Cruella I’m bad but I’m also good

First of all, I want to make it clear that, all extraneous factors aside, I had a great time watching this film.

Emma Stone as Kuyla, maybe not the Kuyla in “101 Spotted Dogs”, but very much in line with the Disney line of Kuyla.

Such a woman wandering in the edge of evil and good, must be “good girl evil”, is “childlike evil”, otherwise how can be Disney’s heroine?

Her “blackened”, because there are worse people forced.

She fights back because of the drive for revenge.

Therefore, in the gray area where social order and morals are not favored, Kuyla was able to logically gain the sympathy of parents and children.

She has an ace up her sleeve, and behind the arrogant and insane act of revenge, she is the one who is the victim.

She returns in a bath of fire.

I saw someone say that the film reminded them of Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep’s The Queen Wears Prada.

In terms of character relationships, it is indeed very similar. However, the core of the conflict between the characters in “The Queen Wears Prada” is a conflict of values, while “Kuila” is a struggle for power and an old grudge based on past hatred. When watching “The Queen of Prada,” most girls relate more to the pride and sense of accomplishment of working in an unfamiliar workplace – especially one that girls can only dream of working in – and finally gaining the approval of the Big Bad King.

Although “Kuyla” also frequently builds several scenes like “Baroness at the top of the design pyramid favoring the design of unknown girls”, but based on the fact that the film from the beginning of the baroness is a murderer thrown in front of the audience, based on Emma Stone’s Kuyla is a self-confidence from childhood The “approval” of the Baroness makes us feel ridiculed, but also makes Kuyla feel ridiculed.

Why do I say that the film is a pleasure to watch?

The reason is that Kuyla’s purpose from the beginning is not to get the Baroness’s approval, but to step on her head and tell everyone that she is the talented designer of the crown. She stepped on the Baroness again and again to take the throne, in the name of revenge, ambition was wrapped in the syrup of justice, even the pretentious gesture also became lovely and refreshing.

It is this “I am very bad and very good” line, we can recklessly follow her to the top of the world.

So cool, this movie is cool.

And, it’s cool as hell, it uses the combination of Emma Stone and Emma Thompson to give us a film full of tension and texture in the performances, but behind the scenes there is absolutely no humanism and rebellious thinking.

Don’t question me, I’m definitely praising this commercial film.

I have always advocated that not every creation should bring humanistic reflections. Just because we praise the one in a thousand good movies does not mean that we should use the one in a thousand good movies to measure all movies. Instead of seeing those four-sided films that combine commercial and literary arts in an incestuous way, I would rather all commercial films give up their self-appreciation and respect the commercial logic of telling a good story.

I like it a lot. Recommend.

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