Ethel & Ernest The ordinary life alone is enough to stir up emotions

What is love and where is happiness are two major problems that people can never precisely define, after all, anyone can say a complete and unbreakable theory based on their own experience, experience. It is a matter of who has the right to say what, and the taste of it is worthwhile as long as it is satisfying and happy.Ethel and Ernest” is about a couple’s daily life, which adds up day by day to a lifetime, and then the story ends here. Even after World War II, post-war recovery and reconstruction, national political turmoil …… these seemingly mundane stories can become gripping twists and turns have not affected their ordinary daily life.

They …… are just like all of us small and worthless ordinary citizens in general, in the flow of life, marriage, children and old age, no legend no ups and downs no great sorrow and joy, really just life in the chicken and dog.

However, after watching it, I can’t help but tear up, these trivial these daily is so far away from us but so close, the original meaning of time to everyone is the same, the original we really just with the trend of the times naturally extinct organism, the original serious management of a good life is such a beautiful thing, the original acceptance of the long flow of days, peace of mind to live on is such a great thing.

It is this beautiful.

[From Your Name].

The story of Ethel and Ernest begins on an ordinary morning when Ethel, a maid of an upper-class family, is shaking dust at the window and sees Ernest, a sunny and cheerful milkman, and the two of them look at each other and wave to each other, which triggers a love-like stirring. Ethel spends the day at the window waiting, being happy, being nervous, being disappointed, and the cycle repeats itself, day after day. Suddenly Ernest knocked on the door with flowers, and he said I think I should introduce myself, because you’ve shaken the rag at me enough times, my name is Ernest.

My name is Ethel.

Love, dating, meeting parents, marriage everything fell into place, Ethel resigned happily and said I’m getting married, Ernest shouted that I was too.

From then on, they are no longer independent individuals, but a couple who are bound to each other for life, and in the story that follows, they can no longer live without one.

They took out a loan to buy a house, then little by little they bought all the furniture, children were born, and slowly their barren life became fuller and fuller.

Ernest is lively and cheerful, full of enthusiasm for life, a typical big boy; Ethel is sensitive and virtuous, a typical young daughter-in-law – still the same as the ordinary people around us, nothing special, but real and lovely.

[The best life in the worst days].

Ten years after the end of World War I in 1928, Mussolini and Hitler were in power, and various countries were either in civil war, invading other countries or being invaded, and swords were drawn, then World War II broke out and Britain entered the war.

The German air raids, the alliance with France, the policy formulated to send children from various families to the countryside for foster care.

Ethel and Ernest continue to live with enthusiasm and hope in a precarious and precarious life.

Ernest and Ernest argue about political parties, Ernest, who never leaves his hand without a newspaper, and Ethel, who cries because her children’s curly hair is cut; Ernest, who delivers milk for ten years, collects cheap furniture everywhere, does all the heavy work inside and outside the house, quietly buys a car, builds a bomb shelter in the backyard, and does not complain about life; Ethel makes sofa covers and curtains, washes clothes and cleans the children. In order to supplement the family also went to work, leisure time and neighbors to brag about their own children, and occasionally complain about life.

In the most difficult days they are living this way ordinary and solid, no matter how the political parties change, no matter how the world changes, the war came to respond to the national policy to send the children to the countryside foster care, then Ernest joined the fire department to follow the fire fighting and rescue, Ethel continue to take care of household chores.

After the war ended, Ernest brought the children back, Ernest had an upgraded milk truck, Ethel was promoted; Raymond grew up, went to college and married his girlfriend, Ernest retired.

The time has passed, and before we know it we have been together for half a century.

We are ordinary and unexceptional, but it’s enough to make a difference].

As Raymond grew up and got married, Ethel and Ernest grew old day by day, Ethel’s body deteriorated, Ernest also gradually bald, the original thought that the days would never end at the end of each other’s lives faltered.

This is us, this is our ordinary but plain and rich life.

Ethel is five years older than Ernest, a typical sister-brother relationship, but Ernest has always called Ethel a little cute, the desire to form a family because Ethel is an advanced maternal age and give up, the first words after the birth of a child is “how is she” rather than how the child, always have a small surprise, but also always go along with Ethel’s When Ethel married Ernest, the two of them were penniless, but Ethel always kept the house in order, never disliked Ernest’s low-paying milk delivery job, and always encouraged and comforted Ernest with kisses and hugs when he was frustrated and disappointed, and always took the big picture into account despite small arguments in life.

This is how the warmth of life finished.

In the movie, Raymond brought back a small pear sapling to plant it in the yard, after the death of his parents Raymond and his wife stood under a large tree with lush leaves, and then Raymond said, “I planted this tree with the kernels”, such a scene is surprisingly and “Xiang Ji Xuan Zhi” in the “court has a loquat tree, my wife died in the This scene coincides with the lonely and nostalgic feeling revealed in “Xiang Ji Xuan Zhi”, “There is a loquat tree in the garden, which was planted by my wife’s hand in the year of her death.

Ethel was five years older than Ernest, and they married in 1928 and passed away in the same year in 1971.

It is all the more moving because it has a real basis.

The odds of us coming into the world are fortuitous, and the odds of becoming great are even lower, thus dooming most of us to a life and love that will be insignificant and mundane everyday. But life is so precious for ourselves, even if it is as plain as water, even if it is not worth mentioning, it is the only life we have.

For ordinary us, birth, love, marriage, children, until death this series of life changes is unable to leave any entry in the history, we ourselves know our life is not unique. But when we make it into a book or a movie, we will see that in our long and short life, we have been the protagonists of the years, our story does not have the beauty of a thousand twists and turns, no glamorous and amazing beauty, but has a long and simple beauty.

When we exhaust that life, and then look back on such a life, will see that even such a dull time, we did not pass and pass, but with cherished warm hope and enthusiasm to carve it into a bright diamond.It illuminates the small space of history that belongs to us, so that after this life, we still want to meet in the next!

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