A Perfect World Never have an end

–If you think the world is happy, it is heaven; if you think the world is suffering, it is hell.

He seems to be cold and heartless, but he can’t stand to see the little boy suffer from adult reprimand and beatings; he seems to be unruly, but the most tender and chivalrous, coaxing the little boy to think that he is his father and he is a fairy tale, hate and love and can’t let go; he seems to be a desperate man, but he comes and goes in style, taking the little boy as in the countryside, driving around and playing to depict his dreams; he seems to be evil, but he has only killed two people in his life, one One is the one who hurt his mother, and the other, the one who tried to hurt the boy. He suffered because of his mother, and from then on he took the road of displacement; he lost his life because of his return, and from then on he looked at the end of the world. Oh, I forgot to mention that his childhood was the little boy, and that little boy in turn became his return.

But between him and him, one is a fugitive and the other is a hostage.

But life is a hole, may be in the beginning may be in the end, in any case the end is still the origin of the destiny. From the beginning, I knew the end of this, so obviously unrealistic but good hope that this way to travel, never have an end.

The boy was taught to shake the gun from the beginning, and in the end was shaking and anxious, “bang” smashed everything. At that time he was only bleeding, not dead, but he was more than dead. It was his turn to cover his wounds and run, he had to catch up with the boy who was crying out of fear, he had to catch up with his childhood, he had to repent he had to redeem himself, he had to tell the boy that he had no intention of killing, he told him that in his life he had only killed two people, one for his mother and one for him.

The end still has to come, although I cover my eyes do not want to see, just in the crevices of the fingers, I vaguely see the light, but also see the tears. If this life is heaven, why is it so short; and if this life is hell, why is it so long and so dead.

I can no longer distinguish between him and him, perhaps one person in itself, one is the present, one is the past, just where is the future? Perhaps as he said when driving, we sit in the dream time machine, the car is the future, the car is the past, holding the steering wheel of the car, is this time. Just some dreams are broken, some dreams are awake, and some dreams are forgotten.

This time he was really hit, the hole began to be white, after which the blood gurgled out. He just wanted to pull out the picture of Alaska and give it to the boy, the ray of hope his father had sent him when he was a child.

The boy hugged him and cried, as if he had lost his father.

The boy had no father, lived a cold life with his widowed mother, couldn’t be naughty, couldn’t have Christmas, couldn’t play games with his friends or even ride a Ferris wheel and eat cotton candy. He said to the boy on the way to Alaska that you need to make a list of all the things you want to do. He said I promise to get you home, he said I swear.

I’m not a fan of typical American films like soccer, basketball, western cowboys, etc. I’ve never even seen Clint Eastwood’s dazzling “Million Pound Baby” until now. The film, produced in 1993, is said to combine road movie, bandit movie and western cowboy movie, so some people see the economy, some see the politics, many see the American spirit, and I just thought of the name of the film.

The money he stuffed into the boy was blown by the airflow of the helicopter, leaking out of the boy’s torn elf costume, scattered in the sky, floating to the grass, and also gently crossed his face. He looked hard, but has looked out of the way of the sky, but at this point, he finally did what he promised the boy, he can finally be relieved.

What a perfect world.

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