Sharper Master of deception Sharper

Unaccounted for details.

a, Richard how to die, there are details to describe he would often do medical examinations, if long known to have a chronic disease of dying, it is unlikely to marry Madeleine, and if Madeleine and Max know that he will die soon, the plan is unlikely to be only a district 750,000. This means that he was healthy before, and died before he became seriously ill. What happened in this timeline, is it possible to use this detail in the next flip?

b. It can be speculated that Max was deceived by Madeleine after conspiring again. The choice of going to train Madeleine and then go to cheat Tom, so this time will not be too short. I think this time from the two first separation has been a long time, and at this time Richard has been seriously ill, that the two are how to re-establish mutual trust. Did anything happen in the middle of the story

C. Sandra’s motive, although not account for Tom was cheated out of 350,000 after. How long before Richard died. But this distance is several months long and short of a few dozen days to be reasonable, so when the first shot Sandra found the title of the billionaire died, has passed some time, he should indeed be Max used up and abandoned. Then when abandoned did not choose to come back to investigate Tom waiting for an opportunity to retaliate, and later saw the newspaper and chose to come back to help Tom’s motive is what, really is redemption, or by re-helping Tom coveted huge wealth?

d. Is Tom really as simple as Jane Eyre? The dialogue between the two at the end.

“You’re so rich now Tom, I hope you’ll do something good with your money.

I will, thank you.

You thank me? I caused you to be robbed of everything.

And you gave it all back.”

This is a conversation that clearly does not build mutual trust. When Sandra invited Tom to dinner with a double entendre, Tom paused for eight seconds to think, and let’s look at the complex expressions at that time.

Then used Sandra’s first meeting with him to reply to Sandra, is not the other way to do it, alluding to this cycle in fact, Tom is also a master of deception, then Tom in this film outside the camera, and what have done? Did he teach Sandra the same as Max, through this series of deception morph into a master of deception? A bit like “Lowlife”, but not like the kind of stories are connected, each main character has its own events linked to form the main line of thought. This movie revolves around a single event from each person’s point of view, and there are connections between the characters.

At the beginning from Tom speaking, thought it would be the main line of love, but really sweet ah, the result is a cheat, to the back of the movie Tom back on line know that he was abandoned because of emotional breakdown, a little sad. In the drama film focus or look at the love plot, my love opium really intake too much alas.

At the end, Sandy’s part has some tiger’s head and snake’s tail, the handling is very rough, such as how the deception master Madeline will be cheated by fake blood, how Max will not be a demon, the scene of signing the property transfer contract flashed too many times, the unreliable logic is even worse.

The grand finale, Sandy re-approach Tom, the boys will agree, but also too silly and sweet, well coaxed boys ah ……Whatever, I hope Tom feel happy, let yourself go is also very good.

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