Finch It seems to tell only a simple story, but also seems to tell everything

The American road movie is really the source of the birth of a masterpiece. Finch” should be considered one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, although the whole story is simple, but contains a very rich kernel, the simple things to do the best, which is lacking in many of the films now.Finch is a geek all his life, his life is basically in Missouri did not go out, he does not like to communicate with others, like to fight alone. But the end of the world does not allow him to keep his habits, the harsh environment will let him die soon, and an ion storm also let him can not be in his most familiar place quietly away. He had to embark on a journey to San Francisco, and just like our lives, things never go according to your plans.

And before he left, the nanny robot he developed for his dog was finally developed. The intent of countless great inventions is quite outrageous, who would have thought that the first truly artificially intelligent robot in human history was actually invented to feed dogs.

Robot Jeff is curious about the world, he wants to try everything he sees, but his attempts always bring trouble to Finch: without permission to drive the car away from Finch in a cold sweat; without trying to intrude into the territory of others caused by the death of the robot dog Dewey; chased by others led to the destruction of the RV solar panels. Let the already life-threatening Jeff more anxious: “I know you were born yesterday, but you also have to learn to grow up.” This is the same as the poor family’s children go out to start a business, they are full of enthusiasm to break out of a world, but most of them end up in failure, so that the family is not rich more aggravated, parents an old age to give them everywhere to borrow money to pay debts to fill the leak.

Finch is almost desperate, but also very angry, he began to yell towards Jeff, but later he was just disappointed speechless, in addition to Jeff disappointed, he was also disappointed in himself, because Jeff made all the mistakes are actually his fault, because everything Jeff knows is granted by him, he can not do things can only blame Finch himself did not have time to teach him. But Jeff was not discouraged, he said to Finch: “I think we will definitely reach San Francisco, because I believe in you.”

Then they continued on the road, and Finch’s health was getting worse and worse, and when he was about to die, a miracle appeared, and on the way near the West Coast, the environment actually got better and better, with flying butterflies, golden flowers, and the long-lost warm daylight that people could enjoy. It turns out that the world is not completely destroyed, there are still places suitable for human habitation. Finch enjoyed his last happy moments, and then died peacefully, 18 hours away from San Francisco on the road. If he had left earlier to come to San Francisco, would he have gotten better? Enjoyed more good times? We have gone through many attempts to finally discover what we like or are good at, but we are no longer young, and the years have taken away too much from us. And those who can find their destiny are still only a few, most people never reach a destination they are satisfied with in their life. So Finch is lucky, at least he died in the way of hope.

Jeff and the dog also reached trust at the end of Finch’s life, and they finally became a team, a family, so to speak. Trust is such a rare and precious thing, because trustworthy people or things need to go through time and injury to explore and try, most of us neither have this time nor are we that strong, so cherish the people you can trust around you.

Finally Jeff and the dog reached the Golden Gate Bridge, completing Finch’s unfinished mission, and after a brief stop, they set off again to find new hope. The end of one section of the road is also the beginning of the next section of the road, always in the pursuit of good road to keep moving forward.

Even in the face of disappointment, irritation, anxiety and fear, we must learn to enjoy the beauty of life. The content of this film may be very simple, but in the resurgence of the epidemic, life is very stressful, work is boring and dull at the moment, it can make people’s hearts light up, for this, it is worth watching it even if you are busy.

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