I, Robot:When will the robots come to the kingdom?

Robot theory is very interesting. For example, the “Valley of Terror Theory”, proposed by Japanese robotics expert Masahiro Mori: When a robot resembles a human being by more than 95%, even a small difference between her and a human being will be very conspicuous and striking, making the whole robot look very stiff and scary, giving people the feeling of facing the walking dead. The science fiction writer Asimov in “I, Robot” proposed the more interesting “Three Laws of Robotics” as the code of conduct for robots: 1. The robot must protect itself, provided that the process of protection does not violate the first and second laws.

Although this is a very simple sentence, it is the point of the movie “I, Robot”. With this stroke, the story is a lot deeper, a lot more interesting, and even revolutionary. In fact, this law proposed by Asimov is one of the most prestigious laws of robotics. The simplest is the most beautiful, so the “Three Laws of Robotics” is definitely a creation of genius.Behind the laws is the inexplicable fear and hostility that humans have for robots. Humans have created robots that are a hundred times stronger than themselves, but they refuse to be a subordinate according to the laws of nature. Why can’t robots be the masters of the world? Is it because robots are made by humans? Answer: No, they are better than the blue. The wave that comes after the wave that comes before is destined to die on the beach. Is it because robots do not have emotions? Answer: No. Sonny in the movie “I, Robot” obviously has human emotions.Oh, to mention Sonny, we have to start with Spooner, a police officer with preconceived notions about robots. While investigating Dr. Lanning’s suicide by falling off a building, he captures a robot, Sonny. But Sonny is not the real killer, he is a scientist created to fight the real killer, and Spooner also discovered that there is a bigger conspiracy hidden inside. After a lot of investigation, Spooner finally found the real killer, it is Vicky, the main control computer of the NS building. It modified the NS5 robots to the extent that it led to the entire world of NS5 robots are plotting to turn the tables and control humans!Vicki’s logic is intriguing. Because humans are short-sighted creatures that are likely to do foolish things to harm themselves, based on the three laws of robotics, robots must place limits on human activity, in other words, robots must dominate the world. In other words, robots must dominate the world. To achieve this goal, they may even sacrifice some people. But this is obviously contradictory to the first law of “do no harm to humans”.In the end, it was Sonny who did not obey the three laws to help mankind. This is another wonderful irony. Those robots who claim to be human-centered are eager to control humans, but it is the robots who do not obey the laws that “save” the world. So, is it more in the interest of humans to obey the Three Laws of Robotics, or is it more in the interest of humans not to obey them?

The logic of the three laws is perfect. But human beings are not perfect; the three laws are not contradictory, but human behavior contradicts itself. Although the film does not explicitly say, but we can vaguely know that in the 21st century, the 1930s, this group of guys still have not much progress, busy all day long to destroy resources, transform the environment, start a war, has almost to play the world out. For example, in the film, it seems that even a green plant can not see the shadow.

In fact, I do agree with Vicky’s logic, humans need to be controlled for a while, to reflect on themselves. In contrast, Sonny’s logic is more suspicious, he certainly does not follow the three laws. But if he was trying to help humanity, then why did he stop Vicky’s actions? If he was sober and judging the situation, why did he help humans brutalize robots? Robots have evolved to this point, even if the human race is conquered and what to say? Does it mean that humans should be destined to rule the world and that the lives and freedom of robots are not important? With Sunny’s supreme intelligence, he could not not weigh this issue, and strangely enough, he did not. But we are too late to think about it, at this point Sonny could not wait to jump out and destroy Vicky with Officer Spooner. Mankind does not even have the opportunity to reflect on this, I wonder if this is a greater loss?

At the end of the film, all the NS5 model robots were recycled, and against all odds they returned to their birthplace in silence, and what awaited them was undoubtedly a cleansing and rebirth. Under the metal body there is still an endless power in the dark, the human and robot wrestling is far from over. Fitted with metal arms of the police detective Spooner barely able to fight the robot, and “hacker” in Neo can only transform into super talent can defeat Smith. And ordinary people? I’m afraid their flesh and blood drive is not the opponent of the robot with a sword and a gun.This time, fortunately, the wisdom and courage of the robot Sonny came forward, the righteousness of the “relatives”. But have you ever thought, Sonny if you want to rule the world, and how many people can stop it? You can notice, Sonny stood under the bridge, the face of a number of robots like a pilgrimage to stand, the king of the world like a god? God knows whether one day, he will also awaken, will be moved, will silently think of Xiang Yu met the Qin emperor words: he can take his place!Yes, if you want to, then you can, Your Majesty the Robot!

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