One Day:Soulmates are not for the faint of heart

What you call a soulmate, I prefer to call a chatty lover. In a woman’s long and warm single years, he is handsome, sexy, funny, evokes her small admiration but does not give her a big commitment. There is a sense of intimacy, not afraid and not embarrassed to be naked, each other have a place in the heart but not involved in their respective lives. They confide in the hardships of life and soothe their respective hurts.The little bit of affection, for me, is just controllable or uncontrollable feeling. If you’re a good friend, you’ll become a confidant. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The girl in the group said she was the only one in the circle who cursed after seeing the film, saying that the nerve is not the relationship between friends, so warm what to do, the girls around her is one wiping tears and say roll roll roll you do not understand love.

Love in these two opposing parties in the concept, but is “get is love? Or not is love?” Such a difference.She has not found the love of her heart – no, has not found the heart more love. And he was cynical, bereaved of his mother, lonely, married to a woman he didn’t love, got a daughter, divorced, and fell into disrepair. And then see her again, short hair, bright, he did not hide his jealousy in the slightest, so there is a bit of cute personality, but in her opinion became the possibility of reuniting again.In life you may really come across such a man. For love he does not seem to have the possibility of exclusivity, women go like a horse for, but he does not completely abandon you. He has been on the road, you accompany him or not accompany him or not, waiting for him or give up on him or, he is just that, and you are separated by a parallel line of distance. He also married, but definitely not you. Such a man is a midnight taxi, wandering between the lights, but he is not sleepy or not tired, just occasionally one day he stopped, sitting on the car of the woman just became his dependence, either in the name of emotion, or in the name of money. You’re wrong to come over or not to miss, with him, are not non-you mind.I once watched a program about first love. A Taiwanese guest said that broken mirrors usually only occur in one situation, that is, these two people are not living as well as they should, and in the face of a powerful and painful life, they feel that holding hands again and resisting the bland and uninteresting days may be better than living alone to go on.I agree with this concept, if one of them, living so and so well, life is warm, family happiness, and his beloved little daughter, he is categorically will not give up all this to re-enact the feeling of first love. Some lovers’ feelings only exist at a distance, the distance of time entangled, they can not imagine a person sitting on the sofa watching TV, another person silently tied apron in the kitchen busy.

The way to achieve happiness with that kind of fireworks is something they can’t imagine. Do you think there is love between them, of course there is. Otherwise, why there are tears, heartache, and entanglement.And now the world, love is really all-powerful, although the two words can be used to force back the youngest woman to come to the door. The two words can be used by ex-girlfriends as a tool to share the family fortune. But no matter how omnipotent it is, there is no way to beat the life of the pots and pans. Life trajectory is something that is more impossible to give up and resist than love. If our hero still has a prosperous career, his wife is elegant and golden, and his daughter is cute and sweet, will he come back to fulfill her dream?You expect a man to leave his heart to show you the inner drama, or sacrifice his existing life to match your long monologue, is very very extravagant things. That’s why we have movies in order to make women whole.I believe a man would like to keep such a woman in his life, to talk and to make love. They are a different species from us, for whom sanity is a nature.

Even if they fulfill a certain love, they do not completely give up their lives, they tie love and life together in the name of equality. And women are different, they often defy the odds, break the boat, the sky is falling, with love to conquer life. This is why men in the name of love to fulfill a woman’s life, often still together, women give up life to fulfill a man’s love, often a bit of a tragedy.But girls still ask: If neither soulmate nor fuck buddy or love each other?That can only congratulate you girl, you found a thing called a husband.Compared to the husband, soulmate this thing is more high-end, more demanding life well-equipped weapons, more demanding women’s inner toughness, so the low level of emotional intelligence players or first practice. After all, life is too powerful for you to imagine, after a few years, you finally and I, with a great sincerity to try to live, rather than chasing a soulmate with the same feeling of love, you prefer to seriously seek a person who also does not hate eating durian. Even if you find one, it is because he is a life partner and soulmate first, not because he is a soulmate when he is a life partner. The word “partner” is more difficult than soulmate.The day without a soulmate, you gradually live a very satisfactory.This word is the crystal ball of a young girl’s fantasy, not the pan of a master’s milk stew. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. In this world, some people, some things, more worth moving than something like love.

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