2012 The search for Chinese elements returned with a feeling

The first episode of 007, the villain Dr. No is a Chinese, the film was released on October 5, 1962, 15 days after the outbreak of the Sino-Indian border conflict, four years later, the Cultural Revolution in China further closed itself, the enigmatic red storm from the East and swept the whole world, and those hissing and yelling leftist students actually do not know what is happening in China at that time.

Thirty-three years after the Cultural Revolution, what does China look like to Westerners? We are like a teenager, with proud achievements and negligible shortcomings, furtively expecting everyone to applaud those achievements and everyone to let go of those shortcomings. We look for China in every blockbuster movie, we look for the red flag in every big scene where a big country is supposed to appear, and we look forward to the appearance of China in every time the world faces a whimsical extinction. And what did we wait for? It is the dilapidated and barbaric concentration camp-like prisons, the American dieting trip of Chinese pandas, the old-fashioned military uniforms and cold soldiers, the rich gangsters who spend money like money, and the simple and kind but underfed people. We care so much about what the Western media think of us that Reference News sells in high volumes; we care so much about what China looks like in the Hollywood lens that we get angry, we curse, we get frustrated after being disappointed.

It’s like a teenager kicking a trash can on the street with his sneaker-clad feet, venting his seemingly justified but actually irrelevant anger: it’s all just a growing pain.

Why should we care what China looks like in the Hollywood lens? We don’t need to pull China to launch a nuclear bomb before the meteorite hits the earth, we know we can destroy the world; we don’t need to let Batman jump around in Hong Kong, we know we have skyscrapers; we don’t need a foreign director’s touch, we know in May 2008, Wenchuan, Yingxiu, Beichuan shining what kind of light, the light is enough to leave a bright point in the not-so-long history of mankind. No need, in fact we never needed Hollywood’s affirmation or the Western world’s appreciation, we had the Southern Weekend, we had Jane Guangzhou, we had Lu Guang, we had ××××, we had ×××× (feel free to fill in the blanks, as long as the names of people who might be deleted by Douban are eligible), we were able to identify our own problems, and we had brave compatriots who had the courage to speak up about them.

But – yes – yes, just like that teenager, we want that fat school uniform to complement our 8 cm taller bodies; we want that same old, same old haircut for everyone to change a bit; we want to be the We wanted to be the most attractive one among our peers – especially compared to the dark cousin in the southwest corner; and of course, we wanted the seniors to say, “Good boy!

Even if those seniors, although some of them are rich, some of them are rich, but they are old and faint, can not keep up with the times, and can not pick up the beauty.

When I sat in the movie theater, inevitably struggling to find your figure; when your name appeared on the map, I exclaimed out of the heart of the secret pleasure; when I and all the audience, see the helicopter on the August 1 star emblem will smile, we are part of you – your teenage heart, your of pretentiousness, your immaturity, your precociousness, your energy, your imperfection, your impulsiveness, your lack of confidence, your bravery.

The China of our eyes will never be in the lens of Hollywood, the China of our eyes will only be in the lens of Chinese movies. There will never be a true history of China in the pens of the Western media, and the recorders of Chinese history will always use Chinese characters, which used to exist in the bamboo slips in the arms of the historians and the legends of the townspeople, but today are tapped by every one of you and me sitting in front of the computer, and every laugh and every suffering missed by the Western journalists is faithfully recorded by us.

So, there is no need to look for the “Chinese ark”, no need to suffer for the phrase “only China can do it in a short period of time”, Liang Qichao said in “Young China” that China is “magnificent and dense, fluttering and extraordinary “Isn’t that so? In those white-skinned old decadents have climbed to the top of the mountain, waiting for them only the way down, while climbing the half of the teenage China, look up, in front of the top of the landscape is a long absence of 300 years.

Hollywood, how about forgetting China, not the villain, nor do you intend to become the savior, and do not want to be as facial as the Russian oligarchs, the Saudi crown prince, the Indian science geeks in your lens. It’s up to you to make up your supporting characters, but the real China exists in movies where the Chinese are the protagonists.

Well, the good people of China have agreed, in the future, our disaster films, but also for you Americans to leave a ship. To lose weight oh.

–blind written in UME Huaxing after holding urine for two and a half hours, witnessing the prosperity of Chinese films, as a fan with feelings, BTW, shoot “Three Bodies” it!

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