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Tell us about Dr. Hannibal Lecter.This doctor is not someone else, it is the famous “Silence of the Lambs” actor. I don’t know how many people can watch “The Lamb” and its sequel “Hannibal”, and I don’t blame the audience …… really because the film was shot …… too briefly.Dr. Hannibal Lecter, an absolutely highly intelligent character, excellent and brilliant beyond compare, in fact, he is not an earthling at all ……

Dr. Lecter, his job is a psychiatrist. In addition to his job, according to the known scope, he is proficient in medical-surgical (because he has to choose the most delicious part of the human body), in classical literature and music has a very high attainment. He has a strong critical sense and his own unique and profound understanding of social reality. In addition …… as a highly skilled psychiatrist, he himself is an extremely high-intensity psychopath ……

He was arrested and imprisoned for tasting human beings and seeing them as a delicacy.

In the “Silence of the Lambs” piece, we can see that although the police locked him up in a prison for the seriously mentally ill, but still had to admit that he exceeded the normal psychiatric knowledge, so the young police officer Stalin was sent to ask him for advice on the case.

Stalin, as a fledgling police officer, was used by her superiors, anxious to meet the legendary ogre king.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter, courteously, received her with a smile.

He used his well-developed intelligence to manipulate the plot of the whole story in a prison at hand. At the same time, he explored with interest the strong character of the woman in front of him.Starling’s father, a policeman, died in the line of duty.

Starling’s early years were spent without parental love. The most unforgettable part of her life was the crying and screaming of slaughtered lambs on a farm. It has been difficult for her to exorcise that cry from the depths of her mind and from her dreams.

The cannibalistic Doctor dug out the deepest vulnerability of this scene from her mind, and he knew that her mind was ready for him to grasp.

And just like that, the Doctor fell in love with her innocence. Such a mismatch, one of the most complex minds in the world falling in love with one of the purest, one of the darkest souls in the world falling in love with a soul as white as paper.

Although no one would see this movie as a romance, I have always thought that Dr. Lecter’s love is one of the deepest and most moving parts of the two movies.

This love is done throughout in a battle between good and evil, more like a game of engagement for the Doctor.

From the very beginning, the Doctor knew that this was an emotion that could never be put forward as ‘love’.

In front of the Doctor, the whole world is his enemy. He was up against a society of normal people and a tightly knit police organization that considered itself righteous. He is at an absolute disadvantage, but, for freedom, he must defeat them.

And Starling, is just an innocent lamb in his struggle against this world.

He cares for her in his way and makes everything for her. …… a way that is not understood. And Stalin herself would not accept it.

He knew she wouldn’t accept it, so he just gave one-sidedly, never thinking of giving back.

In episode 2, “Hannibal,” Dr. Lecter, after gaining his freedom, wrote out a letter to Starling in his own handwriting, full of his care and his unique romance. As soon as the letter reaches Starling, it is immediately used as a clue for her to hunt him down.

From the very beginning, the doctor tries to point out to Starling the darkness of the society, hoping to make her wake up and mature. But she only accepted the clues the Doctor offered to solve the case.Then, he sent her letters from Europe, and he kept an eye on her news. Expresses his concern to her. But she was making it her mission to hunt him down.The Doctor knew she would not be on her side, so he would not try to persuade her again.In fact, in the Doctor’s eyes, everyone in this huge bureaucracy was guilty of a lot of crimes. The duty-weary Starling, a tiny policeman on the front line, was sometimes less than a police dog or a screw cap. Starling is oppressed and bullied by her superiors in some crowning way that a police dog would never be treated.There are two versions of the story at the end.

In the first version, from the author, Starling is finally impressed by the Doctor and she follows him. One can imagine that we will see a cannibalistic love couple later ……

This version is not good.Of the versions of the movie, that is the one I like better.

Starling remained true to her duty and handcuffed the Doctor and herself together despite the risk to her life. And ten minutes later, a large number of police arrived.Dr. Lecter held up a sharp kitchen knife and said to Starling: Open the handcuffs.Starling stared tenaciously and unyieldingly at the Doctor, but she yelped in shock as his hand rose and fell.

The Doctor cut off his own arm.It was an arm that finally proclaimed the selfless love of a demon for a girl.

He had killed uncountable people in his life, and there was no mercy, no morality in his heart.

But from beginning to end, he has never cheated or hurt Starling, who has always been the pure little girl in his heart, the girl who cried in her dreams for the lambs of the farm.

His decisiveness, cruelty, deep love, all in this knife, completely was said to be exhausted.

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