Maleficent The witch and the princess is the true love

When I was a kid watching Sleeping Beauty, I thought the witch was a big bad guy, but after watching the movie I just wanted to kneel down and lick the witch, the queen, I have to say that this adaptation is really awesome – although there are still various slots.

The last Frozen highlighted a sisterly love, no need for a man, this one still seems to be the case, the king made a big death, straight to force the witch repeatedly said that there is no true love in the world, really, even if it is the love of the master and servant, and the witch’s care for the princess, are more real than love. So I am to boast that Disney has become realistic? Anyway, I have passed the age where I would be deceived by fairy tales.

The adaptation of this story is this way, the magic realm and the human world adjacent to the little boy who entered the magic realm to steal the gem was found by the fairy Mary Faison, but the fairy did not punish the little boy, but instead and he became friends, and then fell in love. But the boy grew up loyal to the king of the human world, after a war, betrayed Mary Faison. After looking for her to catch up with her secretly cut off her wings, and thus became the new king, married the princess, gave birth to a daughter. And Mary Faison became disheartened, became the queen of the magic world, began the road to revenge, in the princess baptism day curse and so she was sixteen years old on the day the finger was pricked by the needle on the spindle, into a deep sleep, only true love’s kiss can wake her. The later development seems to be no different from the original, but if you think there will be a prince to wake up the princess that is wrong – what did I say, recently Disney does not believe in true love ……

But just look at the trailer, also guess, obviously the black magic queen and the little princess is a pair of it …… is not to be expected.

When buying tickets actually hesitated between 2D and 3D for a little while, but then very glad I bought a 3D ticket, the picture is too beautiful, well, forgive me this big science students have no other adjectives, Wonderland is Wonderland, Magic is Magic, the war scenes also look very grand, so to see to see 3D.

This film I went to the brush by myself, the result from the middle of the beginning of the tear, has collapsed to the back of the princess woke up, I have to say that this film on the portrayal of feelings part is too great.

In the whole film before the big tear point appeared, it is simply a constant point of abuse.

The first point of abuse actually appeared in the crows for the Queen of the devil to spy information, said the King and Queen gave birth to a daughter, although the Queen of the devil showed full of care, but the first reaction, with tears in the eyes. After the flood of tears immediately pretend to be indifferent, that moment is simply abused to death, nima that is betrayed their old lover ah …… Julie’s acting skills are really great, completely real. But here is only a small abuse.

The second point of abuse is that the three fairies brought the little baby to the farm to raise, although the magic queen has always disliked the princess is a little monster, but has been silently concerned about her growth. The little princess accidentally ran to her, innocent to hug, although she disliked, but still the little princess held up. Although predicted to get this development, but do not feel the blood at all, but the heart strange hard.

After the constant abuse, I finally arrived at the bridge that broke me.

The first tear is the princess who grew into a young girl for the first time to see the devil queen, she said you come out, I know you are there. The Queen asked her not afraid to be scared, she said no, and then she recognized the Queen.

Marypherson asked her, you recognize me?

She said, are you my Fairy Godmother?

Fairy Godmother, Fairy Godmother, the word came out I was in tears. Children are the most perceptive, they know who is genuinely good to them. Yes magic queen, although you gave this little princess curse, but these days you have been silently around her, unknowingly care for her growth, how can she not feel?

The princess said she knows the devil queen has been watching herself, although sometimes can not see people, but the shadow is also in.

In fact, this is love, is not it.

Then the princess asked the Queen of Magic, all fairies have wings? The Queen of Magic said that most of them have. Then the princess asked what her wings were like.

I can not repeat the original answer of the Queen of Magic, the impression she said, the wings are very large, trailing behind her, feel that you can completely rely on it.

I am not able to see this scene, memories are always the most poking point, especially for the past days of that spirited retrospection.

Well, think of the days ……

When the princess asked further, the magic queen cast a spell to let her sleep, not unwilling to say, perhaps just because the inner load can not.

The princess slowly grew up, the devil queen’s heart was perhaps gradually warmed by her, she wanted to use her ability to undo the curse, see here, I thought it was about to be all happy, but who thought her magic failed.

In that moment, she recalled her curse when she said that there is no ability to lift the curse. It was such a terrible curse that even she was helpless.

I saw her regret and disillusionment. Yes, there is no regret medicine to take ……

Later the princess said to grow up to stay in the magic realm, and the demon queen as a companion, the demon queen said, do not have to wait until she grew up. She did not say anything more, the truth is always too cruel, and how can a naive girl carry so much.

On her way back to the cottage to say goodbye to the three fairies, the princess met the prince of the kingdom of Lin. In the farewell, the prince asked her if she would still be here. This scene, these words, just like the year the little boy and little Mary Faison said the same. The crow said he might be able to save the princess, but the devil queen said that there is no true love in this world.

Lord Devil Queen, do you also think of yourself back then.

The princess still learned the truth, knew she had a father, knew she was cursed, and as she asked the Queen of Magic for confirmation, she hesitated to say that name.

When the Queen of Magic said Mary Faison, it was as if I heard the sound of her heart breaking.

Then came the story of the princess to wake up, the rhythm finally changed, no longer step by step to make people tearful drama.

The prince did not wake up the princess, because that is only the first glance of good feelings, that is not true love. Queen of the devil’s eyes flooded with tears, said to the sleeping princess, I will accompany you, will not let you suffer any harm, that moment, the heart was hit again. The good thing is that the princess was awake after the devil queen kissed her forehead, otherwise I really can’t believe in true love.

Yes, this true love is actually not the love of lace, this statement is just flirting. This love is close to a mother’s love, but also not a mother’s love, is hidden with a sense of great love and great care. After all, you are watching her grow up, you love her, this “little monster”.

The last poking point is actually in the king and the queen of the devil’s fight, with the help of the princess, the queen of the devil’s wings back to her body. In the castle penthouse, only the king and the queen of the devil to fight, the queen of the devil could have killed the king, but she looked at the king’s eyes and said “that’s all”. She wanted to let him go, perhaps remembering the days when they loved each other, or was not to put him to death in the heart. However, the king is still a representative of the death of the death, he turned in the magic queen and then sneak attacked from behind, the two fell out, but the magic queen has wings, she can fly, while the king can only fall to his death on the ground.

She looked at the dead him, the picture lasted for several seconds, while I was vaguely relieved, but a few moments of frustration.

Leaving aside the heavy subject, in fact, the film is still quite fun, laughing point of cute. The three clumsy fairies always start quarreling over trivial matters, and I especially like to see the scene where the Queen of Magic plays a little trick on them. The queen of the devil saved a crow (the queen of the devil said to him, I want you to do my wings, really I really like the master-servant relationship), she let it can become a person into a variety of animals, and then every time he came back and the queen of the devil to talk, an unhappy, the queen of the devil will turn him back into a crow not to let him talk. Queen of the devil let him become a wolf, he said it was a dog, but also disgusted, anyway, this is really a particularly fun point.

As for the cute point, is the little princess ah, that little baby really too cute!!! Totally spiritual also totally beautiful!!! Especially the interaction with the crows ~ ~ I super like the little baby ah, simply adorable, my aunt next to hold a child in her arms, the child also reached out a small hand to grab my arm, but I was not annoyed this time ah, because I automatically associated with the film the soft baby. There is also the little princess who just grew up a little, the little girl is also cute, especially to the magic queen to hug there, the heart is going to melt.

Well, the slot still need to say it? Never seen so scum of the man, betrayal of old love even if, nima, daughter was put under the curse after not self-reflection, but to engage in revenge that set of things …… scum ah scum ……

On how to say it, this kind of shameless people never feel they are wrong.

There are also the three little fairies, stupid is one of them, the other originally three people are the magic realm, how the little princess was born to help in the human world? The speed of defecting to the enemy is too fast ……

After reading it, there are two other points of concern, Julie’s face is too thin ah …… acting is great ah ……

The last skirt cloak or something is gone, wearing tight pants to fight there, handsome to burst!In fact, I say this movie is great, that is, it can express the common theme very well, because the theme is not considered profound, but it is full of human entanglements, and a variety of points that make people think about. In fact, the whole story does not highlight its center, but when watching it can feel what it wants to convey, this is the beauty.

I had to watch the master hypnotist a while in advance, a very good movie, but the last sentence, to forgive themselves and so on, all of a sudden it seems too white and too direct, a little taste is gone.The ending words, must be greatly amenable to it! If the mainland on, must not be careless to see it!

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