Dragons:How will we love each other if we don’t die

Once upon a time there was no time, no land, everything was chaotic, memories were dusty. The past is like smoke, passing in a flash, the river is frozen and turned into nothingness. Time is like a swift river, from which no one can escape. The girl waiting for her husband is like waiting for the moment of death, she is pure white, as if she is wearing a white coffin. She is destined to die, and the wedding bells echo. Take her away, take her away, fly and descend. Forever for you, young girl.

When I first started watching “He is the Dragon”, I thought that the white mortuary clothes, destined to die was a bit too straightforward, and that the song for the festival should generally be more euphemistic and elegant. But following the plot, I was then brought into the somewhat Mary Sue interaction between the protagonist and the dragon. This paragraph, if evaluated objectively and honestly, does have some credibility issues. The first part of the relationship progresses a bit too quickly. But I believe that most viewers will continue to watch because of each subtle shot, and all the sweetness between the protagonist, until the ending, the second time the song appears, the heroine stands on the boat and sings, I suddenly froze, and then it is teary-eyed.Please note that the director only used the color of white coffin and the color of red blood in the two weddings of the heroine and the ceremony before. Everywhere else is not these shades. Yes, the film uses death as a metaphor for marriage, the average person would not expect it. This cruel but beautiful metaphor symbolizes that in marriage, we are destined to die and be pulverized.In fact, I have been to many weddings, many weddings where people are saying that they will be wonderful and happy from now on. But where in the world is such a beautiful thing, two different lives, intersecting together, how can not collide with each other, life’s various difficulties, people themselves and a variety of selfish, marriage in the pain and struggle and how many people know it? Some people, like the hero’s father, the fearful dragon, trying to make each other afraid of themselves, swallowing their loved ones into ashes. Some people use escape, pull away from each other, strangers to each other, in order to avoid hurting each other. Some people, like the heroine before them, enjoy the beauty of being in love while thinking about the opportunity to leave the island to find a backup. Yes, because people live for themselves before they die, cunning, afflicted and lonely.The heroine after a wedding before the father who loves her said, I regret not telling you the most important thing, to be with the person you love, listen to your heart, the rest …… (do not bother)When two people fly a kite, the dragon said: you can’t see the direction of the wind, you need to close your eyes and look into the distance, so far, so far that you can’t open your eyes to see, yes, this is like love, you can’t trust your own eyes, you can never rely on your eyes to judge whether you love each other, feel the touch of your fingertips, listen to its whisper, feel with your whole body and mind, there will be something in your body that you have never felt before spread out. The red kite, in the glow of the stunning golden sunset and the evening sun over the sea, flew far away along the direction of the wind. Well, that’s what real love is.

I remembered a long time ago, I listened to a song called “get married”, red candle flame in the case, my heart also shone hot, red double happiness reflected in the eyes, but face hanging two lines of tears, there will be such a day, naive everything is far away, I do not know what to do, how can teach me not to panic. Yesterday’s dashing teenager, today to become an adult, can not hide the corners of the light smile, all the expectations and fantasies, what she looks like, there is a volume of long hair, and a warm and tolerant heart, right or wrong who knows, can not grow old, there is not the same as me.Before really falling in love, we are all that lonely, a little selfish, a little cunning, suffering from their own. This kind of two people, there is no way to love each other. Why are we so hesitant in front of marriage, because we are afraid of being hurt, but what we are really afraid of, is losing our past selves.After leaving Dragon Island, the heroine finally thought clearly. In the closing moments, the male protagonist decided to fall to his death, his small figure, superimposed into a white boat in the black lake. So once again, it enters the tones of deadly white and the red of life and sacrifice. In the sacred wedding, under the attention of the crowd, the heroine smiles confidently and firmly and sings the song: The girl to be married waits for her husband, as for the moment of death, he is pure white, as if wearing a white mortuary coat. She is doomed to die, and the wedding bells echo. Take her away, take her away, fly in, descend. To you forever, young girl.Yes, or death. But is it really a lament? In fact, how is it not the most beautiful hymn of love in the world?I wonder if anyone has ever seen a wedding lighting concentric candles, where the candles on either side work together to light the middle candle, and then the candles on either side go out. If you do not die yourself, if you do not abandon the independent, a little selfish, a little cunning, the self of the past, with the mood of letting that self die in a coffin, you can not love each other, is not able to and each other that hot, a touch will be hot and even hurt themselves in the heat of the union. Because only their own death, all of themselves for each other to offer, in order to make the two suffering hearts, trust each other, and then accept each other, in love to become a new union, which is the real love each other. This process of loving each other is so painful, so painful that it is the same as death. It is so costly, but the love that is reaped in the end is so sweet, yes, so sweet.I don’t know if I can give you this review as a gift. We got along together, we died for each other, we lived together for years. Our love is not complete, but ask God to make it complete. What I love. Thank you for your sacrifice and dedication.Back to the movie. It is only when you see the ending that you can truly appreciate the subtle metaphors and allusions everywhere in the film, and at the moment of the ending, everything that has gone before is given a second layer of symbolic meaning like a walking light. The mapping and symbolism is so precise that it is breathtaking. All the people who get love in this film are those who have the courage to sacrifice their lives, the hero, the heroine, and even the dragon slayer at the beginning.Dragon Island, the beginning of the hole, platform and stone, including the weather, the objects on the island, are all metaphorical in various ways.Not to mention the wedding, the river, the boat, the lonely heroine, symbolizing that everyone has to face death and rebirth alone in an intimate relationship, with no one able to help her.Such subtle themes and metaphors make it almost possible to ignore the film’s flaws.

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