Twilight :Every woman’s dream of a man in her teenage years

After watching this film, I saw a lot of ridicule in the reviews and couldn’t help but write my own feelings after watching it.Some people say it is vulgar and twisted and perverted, or that the author is a foreign Joan of Arc, but do not know, in love with a handsome, and superpower, and thoughtful and gentle with their own different people, but every girl has ever done the dream.Sometimes he should be the prince in the ancient castle, sometimes he is flying Spider-Man, sometimes he is rebellious and unruly, is a rebellious son, sometimes he has cold fingers, is a vampire.No matter how the character is set up. He is gentle, handsome, the whole world only love you one, how violent but infinitely considerate of you, with amazing talent and even superpowers, omnipotent, but also in front of you humble and hidden.


This vampire, since the first glimpse of her, or smell her, began to avoid, and can not help but approach. He said, I am the only one who can’t guess your heart. Women are willing to assume so, men never understand what they are thinking, so always follow their own, once you know, will inevitably get tired of such a guessing game. Love at first sight is the first dream of a woman.He said again, your taste, is my personal brand of opium, but , this vegetarian vampire and must learn to tolerate, not to eat her, so connected with kissing also in careful, he always said I want to control themselves. This, again, is not a woman’s assumptions about her boyfriend, love themselves, and very much in control of lust. This is the woman’s second dream.He revealed his sunny self to her, he said in advance warning, very scary, not expected to be a beautiful golden glitter, our author, could not spare the ugly to his beloved hero, perfect, is the woman’s third dream.He took her to meet his family, the whole family loved her, cooked specifically for her, took her to play baseball, and before the duel with the werewolf, their father said that because she is also one of us, we must protect her. This is the same preferential treatment that every woman wishes she could get, a male family that treats her as a member, even as if she were their own. This is the fourth dream of a woman.He is strong and powerful and can protect her at all times. Whether it is a flying trolley, or just in time to show up to scare off the hooligans, or take her handsome to the ball to attract the envy of the eyes, even she can not dance, can dance under him, with him there is no fear, only have the envy and satisfaction, is the fifth dream of women.He carried her, can fly to the top of the tree, so tall straight into the clouds at the end of the tree, she is so ordinary, but can fly because of him, but because of his leadership to see a broader world, to appreciate the beauty of the world others can not appreciate, this is the sixth dream of women.He is even willing to spend his life with her he respects her choice, unwilling to destroy her original life and life, she gradually aging, he will always be young, this, I’m afraid, is the biggest dream of women.The author, like many women, wrote out her dreams one by one. This is a warm and worthwhile movie, closer to us than those movies that swear to reflect major issues and outlooks on life, because it records the dreams of every ordinary woman about men, which are in reality fragmented and childishly ridiculous.But in the movie it tells it like it is, deeply moving.

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