Men in Black A little freshness in the science fiction film

One sentence to describe this film:

Science fiction in a small fresh, comedy in a heavy. The year of the film’s release was 1997. That year, I was not yet born.

Hong Kong really, recommended 20 years ago science fiction film, sounds like grandma’s fashion flower cotton jacket. The sentiment is enough, but I’m afraid to let people do not see. Fortunately, “Men in Black” is not a flower cotton jacket.

This sleeping posture is also gifted movie with cute things. There are in the pantry crossed legs drinking coffee chatting small aliens and youthful but handsome to the explosion of Will Smith.

The story of the film takes place in the future era, due to the constant war in the universe, a large number of aliens have come to Earth for refuge. These aliens, often hidden among humans, normal people can not detect.

The Men in Black, as special police officers who specialize in dealing with aliens, are dedicated to stopping the secret invasion and destruction plans taken by the evil aliens on Earth. Except within the organization, no one knows the identity of the Men in Black.

Will Smith’s role in the film, the beginning of the performance is very dumb. He is a New York police officer, was selected to participate in the Men in Black interview. A face of confusion B, completely do not know what they came to do. Start to do test questions, everyone followed the rules, sitting peacefully in their seats, struggling to write the paper. No table, no mat board. A group of big men, suffocating.

Against this group of rules, Will Smith’s performance, is really eye-catching – he dragged the decorative table next to himself. At this moment, the other candidates expression: what are you Get what?

After the table dragged over, he also kindly asked the other candidates: and the expressions of other people, is really intriguing. As if to say: buddy you are not sick, right? After writing the test questions, a group of people began to simulate the actual battle again.

A group of monsters and little girls in the form of human cardboard appeared, everyone was busy rushing the monster biubiubiu. will Smith look around, hands hit the only one of the little girls inside. Questioned by the leader, Will Smith said: Although the monsters look terrible, but some of them in motion, some holding toilet paper in the hand sneezing, and did not pose a substantial threat. The little girl, on the other hand, was the one who looked the most suspicious.

All of these performances by Will Smith were seen in the eyes of the man in black, K. K was looking for a partner for himself, and he saw the different Will Smith.

Eliminate the memories of the other participants in the selection, K began to speak to Will Smith about their work. Will Smith smiles slightly and suggests that K get a brain scan.

. Obviously, he didn’t believe K’s story about “aliens”. Until he saw the little aliens in the coffee room. Shocked, he believed K’s words. After thinking about it, he chose to join. He removed his fingerprints, erased all his past, and put on a professional black suit. Then got his code name: J. The first thing they dealt with was an alien leaving the country without authorization. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the alien was pregnant and about to go into labor. So K starts talking business with the alien husband, while J delivers the baby. Slowly, the picture went awry, and J was swung around by the excited alien with his tail. Then, the baby was really delivered successfully.

After helping the aliens to give birth to the baby, the business began.

K sensed that something big was happening. They began to investigate, find the place where it happened, ask the reason, and then clear away the human memory about the aliens. The investigation revealed: an insect invasion. They also found an alien royal who was killed by the insects. Thus, a big battle for the JK group, begins.

The ending?

You know, a victory, of course.

But the happy ending does not mean that the movie falls into cliché.

K completed this mission while training J to become his successor, and then asked J to erase his memory and return to his daily life.

It seems to echo the saying: that there is no such thing as peace in this world, but someone is just carrying the weight for you. Although this is a 20-year-old movie, but there is such entertainment and viewing, can be said to be very good.

There is a line in the second part of Men in Black that sticks out:

If you want to be a hero, don’t come to MIB.

There is no such thing as individual heroism and there is no such thing as fame. No one knows your name, and you must be separated from your family for decades to focus on this job. So, despite being a comedy, the core is still quite tragic. Still, it’s amazing to say – it’s amazing to be able to make a tragedy laughable.

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