larger, often numbering over a hundred people, posing in squares or rectangles, and the movements require neatness and uniformity, that is, to have the feeling of the national prestige of my country. In “The City is Full of Gold” 10 years ago, he took this group exercise performance to an extreme on the image through the final group war fighting scene.

After watching “The Great Wall”, you should know that Zhang Yimou has been very restrained. Compared to the hundreds and thousands of people shouting slogans and fighting in unison 10 years ago, Zhang Yimou has greatly reduced the size of the number of people involved in the group exercise performance.

But this group exercise battle form still retained. Only this time the enemy has become a large number of monsters.

The rest is still a familiar recipe, a familiar taste.Oh said so much nonsense, the movie in the end about a what. To be honest, after watching the movie for more than half an hour I can not remember very well.The monster first out of the stunning, and then there is not much feeling.The big logic is that monsters want to eat people, people want to fight monsters. Small logic is very vague, many characters emotions and behavior motivation are unknown.Two monsters night sneak attack can kill the General’s case they still have to spend so much effort to fight the tunnel. Direct night sneak attack on a not?Matt nerdy by Jing sweet taught two Chinese “trust” and then probably was brainwashed, looked at Jing sweet and thought about giving up partners to jump down to fight the monsters.As a magical blockbuster, the war scenes are handled without pain or itch.

Simply put, I can’t see any thrilling point of existence.

Comparable to “The Lord of the Rings”, before the final showdown, all the inspiring lines we know is a set-up, even a large group of soldiers are copied images. But when Aragorn finished that paragraph, when he and the soldiers drew their swords to charge the enemy, we still can’t help but feel a surge of emotion.

What about “The Great Wall”? All the stars playing generals have no presence, not to mention the soldiers will have any performance and expression. The whole film did not create a flesh and blood to make people impressed with the role. Where have all the stars gone? I don’t know.

About half of the film is a close-up of Jing Tian’s face.

Whether you are embarrassed or not, I am guilty of it anyway.

Oh yes, the film’s 3D is really good, international standard. The rest about the movie is nothing to say.

In fact, I want to talk about why Zhang Yimou would make such a film. The reason is that there is money for Zhang Yimou and this group of movie stars to pay for, and there will definitely be an audience for Zhang Yimou and this group of movie stars to pay for. The fans are more, the film can not be divided out good, only called controversial.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Has “The Great Wall” improved from “A City Full of Gold” ten years ago? Yes, the technology, the 3D images. What about the rest?

China seems to be facing the problem of a director gap. 20 or even almost 30 years ago Zhang Yimou rose to fame, and now we still have to count on him for the Chinese New Year. If there were a lot of good directors and good films in China, and if there were a lot of money to be spent, then maybe there wouldn’t be so many celebrity directors who could do whatever they wanted.

After watching the movie, I vaguely went back to ten years ago. It was surrounded by Jay Chou’s fans, a large circle of people singing “chrysanthemum wounds”. Watching a movie is still a relatively ritualistic thing, the film is small, but all kinds of director manipulation also have a model. A decade has passed, more and more people and money are making movies, but fewer and fewer films can be seen.In fact, I can already think of how the water army is going to wash the ground. Probably the domestic unprecedented big scenes ah imagination or something.This film is no longer a domestic film, China is also getting Hollywood. Since it is to go to the world, it should be taken out and Hollywood films against the standard.So what can I say about this film. Can only wish the film sold, wish Jing Tian early red.You guys make some money to get two awards and go back to the mountains, okay.

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