Men in Black III

The American Dream in 1969, or a viewing guide

A sequel waited for ten years, Shi Huang is already a child 15 years old man.

Frank, the articulate dog, has become a poor “effigy” on the wall of Agent J’s house.

And 66-year-old Tommy Lee Jones, has been too old to “go back” to forty years ago.

The “successor” Josh Brolin, compared to the old Jones’s comedic talent, the difference is much more than 22 years.

The same facial palsy, old Jones every stiff wrinkle, are latent in the active drama cells.

As for Brolin, with this film, he can get a certificate of facial palsy.

The way to do, the eyes, and the little look.

It’s like Brosnan traveled back to 1969 and made “The Queen’s Secret Envoy of 007”.

Crossing over is the watershed of the film.

The 30 minutes before the crossing is the most exciting half hour on the big screen this year, with laughs and explosive points flying.

Especially the eulogy of old K to Z boss, the base is rich, let people recall.

The next 70 minutes, the plot followed the jump through the history of the emperor together with a sharp turn down.

–This kind of “crossing to change history” bridge is a remake of “Terminator”? Are you sure the screenwriter is not watching “Doraemon”?

It is said that the film was shot without even a complete script.

When did this culture of the last century Hong Kong bad movie era, and when did it cross over to Hollywood?

The biggest benefit of crossing over is that it saves the screenwriter’s barren imagination.

No need for all sorts of aliens, no need for super cool magic tools

–Don’t think the one-wheeled motorcycle is anything new, the French had it on the road in 1910.

But those old hippies, once lecherous and dirty, now bald and toothless.

will be thrilled with this movie.

New York in 1969, the American dream in 1969.

Decadence and passion, despair and ideals, once so incredibly crushed in the alcohol of freedom.

The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination had just entered into force.

But those dark-skinned brothers were still labeled as suspects in the eyes of the American police.

So Agent J had just dropped off the latest Ford from the Roosevelt Hotel.

He was blocked by the police on the side of the road.

However, at that time, the white girl can already blatantly with the black King Kong

–The ratio of black to white was said to be one in a thousand…

Fearlessly shouted at the fierce monster: MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR!

This iconic anti-Vietnam War slogan evolved into the sexual revolution of the 1970s and 1980s in America.

The hippies wishfully awarded the aura of originator to John Lennon.

But to my surprise, Lennon’s name was not mentioned.

Instead, it was Mick Jagger (lead singer of the Rolling Stones) who became the dubious extraterrestrial that K was talking about.

But Lennon’s Japanese woman, Yoko, is mentioned in Andy Warhol’s list of visitors in the film

–Nani? They had a threesome, really?

Warhol, the master of pop art, is the cultural celebrity who is heavily featured in this film.

K takes Agent J to a small unit that looks like a “second floor foot press”.

The password is a name that makes the old hooligans’ hearts jump, “Janis Joplin” (a rock singer known for her promiscuity).

Inside, it was like the Woodstock scene.

–The first festival, held in 1969, was held in the New York suburb of Bethel.

“Warhol” was setting up his Polaroid camera, taking pictures of models and girls.

He pulled off a silvery wig, and it turned out that Warhol was a half-bald Agent W.

He is working hard every day to shoot girls because all the models on Earth are aliens.

So taking pictures of girls is actually a tough surveillance job

–That would explain why his movie, “Empire State Building,

This explains why his movie “Empire State Building” was so boring that it was filmed for eight hours in front of the phallic building.

In fact, that is a security guard to protect the security of the planet, the real picture of daily work.

For the average American, the most interesting thing about 1969 was the fact that the New York City Metropolis was at the bottom of the list for seven consecutive years.

The New York Mets baseball team, which had been at the bottom for seven years, turned around and won the world championship.

–Griffin, a prophetic alien, brought J and K to “see” the epic victory.

And, of course, the first Apollo moon landing (did you think the Americans only went to the moon once? No, they were on six times).

The film spares no expense in its portrayal of the American family in front of the TV.

Such an awe-inspiring moment is indeed worth revisiting countless times by the people who own it.

It’s only next to the great figure of Apollo 11 that the final showdown between good and evil is overshadowed.

— I prefer to evaluate the scene in terms of pitfalls, because before the boss can fully transform, it is scattered by a shot from the face of 007!

Except for Apollo, it’s hard to get our minds around all the things that America did in 1969.

–That’s why people kept going to the bathroom in the theater for the last 70 minutes–

But the laughs and effects can still make us accept the face of the American triplet with a big smile.

The United States does not have a long history, and American blockbusters rarely take the War of Independence and the Civil War to make an issue of it.

World War II is their most enjoyable subject matter, followed by Apollo in 1969.

It is these young histories that allow Americans to influence the world today.

As for emancipation and the Civil War, that is just not a proud past.

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