The Bridges of Madison County:Another possibility of happiness

I remember when “The Dream of the Bridge” was released in the United States, I was still a kid, when watching the domestic media mentioned this film, are afraid of being this “glorification of extramarital love” film misleading people’s posture. At that time, I grew up with a similar education for many years, but whenever I saw a literary work with extramarital affairs, I deeply sympathized with those who were cuckolded and abhorred those who stole. Gradually, suspicion began, along with the change in social consciousness, for extramarital love, I also recognized that it is not so simple, as today and then look at the media to the moral judgment, I simply disdain the “Lang Qiao Remains of the Dream”, the feeling is more unusual.The “Dream of the Corridor Bridge” as a “glorification of extramarital love” film is vulgar, the “Dream of the Corridor Bridge” as a “harmonious society, back to the family” film is superficial, it is more of a choice, a personal happiness and moral chains under the struggle. struggle. In my growing years, I feel more and more, the essence of marriage is not to make people happy, its role is to maintain the social organization, is a product of human social development, you can even say, it is anti-human. In fact, the original society to collaborate, some human nature is bound to make some control, so the institution of marriage and its supporting moral system came, I need it to a pair of men and women in the name of legal union (bundle) together, so that the normal functioning of society is of great benefit. So, marriage is not sacred, and if it is, why do we need legal recognition? Move to live together does not pull to, that is because the demonstration of society, we all want to have a “name”. The good thing is, now the marriage on the basis of free love, there is more happiness possible, but the problem also came, when two people embarked on the marriage hall, they are often in the stage of love happiness, love, sweetness, but, people are always changing, two people want to maintain such happiness, no doubt to a suitable pace of change, so as to maintain the happiness, we know that the probability of such have begun to decrease significantly.

What’s more, at any stage, there is always a “standard age” for marriage under social habits, for example, in the current Chinese cities, 25 to 30 years old is the most common, how do you think it is so coincidental that the person who can make you happy for life and keep you happy with the changes will appear at that age? Well, the probability of marital happiness drops further.It may seem that I am a marriage pessimist, yes, it is, but pessimism is not necessarily a negative emotion, it is under pessimism, we need to pessimistically gauge each other, understand each other may be changing, to communicate, to understand, to find the appropriate rhythm. In “The Dream of the Corridor”, we see that Francesca, the heroine, recalls that when she agreed to her husband’s love, she also had a happy face, and went to a friendly town with a vision of a dull life, but gradually became a housewife who was worried about trifles, she felt dull, bored, helpless, but could not share it with her husband, because it was difficult to say, because marriage “is not Is it supposed to be like this?” But because of the inertia of marriage, they can only live their lives in silence, and Francesca is just waiting for another kind of change to ignite. The photographer Robert appears, and Francesca, to put it more vulgarly, is the dry material meets the fire. He brings the world outside to Francesca, who has been in the town for a long time, and finally falls in love with the lonely woman from speculation to ambiguity.

We often glorify and celebrate love, but if this love has a premise outside of marriage, it will change its attitude, even if it is sincere and strong, so, in marriage, from the spiritual to physical, until the entire emotional stages of the separate cheating people must be a lot, but the real step out of the key step is always very few people, to elope such a decisive way to step out of the more difficult. As Francesca said, even though she had no more feelings for her husband, she couldn’t bear to hurt her kind husband, she couldn’t bear to abandon her children, she couldn’t bear to see her departure and let her family suffer shame. When emotion meets reason, passion meets morality, the painful struggle is always inevitable, so the film proceeds at a slow pace, a light sentiment to the latter part, and finally begins to be full of tension climax, to go, or not to go, for a woman, it is even more difficult, because in the world, cheating men may be some condemnation, but often accompanied by subtle other people’s ” The woman is different, often utterly despised, not to mention that the town already has a cheating woman “demonstration”. Frances didn’t want her family to rest, didn’t want her children to suffer, she chose to stay, even if only for a moment, even if for a moment she hesitated, but she couldn’t catch up with the traces of Robert’s car away, the traces, taking away a chance to change her life, a possibility of happiness.Was Francesca’s choice the right one? No one can answer that, perhaps, even if she took that step, even if she could make a wandering man stable, but as said before, the uncertainty of love destined to the uncertainty of happiness between the two, Robert showed the happiness of future life as her husband once made her long for the small town life, generally desirable. So, for people in marriage, it is always difficult to simply judge the choice of another possibility of happiness, to go, or not to go, may hurt themselves and others, the mainstream morality is more inclined to make the marriage stable, so, in the full of hope of the new couple, walking into the marriage hall, do not take all the routine of marriage for granted, it may be worth to maintain a sense of pessimism, but optimistic response, more to the partner As Francesca’s children after the death of their mother, understand the painful choice of her mother, and has created a gap between the partner began to communicate sincerely, this is not late, late is to the eve of the collapse of the marriage, we still just think that marriage should be a long tear, but also just know how to blame each other without morality, self-hatred is always difficult to happiness. At the same time, in the marriage, when you see someone made an “immoral” choice, please do not begin to despise, there may be a story behind you do not know, in addition, you are changing, perhaps one day, a person into your life, to provide you with another possibility of happiness, how do you face? This is always a matter of willingness to know your own suffering.

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