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In fact, the whole plot did not feel particularly horrible, the ending has a 5-minute reversal of meaning, but in fact, there is not particularly need to see the need for a second time, as a horror film, general, far from the “master key” ending intriguing, but also no “Island Fright” details need to be repeatedly experienced.Originally have been in doubt, the last eller is not a doll, or a real person but was possessed, but based on that booklet want to do the most perfect doll should be the following posting in the answer:

Plot introduction

Beware of the gaze from Mary Shaw;

She has no children, only dolls;

If you see her, do not scream;

Or she will rip your mouth open and tear out your tongue.

Every small town has its own ghost story – a local style of folklore often spread at campfires or among children who stay overnight at someone else’s house, and the theme of the story never leaves “the ghost of someone brutally murdered. These children grow up and share the ghost stories with their own children, perpetuating a unique form of the town’s little secret and the potential ghost behind it. However, in some towns, the scary legends are not just imagined or used to delight adults and scare children, but in some cases, they actually happened ……

The town of Ravens Fair also possesses one such legend, and the story centers on Mary Shaw. The most accomplished ventriloquist of the 1940s is said to have later gone mad while being accused of kidnapping and murdering a young boy simply because the boy accused her of being a liar. Mary Shaw was captured by angry townspeople, had her tongue brutally cut out and was killed. The townspeople buried her with her dolls, believing that this would leave her forever quiet …… Since then, Ravens Fair has been plagued by mysterious deaths, and the pale dolls have disappeared from Mary Shaw’s grave, always appearing unanticipated in the following decades in various corners. Wherever the dolls appeared, people were brutally murdered, and the victims, like Mary Shaw back then, had their tongues cut out.

In modern times, tired of the cursed town, newlyweds Jaime and Lisa Asher decide to leave their hometown and start a new life in a new place. However the life they expected did not come as Lissa was murdered in her apartment. Jaime decides to take his wife’s body back to Ravens Fair for burial while he finds out the truth about Lissa’s murder.

Back home, Jaime meets his father, Edward, who has been plagued by illness, and his father’s recently married stepmother, Ella, a young bride, and decides to unearth the town’s dusty and bloody past to solve the mystery of his wife’s death. At the same time, Jaime also got into trouble, he was followed by a police detective, became the biggest suspect in the murder of his wife. Surprised to discover that there is another truth hidden behind the story of Mary Shaw, Jaime has to find out the story and the curse behind the limerick that he has been singing since he was a child, to bring an end to all the horror.

Plot analysis

About the dead silence ending, generally for the theatrical version of the ending and the hidden ending visible online.

Simply put, the theatrical ending for the protagonist jamie found stepmother ella is possessed by mary shaw after the murder, she killed jamie’s father edward and made it into a puppet, and the protagonist also because of the truth and shouted in horror, committed a taboo not to scream, and make the curse take effect, thus being cut off the tongue.

The hidden ending is roughly a straightforward account, that is, ella after marrying into the ashen family, was treated roughly by jamie’s father, the old ashen (jamie’s father is a man with a certain amount of domestic violence, this is explained in the film, that is, jamie because of his wife’s bizarre death and went home to ask the sick – -When the actual murdered – father, downstairs, he pointed to several paintings to tell ella, his biological mother because he could not stand his father’s rough treatment and was forced to suicide, the second wife also left the home because of this reason, they left were successively erased from the painting) so So, we can know that ella in the marriage in the treatment of violence from time to time, and even once in pregnancy by the old sharn from upstairs a slap down the stairs, thus miscarriage, physical and mental suffered great pain, so she thought of revenge, her revenge psychology by mary shaw’s grievances, which led to everything. In the end, she killed jamie and put his body in bed, lovingly looking after him.

The above is a brief introduction, the following is a comprehensive sub-talk, according to the chronological development of events, ventriloquist mary shaw is a genius, of course, only in terms of doll making and ventriloquism performance. One of her dreams is to make a perfect doll, and talented people often have some personality different from the norm, for example, aloof and strange, easy to anger, and a little …… pervert =. =! Her design gradually can no longer just use wood paint and other ordinary materials, she definitely began to consider using people to make dolls, to try to perfection. It just so happens that during her performance a young boy (someone from the ashen family) questioned her and she killed him (on the grounds that he had offended herself) to try to make the perfect doll, but she was retaliated by the ashen family and was killed with her tongue cut out, and yet, as a talented and perverted ventriloquist and doll maker, she would not die, but instead would be resentful as well as the pursuit of “art”. “The main focus is on the Ashen family, but others are sometimes killed, whether they have participated in killing her or not. Because mary shaw pervert =. =! Anyway, killing these people can steal their voices to enrich their “art”, why not?

Then many years passed, many people were killed, in fact, I think slowly, mary shaw also confused revenge and do the perfect doll, anyway, the two together that is …… this time revenge continued to edward and jamie, mary shaw to kill the ashen family, just at this time, ella because of the miscarriage and resentment of the ashen family. ella because of the miscarriage and resentment edward, was used by mary, resulting in ella killed edward made into dolls, dug out billy and sent to jamie’s home to kill lisa and the baby in her belly, and finally make jamie hard to escape.

Ending analysis

The above is a simple plot analysis, the following are some of the finer details, these things are exactly what I want to discuss with the majority of friends, I will list and write their own insights, welcome to discuss together and put forward their own details and personal views.

1. about the difference between the 2 kinds of ending ella.

I think in the director’s cut of the hidden ending, ella is to revenge edward and be used, but she still has a little bit of their own consciousness or ideas at the end, she just from mary shaw to get mary shaw part of the soul that ventriloquism and the ability to manipulate puppets, that is, this is a kind of inheritance, kill edward into dolls, dig out billy killed lisa, these are ella himself, of course, based on the soul of mary shaw’s instructions, ella and mary shaw’s relationship is similar to that of a teacher and disciple or martial arts novels in the transmission of power to send the relationship of internal force. The film explains that mary shaw’s materialization is dependent on the dolls, so when the hidden ending version, jamie burned billy, all the dolls made by mary shaw herself (so that does not include ella made edward the dolls) were destroyed, mary shaw can be seen as part of the soul was destroyed by jamie. But the part of the soul that she imparted to ella’s ability still exists and merges with ella’s own consciousness. And at this time ella appeared, knocked out jamie, to unravel the mystery, and finally, ella put lisa and edward’s bodies on the table, and jamie together to take a family photo, at this time ella that is mary shaw, she has the characteristics of two people, both when someone screams and kill him to take the ability to take the tongue, and ella due to the miscarriage of the child and the integration of resentment of motherly love ( This mother’s love was realized on Jamie’s corpse after killing him). So, ella became another mary shaw, an heir from mary but with her own memories.

In the theatrical version of the ending that we generally see, ella itself is not used, because she herself is the perfect doll made by mary shaw, that is, mary shaw made ella and let her marry into the ashen family for revenge. Finally when jamie burned billy, mary shaw was not wiped out, she just played a trick, because one of her most successful dolls – ella is still there, when ella appeared, jamie screamed in horror, her plan succeeded. In a series of plans, he not only killed the last three generations of the ashen family (edward, jamie and the child in lisa’s belly), but also has the perfect doll – ella. ) and because of the decay of the corpse and can not last, only ella, is the most perfect, about this ending ella how to do out, not very clear, anyway, mary shaw not dead can still exist on the violation of science, anyway, can be understood as mary’s genius design (that notebook may have method records), and ella kill jamie and billy kill There is no difference between ella killing jamie and billy killing lisa, because they are both dolls. At least 2 points can be seen these, one is jamie recalled mary notebook perfect dolls that note behind the head of ella portrait, one is the last, closed the photo album, put these new dolls photos (jamie, lisa, police, henry, adward and ella) can be seen, the first four people have cracks in the mouth, and adward The first four people have cracks in their mouths, and adward is better, but his face is pale, while ella is very beautiful, no scars, there is a good color, really is the most perfect doll…

2. why henry did not die before, and then suddenly killed?

This point can not be perfectly explained, at present I probably have a kind of unformed idea, is because henry’s father helped mary (her corpse treated as a mannequin) and in the performance, henry also showed reverence, but mary is evil, in henry as a child overturned her coffin when he wanted to scare him scream, after being stopped, and then no longer do it until henry was old The reason is that the coffin was turned over by accident, she wanted to kill henry on the spur of the moment, but it was not the plan, and indeed, henry’s father helped. Later to kill henry because she planned to add the voice of henry to lure jamie to the abandoned theater, she needs the voice of henry, there is another reason, probably because she wants to punish henry, because henry told jamie some past, more likely because marian – henry’s wife! About her, I will describe in the next article.

3. about henry’s wife marian related speculation

marian is a very mysterious role, because the whole movie, only two people have lines and to the end unharmed, one is marian, the other is the beginning of the police partner – the policewoman. Even Lisa’s funeral priest’s speech should have been omitted, as a rule. It only shows that these two people are supporting characters, but definitely not ordinary. She as henry’s wife, I think played a certain role in protecting henry, she must know something about mary. She and Mary’s subtle connection may be seen in the name. For years, perhaps because of her presence, mary did not kill henry, however, when jamie found mary’s back at lisa’s funeral and followed, marian appeared and said a lot, she warned jamie that no one would survive (and eventually did, except herself, everyone else over), it was because of her warning, annoyed mary, just want henry’s voice, so she killed henry to punish marian’s talkative. Before killing henry, mary also used billy and marian conversation to blame her, marian said I did not do anything, but mary said you did not do, but you said! after henry was killed, weak marian to mary compromise, which is why jamie burned the theater after henry home to find billy, marian lied and said billy by jamie’s father edward took, edward has long been dead, was made into a doll, is impossible to take billy, should be ella take, but But why did mary not kill marian it, because they have some kind of relationship between the specific blood relationship can not be guessed, only to say that their relationship is extraordinary, and marian know mary many things, later because marian The marian knew a lot of things about mary, and then because marian became crazy, she forgot, but mary still remember, so marian can only warn jamie but can not say more information, and mary and her conversation should be in her not crazy before there. If there is “Dead Silence 2” will probably unravel the mystery of marian before she went crazy

4. Details about the police

First of all, the policewoman. The policewoman is a small role, only a few words, we can only know that she is very competent, and know the police, so if there is a sequel, the status of the policewoman must be greater than this one, perhaps she went to investigate the death of her partner, to riven fair town is the theme of 2. In the plot of one, she does not play a big role, but there are lines, there are positive, you know, in addition to the mysterious marian, no one else in the case of lines in the last survivor. So, either the actress cop is the director’s writer’s family and friends, or she will have an important role in the sequel. Of course, “Dead Silence 2” will eventually appear, but also depends on whether the investors pay, to pay or not to pay depends on the box office and market response (of course, the box office of Dead Silence is still good). There are various other factors, but at least I think the writers have in mind that the sequel exists, and there is a place for female police officers.

And then the male police, the performance of the plot he does not have any doubts, is the beginning of the investigation as the male protagonist of resistance, so that the audience for jamie’s before the unknown danger, after the ignorance of police suspicion harassment worry, the development of the plot he also no suspense to become jamie’s assistant, can be said to be expected, but unfortunately he became

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