Taken Films that are suitable and must be shown to female high school students nationwide

Suitable and must be given to the national female high school students to open the filmAfter watching the movie, I have a few feelings:1. wow, so I went a long way to meet a friend I’ve never met before, I was not poisoned, and now I’m still here to write, write feelings, really very very good luck oh!2. always thought that sitting on the table or doing chicken are voluntary, is some women self-indulgent, did not think there would be such a terrible world. Foolishly thought or Scarlett era, Captain Ritter often frequented the brothel, alas, the reality is actually so terrible. When the male pig into that hastily partitioned into a temporary vent point, lift the curtain, the breathless woman, the needle holes in the arm, really frightening. What’s even scarier is the vacant look in her eyes, the numb expression when she hooks her fingers and lets the man pass. Was that still a person? Immediately remember the long line of tough and burly johns waiting at the door, mamma mia, it’s horrible!

Along with the above topic, and a shock. It turns out that the bad guy is really that bad oh. Amanda is so beautiful, as usual, to her injection of drugs, no romance romantic movies in the possible tender and compassionate. Wow, this point gave me too much shock, I always thought that as long as you look pretty, the bad guys will also be moved by compassion, let her off the hook. I didn’t expect …… this world is too complicated and scary!

Very happy, dare to block the male pig who die! The daughters who dare to catch the male pig, all have to pay the price! I very much like this bloody revenge, those who deserve to go to hell for human traffickers, none of them will be spared! Bang bang bang, kill kill kill! If everyone has such a father, how harmonious and peaceful this society should be. I’m almost jealous of the pig’s daughter, wakaka, if I also have such a father, la la la la, then I dare to go anywhere!

The most important feeling, how important it is to be a virgin! The same was taken, Amanda has died, such a beautiful girl, those bad guys really wasted ah! Fortunately, the male pig’s woman is still a virgin! So things are scarce, women are lucky to be unbud, she does not need to inject drugs, can be auctioned, (because buyers do not like unconscious or for drugs for the pleasure of virgins, they buy virginity is about to achieve the purpose of engraving the first brand on the young girl. These are purely someone’s conjecture ha) for the male pig to win the precious vital time to rescue her!

This is such a good propaganda film for underage girls! Tell the ignorant little LOLi, there is a very dark side of society, do not look at a handsome man in heat, do not casually carpool with strangers, do not casually date with strangers, and more importantly: do not casually break the virginity! Maybe your hymen will save you one day! If I had a middle school daughter, I would show her this movie right away! I strongly suggest that the Ministry of Education should be in every city in the country in every high school screening this film! Hahahahaha…

The last emotion, ah, someone’s luck was really good back then! Watching the film, the back of the cold sweat flowing, scared ah! Of course, according to the analysis of labor, in addition to the reasons for good luck, looks are also a fairly important reason! Haha

In addition, why that old and disgusting highness, to harness three virgins in one night? It is really strange, strange, his old man will have that ability?

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