Dans les forêts de Sibérie:Escape is an alias for vitality

The earth is a prison, and the world loves to escape from it. Escape is a rebellion against the established life track, and also a compensation for the energy and love that has been squandered in one’s life.Catching up with the boom of the times to escape from the North, Teddy, a Parisian media manager, resigned naked from a big factory, making full use of geographical arbitrage, making money in Paris and spending it in Lebanon, and who is not such a fool, rented a house next to Lake Baikal, a frozen version of Europe, which is cool in winter and warm in summer.The landlord decided to rent to resell in order to take his family to the big city to see a doctor, the house can be bought by adding more than 90,000 rubles (about 1,000 euros). Teddy was happy to accept.Before leaving, the landlord said, “This is a good place to commit suicide.”

Teddy later met Aleksei, a fugitive who had been hiding in the forest for 12 years, and the two lives intersected when he wanted to escape and was forced to.

However, after all these years, Aleksei was fine living alone, but after meeting Teddy, a Parisian, he died of a cold and fever, no wonder the French don’t like Parisians.

Later, when Teddy asked someone to translate the note left by Aleksei, I cried, it’s true, I was there.

To feel freedom from the shackles, you are truly alive in the presence of death. After the water burial of Aleksei, Teddy woke up from a deep hibernation in the Siberian forest. North or Paris, you can escape the prison of life, but never escape, the shackles of life.

Escape is an alias given to the life force by people who are deep in the mire of life, similar to Zhou Xun and Lu Shuren. Escape is not in the distance, but in the state of mind. If you can’t get away from this place, it’s a delusion to be somewhere else. But, escape may sometimes be the answer, but it can’t always solve your confusion.

A fugitive hiding in the Siberian forest, 12 years is a long life of trial and torment for him, but in the survival of a nation it is just a snap of a finger. The urban youth who escaped from Paris, looking for life experience in the name of sojourn, is just a siege.

Tourism and travel are both about finding an outlet in life, but the essence is different. Travel to meet the shallow sensory needs of food, drink and fun, while travel is a deeper level of exploration, outside the body, seeking inward: leaving the original life, facing all the unfamiliar alone, looking for freedom, seeking growth, seeking healing.

Of course there is no difference between the two. In yesterday’s Zweig’s world, Paris only knew that opposites could coexist, and did not know what was superior and inferior.

I grew up in a time when the units of time measurement were the 80s, 90s and 00s. Today, the epidemic has cut time into disturbingly frightening pre-middle and post-middle years, and there is already a generational gap between those who live in 2019 and those who live in 2023.

In 1919, the four-year war finally ended. People returned from rigidity and conformity to rediscover the freedom they once longed for and feared in a changed, impoverished, and blown to pieces world.Growing up without sober and keen senses and nerves has smoothed out the boundless magic of youth, including creativity, vitality and vigor, and the desire to be revived at all times and powerlessness in all directions. The young Kerouac spilled the wine he hadn’t yet drunk on the road, exchanging the radiant summer dream of youth for a house and a Cadillac.

Life or boiling frogs in warm water, some people go with the flow, some sit and watch the sky, life this pot, you carry wasted, with passionate burning life, cooked and cooked.

In everyone’s Siberian forest, Shakespeare said, so bad weather, there is no storm will not clear. Shakespeare speaks again, we are fated to meet such times.The last summer of Clinthall, Hesse no longer pushes the speeding wheels back, acquiescing to the peaceful death in the blood. No longer asking for absurdity is also the wisdom and goodness of you and me nowadays.In March, I went to the Louvre, and saw the Mona Lisa, the Goddess of Victory, who is high up but gives people a step down, and Venus, who cannot take her fate into her own hands because of her broken arm.Oh, also hurriedly passed by the “freedom to lead the people”, six years rolled away in the east, in the blink of an eye twenty-eight, Viva La Vida.

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