Corpse Bride Wishful thinking can also be very beautiful

The whole movie. Favorite moment. It is the little bride’s hard work climbing onto the balcony of Victoria’s house, the mouth of Darling has not finished screaming, lifting the veil to see the scene when the expression of surprise. Although afterwards naively waiting for Victor to introduce himself to others, proudly saying that he is his wife. But in exchange for aShe’s died.Nothing can be more fascinating than the scene of broken hopes. It’s like being fascinated with that slow-motion scene in Suzhou River. It’s the ones that can’t be revisited that are so moving. Not to mention the navy blue hope of the little bride who so simply trusts her lover. Instantly crushed.

One can’t blame how unlovely Amily’s expression was when that Hopscotch line jumped out at her, grabbing her living groom and going back to where they came from. Then she cries like a child, accusing her sweetheart of tricking her into going up to meet the other woman.

This is a love story of misunderstanding from the beginning. When Victor finally decides to take the young bride as his wife, she smiles. Let him go.

Wait. I made a promise.

You set me free. Now I can do the same for you.

Now I can do the same for you. The moment she turned around was the most charming moment of the little bride. I have never found this little bride with a hole in her face, maggots in her head, and not even suspected to be accepted by the children watching cartoons so charming. The beauty that seems to be surrounded by a circle of light.

It was the most beautiful wishful thinking I had ever seen. At the moment of her departure. Suddenly I had this thought.

Tim Burton’s cartoons don’t seem to be designed to please children. It’s all adult fairy tales, with designs that won’t be pleasing to children here to win the approval of adults. Burton is a true ghostwriter who likes to add songs and dances to his movies, although I don’t know if he wrote them, but if he turns to musical theater, I’m afraid Webb may not be able to guarantee the level above him. And always gray tone, always a little against the norm, such as Halloween town, such as the zombie bride.

I always thought Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio was useful in “Christmas Eve Surprise”. But before watching the movie when not recognize Mendelssohn, recognize the door when the movie has been watching the past for a long time. I didn’t have the energy to revise it. It’s just a blur. But it is certain that Burton is a genius who combines classical and cinema properly. Always use the symphonic feeling to do the soundtrack, even the little groom and the little bride ensemble piano. Not too big, but moving.

This is similar to the old man. That day to the old man’s “Ghost Princess” symphonic version, as well as the recent “The Sun Also Rises”, did not leave that momentum. I’m glad to see that. Off-topic ~

Anyway, I like the little bride of wishful thinking. Whether it is the beginning of the misunderstanding in the middle of the devotion to capricious and finally let go, are lovely and beautiful. In fact, life is the same. You think you are alone when you go alone, there may not be such a group of people who are concerned about you, silently support you, when you make a difficult but brave choice, heartily for you to call a Bravo.

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