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There are stories you know every bridge, every time you revisit it but will still be surprised. You know every baggage, but still will laugh from the heart. You know every melodramatic line, but still can not help but be moved. I know that all the adventures will definitely be thrilling in the end, but I will still hold my breath at the right time. Looking for nemo for me, is such a film.In the Shaw theatre to see the 3D version feel quite worth it. Before the main film, various 3D trailers are pleasing to the eye. I watched the 2D version on youtube and it lost that quality. After that I will never say anything bad about 3D animation. The theater is very comfortable whether it is the screen, sound, sitting. The key is that the 3D glasses did not make me feel uncomfortable as an eye boy. I like it. Hobbit is counting on your 3D IMAX.

The effect of the film is also very good. See pixar and disney seriously spent some effort. Of course, perhaps also and I have not seen 3D movies for too long have a relationship. I can’t help but say that the level of 3D progress in these years is really rapid. 2 years ago to see the effect of the flying house and this can not be compared at all. Before entering the theater, I was expecting the special effects team to grasp the theme of the ocean, so that 3D can really be useful. The fact is, the film’s depth of field effect is fantastic. 3D version of NEMO is excellent to restore the shine and texture of the sea. The bay of deep blue and light blue, realistic as if the audience is under the sea, and the main character swimming together. This strong sense of realism, with the style of animation, but more enhanced the film’s dreamy colors. Constantly changing scenes again and again to amaze my visual nerve. Large to the coral reef side of the endless sea, rusty wreck, banquet-like fish fireworks, Atlantic currents, jellyfish castle, small to the small fish scales of the reflection, the turtle’s armor folds, pelican feathers, all beautiful can not find flaws. The 3D version of Nemo is beautiful.

In addition to the 5 out of 5 graphics and sound, the plot also surprised me. I admire the writers of the cartoon from the bottom of my heart. It is not an easy task to make audiences of different ages find resonance and enjoyment in a film. But I think the writers of Nemo have done it. The sound of children’s laughter was heard constantly on the set. Think about it. The variety of sea creatures is enough to amaze the young audience. There are many laughs aimed at older audiences, such as Marlin as a clownfish but no sense of humor this point. There are many things that were not realized before. The parents’ protectiveness of their children, the naked attack on man’s bad attitude towards nature, the fact that the underwater world is actually very American, the American school with school buses, and the rituals in the fish tank are very much like Indian culture. (Or maybe it’s Hawaii or New Zealand? Because of the volcanoes?

Because of the mountains?) The fish tank rituals are very much like Indian culture (or maybe Hawaii or New Zealand? I didn’t realize before that Marlin’s personality was so lacking in trust. Nemo really has a good father ❤

Love all the characters. I love how, as always, I love Marlin’s cautiousness and Dory’s mindless happiness and optimism. Love how Dory says, “What a strange vow. If nothing happens to Nemo, then nothing really happens to him in life. Of course, I also like the fearlessness of her pretending to speak whale language when she clearly doesn’t understand anything, and telling Marlin “the whale said it’s time to go”. Like the clownfish father and son that are separated by thousands of miles, hardship and danger can not break the family love. Like the charming voice of Geil and his fish tank allies. Like the nosy, kind-hearted pelican. Like the hospitable and cool sea turtle family. Like the gentlemanly fish who points the way. Like the three vegetarian sharks. Like the group of funny seagulls that only say “MY MY MY”. It seems that the real film, in addition to the human is a complete villain, all the characters are cute.

So, every time you watch Nemo, you will develop an impulse to engage in animation profession. Every time I watch Nemo, I get the urge to be a marine professional.

At the end of the film, the list of the cast and crew cut a boat trail in the deep blue water. Although the production team still naughtily slipped in a lot of flower arrangements, the audience didn’t seem to appreciate it and soon there was only a middle-aged foreign man left in the screening room, except for me and Ne. As I walked out of the theater, I kept thinking to myself, “Is this man probably very lonely? I don’t know what it is that makes a middle-aged man, alone, sit in this dark room that was just filled with children and parents. But now I think, in fact, a person does not need any reason to watch a movie. The man’s heart probably also lives in a child who does not want to grow up, just like me. Maybe he’s not alone either. As depicted in the short egg before the 3D version of the main film, when we were children, we all had numerous fantasy playmates and stories. People who retain their childhood dreams are not lonely, even if they are alone.

Perhaps this is the answer to the question I have been thinking about. We need to dream, and we need to dream all the time, because dreams are as much a mark of our existence as reality, because they contain our hope, love, and future.

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