Blue Gate Crossing A pure gift to youth

 The green light at the intersection came on, and Zhang Shihao’s bicycle rushed lightly out of the traffic, speeding against the wind, flower shirts flying. At that moment, the watery piano sound flowed out, flowing in the green Taipei summer, in Meng Ke-Ru’s narration about the blue door: three years, five years, or more later, what kind of adults will we become, a gym teacher or my mother?This summer simply screams jealousy. The sky is so blue, the sea is so clear, the wind is so soft, and the young people are so pretty and beautiful, matching everything we experience or imagine about our youth.

–It made me happy and sad at the same time.

[I] Pure Beach

Like all best friends at that age, Lin Yuezhen and Meng Kerou skipped gym class to chat in the shade, fantasize, and pretend to be crippled together when the gym teacher came over. Lin Yuezhen showed Meng Keeruo everything she had secretly collected about Zhang Shihao; asked her to wear a picture she had secretly taken of Zhang Shihao to play him; asked her to go with her to spy on Zhang Shihao swimming; asked Meng Keeruo to help her confess her love, but ran away without a trace before she knew the answer; asked Meng Keeruo to help her deliver the letter, but left Meng Keeruo’s name in her letter to Zhang Shihao.

This persistent and cowardly youth.

What do you want?

I’m from the swim team guitar club. I’m not bad looking. What’s wrong with me.

What do you want?

I just want to chase you.

This simple and simple passionate youth.

Lin Yuezhen wrote his name over and over again with Zhang Shihao’s tap pen, thinking that when the ink was finished, he would fall in love with her.

The first thing you need to do is to go to the dumpling store owned by Meng Kerou’s family and have a midnight snack. After eating, you always have to look at Meng’s balcony and imagine that Meng Kerou is there, saying, “I’ve eaten enough to go home.


I think the best part of Meng Ke Rou and Zhang Shi Hao’s relationship was not the kiss (although the kiss was very good), but listening to songs on a pristine beach, shyly holding hands and talking about something.

I always remember the man named Lu Ran in “Shake it off” and the pristine beach he dreamed of. The feelings of 17 or 18 years old, just like the beach, pure and transparent, impeccable, almost the most beautiful thing in the world.

But this thing I have not fallen. Most of us don’t have it anymore. Not only is it no longer dropped, but it is also a matter of doubt as to whether it was ever there in the first place.

So the blue door is more like a comfort to our youth. It almost screens out all the distractions that have nothing to do with beauty and just lets the youth be fixed in that wonderful summer. Its simplicity and cleanliness make it seem more like a gift with good intentions, dedicated to the youth we all remember or dream of.

[II] Youthful memories are always related to bicycles

Bicycles are in almost every shot of Blue Door. I especially like the end of the film where they are chasing each other on the road on their bicycles, recklessly and happily like two birds gliding.

Youthful memories always seem to be associated with bicycles. It’s a gift of adolescence, it’s light and unrestrained, but it’s full of all our joys and sorrows. Milan sat on Ma Xiaojun’s bicycle and crossed Poplar Avenue to show his pure love; Wei Hong pedaled hard, dragging a parachute behind the bike, the wind filled the parachute as if it were a huge flower; Xiao Gui and Xiao Jian took turns to ride the seventeen-year-old bicycle in Beijing city.

When I was in junior high school, I liked a gentle and good-looking girl, but I never said anything about it, and I didn’t know what she was thinking. The class excursion before graduation, we agreed that the boys would take the girls. So in the morning I purposely changed the old 28-inch bike with my tablemates and rode with a few boys to them. She was inside them, but it seemed like she couldn’t see me. I was so anxious, afraid that other girls would run over; and I couldn’t open my mouth to greet her alone in front of so many girls.

But everything went as it should. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t have to say anything, she just silently came over and lightly jumped on my back seat, as if she had discussed it before. The feeling in that instant was like a relief and a special complacency, like when Meng Kerou ran over to take Zhang Shihao’s hand to avoid the gym teacher, who couldn’t hide his color in front of his classmates.

That whole day, it seems to ride farther and faster without feeling tired, just hope to be able to keep riding like that, windy and sunny or pouring rain.

Ten years have passed. I think maybe I should call her and ask her if she still has the painting I gave her.

[3] What we leave behind, what kind of adults we become

Each of us thought we would not become what we did not want to become. But later we always sadly discovered that, like many other people, in the process of growing up, we inevitably change many of our initial intentions and forget many of our wishes, and we have inexorably become what we did not want to be.

Just like the gym teacher, his former, why can not be Zhang Shihao it.

All of our looks today are precipitated by those youth. The best and worst things of that time are left behind, etched in the bones, indelible.

[IV] All the wind blows only to them, all the days are broken for them

I love Meng Kerou, I love Guilan Mei. I love her righteousness, I love her eyes, I love her smile, I even went to find her footage in “Subway”. But what I love most is her RTHK accent –

After the gymnasium confession, Lin Yuezhen but disappeared. “Yuezhen …… Yuezhen, Lin Yuezhen, come out!”

After going to the girl who wrote “disgusting” on Meng Kerou’s desk, Lin Yuezhen said, I thought you were going to hit someone, Meng Kerou said, “Coward ……”

These words are simply as good as the soundtrack in the blue door. As Hu Jianren, who has lived near the Taiwan Strait for five years, I must confess this love of mine, even if it offends girls all over the world as a result.

The other day when I was riding home, I overheard two high school students talking in front of me after school, and when I heard them, I was frozen in place for a long time.

A student asked B student, hey that you are which year. The answer said, 1993. Then you are smaller than me ah, I 92 years.

Ninety-two, ninety-three, as if it were yesterday. At that time, the old man was still a junior high school student, desperately developing, about to start messing with men and women. A inattentive, then not yet these two people, but also has reached this age, and dare to ride in front of me, damn, really embarrassed.

–At that moment, I finally realized that the blue door behind me had closed forever, there was no way back, no way back.

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