I Am Legend:The creation of a legend

“My name is Robert Neffer, I am a survivor of New York …… Every day at high noon I am at South Street Bay, if anyone can hear …… I can provide food and shelter and keep you safe …… If anyone else can hear, you are not alone!!!”The deadly virus unfortunately spread around the world and 90% of the population disappeared from the planet forever, leaving only 1% of the population immune and the remaining 9% turned into “night demons”. Since then the rules of human existence have become more simple – no more countries, no more politics, just the simple hunt and kill and be hunted. This is like the scene at the beginning of the film in the heart of the once bustling New York City hunting scene, Neiffer was chasing a wild deer, but the unexpected encounter is hunting lions took away his prey, the whole world after a catastrophe back to the primitive state of bestiality.

Robert Neiffer, a talented scientist, the only survivor of New York City, constantly communicating with the outside world every day to try to find other survivors, while also hoping to research an immune serum to try to save humans who have mutated into “night demons” …… In a way, this is already a legend. The irony of this is more apparent than the appearance of Dr. Alice Klippin in the opening credits (I prefer to believe that she is a mad scientist, otherwise she would not have been crazy enough to come up with the idea of curing cancer with a virus or experimenting with her new drug on more than 10,000 cancer patients) – a crazy world must have crazy people to echo it, otherwise this crazy Everything will not seem so normal! As Robert Neiffer says in the film, “God is not responsible for this, man is to blame!”

The film focuses on a survivor like Robert Neiffer, and spends 40 minutes showing us the life of a “normal” person who tries to preserve the disintegrated civilization, exercises, hunts, plays golf, watches DVDs, and can’t even bear to kill the bloodthirsty “night demons”. He even can’t bear to kill the bloodthirsty “night demons”. In the unbearable loneliness of the social scene he will say “monologue” to relieve himself, and worry about how to talk to “beautiful women”, these times we can feel that he exists as a person in society. All the seeming freedom is based on the painful loss. He is no longer happy to be “normal”, because these “normal” factors have become the reason for the “night demons” to hunt him. At the moment of sunset, all the loneliness and helplessness will come from all directions, frozen on the frame of film that Nefer and his pet hid in the bathtub.The last section of the film, Robert Neiffer in the laboratory in the face of the “night demon” attack, still hope to use the hands of the serum to save those innocent victims of the disaster, I do not think this is indiscriminate sensationalism or heroism, it can be said that his sense of mission has created such a legend.Will Smith’s performance in the film can be described as wonderful, the love of the dependent pet Sam and have to personally end Sam’s life when the mourning. A few scenes of forced smiles, you can even see through his frown the “absolute” sadness. In other words, as a commercial film, creativity, acting, action are appropriate, what more do you ask? You know there’s a lot more to do in a movie than just kill zombies.

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