12 Years a Slave:How can the system not go wrong?

In the American South, where I work, there are still young black boys in jeans that fall below the buttocks laughing and calling each other Nigger, and on Vine, a short video social networking site for young people, ten short humorous videos of black people will appear in at least one Nigger, which is also quite popular among young people, the comments are oops buddy, laughing at me.It’s hard to get over me.On December 18, 1865, the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America came into effect, which meant that slavery was abolished in the United States. In the same year, China was in the fourth year of Tongzhi, and the Taiping army was still fighting to the death against the Qing government and foreign powers.


The good thing is that at least there is freedom to resist.

The biggest feeling the film brought me was not how inhumane the life of the black slaves were, nor was it the fact that at the end of feudalism and early capitalism, the plantation system was still in place in the slaveholding states of the American South. I do not want to explore the development of society, the inconsistency of the system development, this is not a personal solution to the problem, today’s social system if you look back in twenty years, the absurdity of the mistakes must abound.

What I find most frightening is that a system can eat people up completely. People’s social attributes are just painted by the system, the natural attributes are still the same person, white, yellow or black, man, woman, teenager, youth, old age, while the social attributes, just change the paperwork, throw into another system, you are a different person. Only for the individual, whether it is a chicken turning into a phoenix or a tiger falling, the gap between the past and the current situation will more or less cut people’s perception of themselves, the pheasant turning into a phoenix may be easier to accept identity, being bullied by dogs for a long time, still really remember that they are tigers?What is more frightening is that at any time there is a possibility of waking up and being forced to become a victim of another rule. The rules of the game have changed. This is still commonplace today.

A friend who went to the movie told his personal experience, he was 16 years old, and a 23-year-old woman working in the courtroom after falling in love and living together, in and out of the girlfriend’s car, he mostly stayed at home, two years of peace and quiet, until he had his own car, going out more to cause his girlfriend suspicion of jealousy, after several arguments girlfriend will change the lock of the apartment door, he returned from a visit to see the situation angry, a foot kicked the door open. Girlfriend hiding in the house has called the police.

He was then taken into police custody on $10,000 bail, which he could not afford. He explained to the police that he had been in love with his girlfriend for more than two years and that it was just a boyfriend-girlfriend argument. His girlfriend, who works in the courtroom, denied knowing him for so long in order to avoid being charged with sexual activity with a minor, saying only that he had been dating for a few months and his feelings were not in harmony.

He asked his mother to gather evidence for him, one of which was a tax return with her home address, dated a year ago. This also proved that the girlfriend lied.

In court, the judge took his tax return, lowered his chin, stared at his young colleague over his glasses and asked, “You said you had only known him for a few months?” The girlfriend said softly, “Yes.” And then her face turned red.

In the end he was fined 500 yuan to compensate for the other party’s property damage.The friend said, sad not only his girlfriend’s betrayal of him, but once in prison, no longer believe in your innocence, they potentially believe that you are an attempted violent bastard, so they can despise and spit on you at will, their brutality can be one of the forms of justice. Just like having a Central Asian face, anyone labels you as a terrorist, whether you live in Dali, Urumqi or Kabul. My friend said that most of the people who had similar experiences with the hero couldn’t run away, and the vastness was not the territory of the South, but the supremacy system where any white man is the master, and trying to hang a black man who tried to escape is just throwing away a piece of furniture that is no longer worth anything.

The reason I feel bad for black people who call each other Nigger is because you can’t call black people Nigger, but they can on their own. They make stupid jokes about historical wounds that they don’t understand and that never really came to them, not realizing that if they’re not careful, they’ll get in trouble and be unable to defend themselves.

The system can go wrong because people go wrong. There is no need to judge human beings themselves by the constraints of the system. In this world, the so-called freedom under the artificial system is not the parallelism of doing what you want, but the parallelism of doing what you want.Some broken feelings, not called comments.Thanks to those who are awake, and my relatively healthy times.

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